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7 Advantages of Concrete Vessel Sinks

We spend a considerable amount of time in our bathrooms whether we're cleaning our face, applying makeup, shaving, or even bathing in a soaking tub of essential oils after a long day.

And while we're doing our daily routines, it's quite inspiring when we spend that time in a room that's as functional as it is beautiful. One of the items that provide this in bathrooms (and kitchens) are concrete vessel sinks.

While these sinks look stylish, they offer many other advantages such as functionality and ease of use. In this post, you'll discover the many benefits of concrete vessel sinks.

Whether you're planning a remodel or looking to purchase another sink to match your decor style, they make an excellent choice. Let's take a look at seven advantages of concrete vessel sinks.

1. Concrete Vessel Sinks Are Stylish and Functional

When you're considering a remodel, you want to choose items that present a beautiful design aesthetic. You not only want pieces that coordinate with the rest of your space, but you also want items that are stunning in appearance.

Concrete vessel sinks add a lovely touch to any kitchen or a bathroom. They're featured in the most exclusive homes. And seen in the top design magazines such as Architectural Digest due to their sophisticated style.

Also, interior designers love to select them for their clients. The reason: they offer unrivaled beauty and function.

2. They Coordinate with an Array of Design Styles

Concrete vessel sinks coordinate with a wide variety of design styles from midcentury modern to rustic farmhouse looks to Asian inspired to modern, contemporary, country, and more. They're even installed in homes decorated with traditional decor.

Concrete is a versatile material. This means a concrete sink can be customized into an array of shapes and finishes to suit a homeowner's style preferences. You're not limited to an industrial design style. These sinks provide so many other options. 

3. Concrete Vessel Sinks Come In a Variety of Shapes and Tones

A concrete sink can also be sculpted into a variety of shapes. They can be round, square, rectangular, and oblong. They also come in a variety of colors and tones such as earthy grays and rich browns, in addition to jet black.

Makers and artisans are able to tint them in a plethora of colors and shades to coordinate the homeowner's color palette tastes they've chosen for their bathrooms and kitchens. Concrete is an easy material to be tinted, so it's easy to customize. 

This differs greatly from other sinks. You can also choose from a variety of finishes. Prefer a polished finish that's smooth to the touch? No problem. It can be created. Are you looking for a matte finish? That can be achieved as well.

4. Each Sink Is a One-of-A-Kind Piece of Art

When you purchase a concrete vessel sink, you'll notice that no two sinks are alike. Each one has its own unique markings, its own unique shades, and colors. This makes these sinks one-of-a-kind pieces of art down to the last detail.

You won't find anything like these in big box stores. And even if your neighbor has a concrete sink vessel, you can rest easy that yours will be completely original.

5. Concrete Vessel Sinks Are Easy to Maintain

A concrete vessel sink is not only chic, it's simple to maintain. It only requires a sealer to protect the sink from discoloration and stains.

When sealing, you can get a film-forming sealer such as a urethane, an acrylic sealer, or an epoxy if you're after a smoother finish. Other sealers include siliconates, siloxanes, and silicates penetrating more into the surface.

These provide a more natural look and last longer and provide more longevity. Speak to the retailer where you purchased your concrete sink to learn how to care for your sink. You're sure to like the natural patina of the sink as it ages. It looks beautiful.

6. Concrete Is a Durable Material

It's no secret that concrete is famous for its durability and strength. That's why it's such a widely used material in the building industry. Don't be surprised if your concrete kitchen or bathroom sink lasts for over 50 years with consistent maintenance and care.

This makes it one of the important reasons so many savvy homeowners prefer concrete sinks when doing a remodel. They know the surface is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens because it stands up to heavy traffic and frequent use.

7. Repairing a Concrete Vessel Sink is a Piece of Cake

When it comes to repairing a concrete vessel sink, the repair is easy. In the event that your protective sealant wears down after many years, you can easily reseal your sink. Even if your concrete sink chips, scratches, or cracks, it will be simple to repair.

You can contact a concrete repair professional who can do the job for you at little cost. Technicians can reseal, patch, and fix the sink with little difficulty.

Aside from imperfections, you may like the look the sink achieves by normal wear. Similar to a fine leather jacket, normal wear adds to the charm of the natural look of patina.

A Perfect Choice for Your Kitchen or Bathroom: Concrete Vessel Sinks Revisited

As you can see, concrete vessel sinks possess an array of benefits when you're considering a remodel or just looking for a stylish and functional sink. From their versatility to their beauty and practicality, they're a perfect sink choice no matter what your design aesthetic preferences gravitate toward.

Magnus Home Products carries a wide selection of concrete vessel sinks. Contact us today to browse through our collection.

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