Happy National Tile Day!

National Tile Day

8 of the Latest Tile Trends

  1. Nude Neutrals - Popular contemporary designs in 2018 are using nude neutral colors like grey, beige, and creams. Bold reds, yellows, and blues are no longer in style.
  2. Geometric Tiles - On the floor or on the wall, these fun and enticing patterns can compliment a simplistic design and bring the space to life! 
  3. Marble Flooring - Marble's natural beauty comes from its unique shading in each individual tile. In the past, marble was mostly used in large luxurious bathrooms, but as of recent, it is popular in everyday homes.
  4. Textural Finishes - Using tile with unique texture is a subtle way to make the space more engaging and valuable. Texture adds variation, color depth, and surface interest. 
  5. Subway Tiles - These 3 by 6-inch tiles are typically white and routine, but the new trend is to use these tiles in a new and innovative way. Subway tiles are now being used in larger sizes, different colors, and in a-typical design patterns.
  6. Graphic Patterns - These intricate patterns work great on both walls and floors. They can capture your attention and add personality to the space. 
  7. Matte Finishes - Gloss is out! Statistics show a large increase in demand for tile with a smooth matte finish. They are great at hiding smudges and water marks, while still maintaining an elegant, earthy style. 
  8. Wood Grain Tiles - Wood grain tiles in a variety of finishes are becoming more popular. The natural look incorporates an organic approach that every bathroom needs. 




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