Mon Mar 27 2023

3 Best Bathtubs for Soaking – Best Tool to Relieve Your Stress

3 Best Bathtubs for Soaking – Best Tool to Relieve Your Stress

Fatigue – a feeling everybody experiences daily. Have you ever felt the sensation of not wanting to get up in the morning and go to work? Probably everybody. Fatigue creates the urge to sleep longer periods and do nothing. Even after you sleep, you don’t feel particularly refreshed as you would expect. What causes fatigue? Our lifestyles are most likely the cause of our fatigue. The food we eat, as well as the work we do, all direct impact fatigue. Especially the work. According to NSC, more than 43% of workers are sleep deprived, and most of them are night shift workers or have a shift much longer than they should. Also, fatigue can be a big factor in accidents. The probability of getting in a car accident is higher (it is three times more than the normal probability) if you are sleep-deprived.

So, what is the solution? Taking a good rest can help you to regain some energy, but still, there is a good possibility that you won’t feel as good as expected, and taking a vacation can be quite expensive if you are in financial constraints. So, you need a solution that can help you reduce or even completely recover from the fatigue, and, at the same time, it needs to fit into your budget and get you the right benefits for a long time. Considering all the requirements, the best solution is a bathtub. This article will discuss how a bathtub helps you destress, the overall health benefits of soaking in a bathtub, and the three best bathtubs for your soaking sessions.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

5 Important Health Benefits of Using a Bathtub

For starters, the bathtub helps with blood circulation in our system.

5 Important Health Benefits of Using a Bathtub

Improve Blood Circulation in Our System

What is the easiest way (which may not be a scientifically correct way) to check if you have bad blood circulation? If you have numbness in your body or even a cold limb, even if you have a normal body temperature, you may have poor blood circulation. The best way to improve your blood circulation is by taking a dip in hot water for 30 minutes. When you soak in hot water, your blood vessels loosen up, and this helps greatly with blood circulation.

Muscle Ache Relief

Maintaining muscle is one of our body's most taxing tasks in our day-to-day lives. If you are an athlete, you can understand since you are subjecting your body to highly demanding tasks that can result in back, neck, joint, and leg muscle pains. Athletes and normal people doing day-to-day tasks can experience these physical pains. Soaking in hot water for prolonged periods (usually 30 minutes) can help to loosen the muscles and relieve the stress in the muscle. After a nice long soaking session, you can see the difference, where your body feels light compared to your body before the soaking session. 

Great for Arthritis Pain

If you suffer from arthritis, you should know how much pain and inflammation it causes. Frequent pressure can help you to relieve the pain, and bathtubs can provide that pressure. When you submerge your body, the hydrostatic pressure kicks in, significantly reducing the gravity effects on your body. Hydrostatic pressure can help to get rid of tiredness, muscle soreness, and joint pain. For inflammation, you can try to use bath salt in your bath, usually Epsom salt, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Resting in hot water with Epsom salt for a long time can help relax your muscles and blood vessels and improve overall blood circulation. 

Good for Skin

The condition of your blood directly impacts your skin. We are working all day long, and it is obvious that our skin can be dull and damaged at the end of the day. Detoxifying your kidneys, lungs, and stomach can help improve overall skin health, which can be quite difficult to get from a normal shower. As said, soaking in the bathtub can improve blood circulation. Better blood circulation means better skin health. Regular soaking in the bathtub can help you to bring back the old glory of your skin.

Simply Puts You in a Good Mood

Yes, showering in the morning is the best. It helps you shake off your sleep and gives you the freshness you need to start off your day. Same thing at night. After a long day at work, soaking in a bathtub is the best way to close out your day. Soaking in a bathtub gives you serenity and, ultimately, gives you a good night's sleep which solves most of your health problems.

So, what are the three best bathtubs for soaking that can provide all the medicinal benefits you need?

3 Best Bathtubs for Soaking:

1. Haru Resin Freestanding Japanese Rectangular Soaking Tub with a Seat (43”):

Haru Resin Freestanding Japanese Rectangular Soaking Tub with a Seat (43”)

This Japanese, freestanding resin-soaking tub is the best when it comes to taking a dip for a long time. Thanks to the resin material, you can be assured that heat retention is top-notch in its class. Due to this, you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill. The bathtub has a modern flair that can match any modern bathroom. Now, for the bathtub itself. The 43” bathtub has a 106-gallon capacity and 233/4 inch overflow drain support. The integral seat can help you to sit comfortably for longer sessions. With this soaking tub, you will also get the resin step stool, which helps you to enter the bathtub easily. The tub is made of a solid polyresin blend, which helps you resist any external force that can cause minor scratches and damages. If you are looking for a soaking tub with all the best benefits and can fit any bathroom without any issues, this Haru Resin Freestanding Japanese Rectangular Soaking Tub with a Seat is for you. The physical dimensions of the bathtub are 43 1/4" L x 31 1/2" W (front to back) x 32 5/8" H (± 1/2").

2. Dunken Handcrafted Natural Wood Japanese Soaking Tub (59”):

Dunken Handcrafted Natural Wood Japanese Soaking Tub (59”)

It no denies the fact that natural wood is the best material for soaking. If you are in the market looking for an authentic Japanese soaking tub, this handcrafted natural wood soaking tub is the one that can satisfy all your needs. It comes in at 59” and has a capacity of 160 gallons. It is humongous and can fit two people simultaneously. It is handcrafted from solid, natural teak, or mahogany wood (you can choose which material you want), and it also comes with three different finishes to match your style. The 12” seat (from the floor) can help you to sit comfortably and enjoy your session. If you are worried about the finish fading anytime soon, you don’t have to. The tub comes with six coats of polyurethane lacquer, which helps the bathtub maintain its finish for a long time. Since it is a natural wood, the steps involved in the maintenance process are slightly more than the normal steps involved in the other bathtub material. For example, ensure no moisture is in the tub after the soaking session. Also, it is not recommended to use any abrasive cleaning agent for maintenance. The physical dimensions of the bathtub are 59" L x 29 1/2" W (Front to Back) x 33 1/2" H (± 1/2"). 

Yes, it is expensive and involves a few extra steps in the maintenance process. Still, if you want the authentic soaking experience with a big natural wood soaking tub, you won’t go wrong with this handmade natural wood Japanese soaking tub. 

3. Akio Resin Japanese Oval Soaking Tub with Integral Seat (43”):

Akio Resin Japanese Oval Soaking Tub with Integral Seat (43”)

Now, what if you want a soaking tub but you have a small bathroom? Most types of soaking tubs can be a bit larger than the standard bathtub size. If you are in the boat of confusion, then you don’t have to worry. The Akio resin Japanese oval soaking tub is the perfect choice for a small bathroom without compromising the quality and soaking experience. It comes at 43”, and has an 82-gallon capacity. It is a sweet spot for a single person to enjoy their soaking session. The physical dimension is 43 1/4" L x 31 1/2" W (Front to Back) x 33 1/2" H (± 1/2"). The tub is made of polymer resin with fiberglass reinforcement, which helps resist small scratches and cracks. It also comes with 245/8” overflow drain. If you don’t have enough space in your bathroom to fit a soaking tub, don’t worry. The Akio resin Japanese oval soaking tub is the perfect replacement and is considerably cheaper than natural wood. 


  • What is the perfect size for a soaking tub?
  • The sweet spot for a soaking tub is between 60”-75” long. This is enough to submerge your body, and completely enjoy the soaking session. Note: If you are above 6ft tall, it is better to go with an oversized soaking tub. 

  • What is the difference between a bathtub and a soaking tub?
  • The main difference is the average depth of the tub. A soaking tub tends to be much deeper than a standard bathtub. The main reason is that, during the soaking session, the bather usually sits in a seated position inside the tub with water covering the whole body up to the neck. While in a bathtub, the bather lies horizontally and covers the entire body up to the shoulders. 

  • How to choose the best bathtub for soaking?
  • First, check the size and shape of the bathtub suited for your bathroom. Next, choose the best material for your bathtub by considering the maintenance process for the chosen material. Installation and plumbing should be considered before buying a soaking tub. Heater capacity is another important factor when choosing a bathtub. Lastly, consider the price and whether it fits into your budget. 

    Final Thoughts:

    Bathtubs are a great way to destress and get the best peaceful experience possible. Bathtubs are nowadays becoming more showpieces than “tools” for soaking or bathing. But, it has great medicinal benefits that can help you to relieve stress and make sure that you are rejuvenated to face the world another day. If you are in the market and looking for a great soaking tub, or even a bathtub in general, Magnus home products offers a great collection. You can check our collection here!