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12 Days of our Favorite Things

We're looking back at the year and sharing our favorite products that have made a name for themselves over the past 12 months.

Sinks made of concrete and sleek shower panels... Italian fireclay that sings Belissimo... 

Follow the countdown!


1. Bathroom Accessories 

Hold on to your seats & get ready to put FUN in ‘functional’!


Our favorite products ring in the year with Bathroom Accessories!


Bathroom accessories are more than an afterthought, they’re the finishing touches that extend hospitality and make for a pleasant environment. Being one of the top popular categories here at Magnus, we love how bathroom accessories deck the walls & spruce up the stalls. Sometimes just changing out the hardware, adding a few shelves & seats can make a space feel brand new!


From our popular teak wall mounted shower seat Calva to our famous Tusket resin bath stool, our seats provide strength and stability, creating a resting area anyone can appreciate.  Add in a number of kits, caddies and hardware available in fabulous looking finishes like oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, & many more, our bathroom accessories provide an endless array of options to deck your bathrooms too!


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2. Italian Faucets 

Another joy we sourced this year, our line of distinctive Italian faucets for Kitchen and Bathroom, come with all the luxury, high class and impeccable quality Italian made goods are known for. Like our Italian fireclay farmhouse sinks, our Italian faucets are made to critically high standards, offering you a faucet constructed of detailed precision, design, and high-end quality materials.


We are overly enamored with the elegant and unique designs the new Italian faucets have to offer. With simple clean lines, these faucets make a statement that go beyond functional. Creating a sophisticated and stylish look for your kitchen and bath, an Italian faucet will give your space an added touch of class at an affordable price!

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3. Toilets 

Vastly under appreciated, greatly needed, and rarely praised, we give a nod today to the common commode. Where would anyone be (or go for that matter?) without one?


We carry the most popular types customers commonly ask for: comfort height toilets, eco-friendly  water flushing models, dual flush styles, one & two piece models… as well as round and elongated bowl types. Constructed of vitreous china, the durability of our toilets can’t be beat.


There certainly isn’t a shortage to choose from! Join our happy customers & buy a new toilet for your new year upgrade! Don’t forget you can save 20% now through the end of the year!

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4. New Bathroom Wall Mount Sinks 

Say hello to the newest additions of Magnus bathroom wall mount sinks! Christmas came a little early for us this year & we couldn’t be more excited! These sinks are some of the most unique designs on the market. Made of vitreous china, they’re simple yet elegant space saving designs at an extremely affordable price.


Who says you can’t put a round peg in a square space? These sinks are overflowing with creative flair and include a sprinkle of outside the box thinking. From round corner sinks to slender sinks with sharp corners, these wall mount sinks offer much more than just a place a to freshen up. Adding these wall mount sinks will rejuvenate your space as well!  



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5. Italian Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks 

We think our Italian fireclay farmhouse sinks are simply incredible.  Known for their art and innovation, Italian made goods personify what it takes to make top quality products.


It’s impressive to think our Italian sinks are constructed combining ancient techniques alongside high tech procedures. Our Italian sinks are fired at over 2,200 degrees for 30+ hours, contain thicker glazing to prevent chipping, and a solidly constructed bottom.


We think it’s fun that a number of our Italian fireclay farmhouse sinks are reversible, giving you two apron front options to choose from!  Whether your kitchen design leans more sleek & modern (something iconic of Italian design) or your prefer something more classical & traditional, our Italian fireclay is a work of art to consider.  


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6. Bathroom Pedestal Sinks 

Pedestal sinks deserve to shine in the spotlight… need we say, placed on a pedestal of their own?


A space saver’s dream, pedestal sinks take up very little space and are perfect to make a limited area feel more open & spacious.  Emphasizing their everyday functional use as a wash basin, they naturally keep clutter to a minimum with a lack of counter top space.


Pedestal sinks can accommodate any budget with a wide range of heights, finishes, and designs.


We love the Tifton pedestal sink and the Aurora corner pedestal sink. These have become favorites of our customers! What’s appealing is their versatility to look great whether going for a modern vibe, or a more vintage/traditional look.


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7. Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks 

Hands down, one of the most popular kitchen sinks that have withstood the test of time are farmhouse sinks. They’ve circulated through kitchens for literally centuries. Age aside, these sinks are wildly trendy. Offered in a number of materials that include stainless steel, copper, and marble, we understand that all types are unique and special in their own way (just like our children, right?). That said, we are particularly fond of FIRECLAY farmhouse sinks.


Fireclay farmhouse sinks are just as robust as cast iron sinks, but come in an expansive number of apron front designs to give you the contemporary or artsy or rustic look you desire. Add to that a plethora of colored finish options, and you can see fireclay sinks have something to offer any kitchen! With a generously deep basin, they’re heat resistant, scratch resistant, and chip resistant.


Some of our favorites have reversible apron options in a few unique apron front designs: the Arminda, the Kenner, and the Alcoa.


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8. Resin Bathtubs 

We find it hard to resist our resin tubs! The interesting lines and shapes of these freestanding tubs have become some of our favorites. Resin tubs, sometimes called artificial stone bathtubs, are made from a composite blend of stones, minerals, and acrylic materials to make them substantially durable.


Resin tubs are attractive for a number of reasons, sleek designs aside. They’re half the weight if cast iron tubs (and cost significantly less!). They retain heat very well for a longer, restful bath. They naturally resist stains, scratches & discoloration & are simple to maintain.  


Some of our favorites include the Bombay, Fortson, and the Morley.


We can’t get over their shapes and the fact that they have roomy interiors for long luxurious soaks. Just thinking about peaceful relaxation, can you hear Handel’s ‘Halleluiah Chorus’ ringing in your ears?

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9. Registers

We’ve registered a number of praises from our line of floor registers! Surprising even to us, they’ve become one of our hottest items of the year to the point that we can’t keep enough of them in stock!


What’s the hype? We carry a variety of designs, finishes and sizes that our customers love, at a price to delight everyone! Our line of decorative registers dress up your spaces to highlight the little things that are as unique as you.


Made of brass, our regiters come in a number of finishes including chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze and antique brass. From contemporary designs to vintage & antique inspired designs, we have a register style for nearly any space.

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10. Granite Composite Sinks 

Dare we say DURABLE? It may sound cliché & over used, but granite composite sinks seriously possess exceptional durability. 


What exactly is a granite composite sink? It’s a sink made of 20% resin and 80% granite quartz. While fireclay and granite sinks weight 100 lbs and so much more, a granite composite sink weighs in under 40 pounds!


We love composite sinks for their antibacterial properties and the fact they are incredibly easy to clean. They’re also heat resistant, stain resistant, color safe, scratch resistant, and impact resistant. With so much to offer it’s hard to resist going gaga over granite composite sinks!


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11. Shower Panels   

Also known as shower walls, shower panels are becoming increasingly popular over the option of tiles. Since shower panels don’t need grouting they’re simpler to install on nearly any surface and are easier to clean and maintain. Our customers love the way our shower wall panels look and work. With waterfall shower heads, thermostatic regulators, jets, and a number of additional features and finishes, these attractive looking systems make showering a whole new luxurious experience.


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12. Onyx Vessel Sinks   

Onyx vessel sinks are quite special as they’re all a unique piece of natural art.  They’re crafted from a large portion of onyx and chiseled into the shape of a sink. We see onyx gaining in popularity to marble as it has quite an array of patterns and veining in addition to appealing colors and translucent properties. We love our vessel sinks due to their naturally unique beauty, original shapes, and varying hues & sizes that comes with each one. You can give your space unique character, too!

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