Fri Aug 28 2020

7 Reasons You Should Get a Concrete Kitchen Sink

Mixed concrete is a field valued at $35 billion at the moment. 

Concrete provides useful service to different areas of your home, from the driveway and foundation to your outdoor patio. Investing in a concrete kitchen sink is also a fruitful investment that'll make your home so much better.

Consider the points below to learn more about these concrete sinks and how they'll improve your house and its value. 

1. Concrete is an Amazingly Durable Building Material

Concrete is a highly durable material when you're investing in kitchen sinks for your home. 

It won't easily crack or break, and these sinks can hold up for several years and decades. This longevity is vital so that your sink doesn't sustain water damage or other problems.  

2. It Can Be Easily Molded and Shaped to Spec

Buying concrete sinks is great for your home as a whole because they are molded and shaped however you'd like. It's an easy and cost-effective material to work with, so any design option is on the table. 

You can build a sink basin as deep as you'd like for the purpose of your kitchen. 
Purchasing a sink that is deep and wide enough to accommodate your kitchen needs can make you more productive.  

3. The Sinks Are Low Maintenance

You'll love how low maintenance a set of concrete sinks are in your home. These sinks are easily cleaned with some quality soap and water and mild cleaning products. 

Concrete sinks are even more low maintenance when you get them sealed. This prevents moisture from seeping into your sink and creating deep cracks and discoloration.  

4. They're Eye-Catching and a Break From the Norm

What's a kitchen without a little pizazz?

You'll get uniqueness in abundance when you install a concrete kitchen sink. Most people have different forms of metal sinks, so concrete adds a breath of fresh air. 
Whether you're going for the country farmhouse or a more modern or art-deco look, concrete kitchen sinks are a great fixture for any kitchen style.

Anything that adds an aesthetic quality to your home can also provide more equity. Minor kitchen remodels that involve sink upgrades can get you more than an 80% return on investment (ROI) from the work. 

Working with a kitchen sink professional that understands upgrades that build home equity will be worth every penny.  

5. The Sinks Are Easily Personalized

Customization is one of the most essential benefits that you'll enjoy when you install concrete sinks. 

You can play around with all sorts of color ideas and create the kind of patterns you'd like. Other materials work favorably with concrete. 

For instance, you can add personalized touches by using bits of glass, shells, paint colors, plywood, and all sorts of natural rock. You can also add technological bells and whistles, such as sensors that allow for touchless water flow. 

You also won't have to be tied to convention and the norm when you're shopping for a concrete sink. Professionals that sell concrete sinks can add unique features that are different than those that you'll find in store showrooms.  

6. Concrete Sinks Are Resistant to Stains and Heat

You'll also love the structural soundness and resistance of concrete sinks.

These concrete sinks are highly resistant to stains, which can become eyesores in your kitchen. Since you use a variety of ingredients and materials in the kitchen, the importance of stain resistance can't be overstated. 

You'll also find that kitchen sinks are heat resistant. This is crucial because you're always using pots and pans and other types of equipment. 

When you place these hot kitchen tools on other forms of sinks and countertops they will inevitably crack and break. Concrete is thick and built tough enough to remain durable in the face of even the highest temperature conditions.  

7. There Are Several Decorative and Finish Options

Whether you want his or her sinks in your bathroom or a larger kitchen sink to prepare your food, concrete provides amazing design options. 

You will love just how exploring your custom concrete kitchen sink options will bring your entire kitchen alive. You can add all sorts of finishes to your concrete kitchen sinks, including sanding and diamond polishing. 

Selecting the right kind of finish makes your sink look amazing and also keeps it safe. Take the time to smooth out any rough or sharp edges, particularly if you have children in the home that can get hurt. 

Explore all of your possible paint options as well. This can include a bevy of pastel colors that brighten up any kitchen environment. 

Adding a seal coat to the sink is always an amazing idea because it'll buy you more great years from it.  

Use These Tips to Invest in a Concrete Kitchen Sink 

Purchasing a concrete kitchen sink will let you enjoy all of these benefits and more. 

As you can see, purchasing a concrete sink for your kitchen lets you enjoy a fixture that is long-lasting, beautiful, and equitable. Your home will get more value and you'll take pride in the craftsmanship that you receive. 

At Magnus Home Products, we specialize in all sorts of kitchen and bathroom work. We can set you up with an amazing concrete sink, in addition to granite, fireclay, and stainless steel options. 

We have an assortment of more than 10,000 different products, along with several years of experience in the industry. 

Take some time to contact us for all your kitchen sink and other home fixture needs.