Sun Dec 20 2020

A Concrete Sink for a Bathroom? Tell Me More!

In recent years, remodeling has been on the rise. In fact, nine out of 10 homeowners have plans to remodel some portion of their house. Of those, 45% have their eyes on the bathroom.

Are you considering upgrading your space? If so, a concrete sink bathroom design offers luxury, class and a touch of modernism. Plus, it's as conveniently low-maintenance as it is beautiful.

Today, we're sharing the basics and benefits of this bathroom installation and why it should top your remodel list!

Why a Concrete Sink Bathroom Design Works

In your bathroom, you have plenty of options when it comes to your sink vessel. While many older homes are equipped with ceramic or porcelain sinks, those designs have recently given way to more affordable and durable models.

Concrete is one of the longest-lasting and best-looking options, offering a sleek and on-trend way to add major style to your bathroom without spending a fortune. Let's take a look at a few of the top advantages of concrete sinks.

1. Range of Shapes and Sizes

From trendy and eclectic to modern and traditional, you can find a concrete sink designed to meet any personal style aesthetic. These vessels are available in many different shapes, sizes and designs, and no two are exactly alike!

For a bold and contemporary look, consider a geometric sink, such as our Vardaman Rectangular Cast Concrete Vessel Sink. Gently sloped with clean lines, this is a stylish addition to any home design.

At the same time, a round bowl offers a soft and timeless touch. If this is more your style, our Large Sardis Round Cast Concrete Vessel Sink is ideal.

Whichever style strikes your eye, you can find a sink to match it. There are also myriad concrete colors to choose from, including shades of gray, green, red, brown and more!

2. Built to Last

It's no secret that a bathroom sink will see its fair share of wear and tear. From hot tools to sharp razors, there are plenty of ways it could get scratched or dinged.

While many sinks can't stand up to years of use, a concrete sink is more than capable of withstanding it. Each sink features special additives, including plasticizers, that add durability and ruggedness to the vessel. In addition, these sinks are also sealed with anti-scratch and waterproof coatings, so you never have to worry about their quality or longevity.

3. Low-Maintenance Affordability

You shouldn't have to exert a ton of energy or spend a ton of time polishing your bathroom sink until it shines. Concrete sinks are easy to maintain and wipe clean in seconds. Frequent waxing is all that's required to keep them looking their best.

Each basin is sanded to provide a smooth texture throughout the vessel, and the sink's trademark finish is the result of solvents reacting with the calcium inside the cement. The result is a supple, silky texture that looks high-end at an affordable price point. 

Shop Our Selection of Concrete Sinks

Does a concrete sink bathroom design sound like the perfect touch to your home? These vessels are gorgeous, one-of-a-kind and made to last.

When you're ready to find your perfect one, feel free to shop our full selection. If you have any questions along the way, we're here to help.