Mon Jul 10 2023

Bathroom Sink Materials – All Important Things to Know in 2023!

Bathroom Sink Materials – All Important Things to Know in 2023!

There are two things that can substantially change your bathroom decor. One is the bathtub and the other is the bathroom sink. Bathroom sinks are often overlooked. It is understandable that it may not provide an aesthetically pleasing environment, like bathtubs, but it does have an important role to play in the bathroom. With a proper bathroom sink, you can define your bathroom space and bring elegance to your bathroom regardless of size. 


Choosing the best bathroom sink for your home can be confusing because of the number of bathroom sink types, and you also should take into consideration your existing bathroom, its size, and where to install the sink. Along with these factors, there is also one factor that plays a huge role in providing a longer life, which is the bathroom sink material


It is important to understand that different bathroom sink materials offer pros and cons. This article will discuss the different bathroom sink materials in detail, so you can make a concrete decision on your purchase.  

6 Bathroom Sink Materials

The following are six bathroom sink materials you should consider when you actually purchase one for your bathroom. Note, all these materials vary on a number of factors, such as cost, maintenance, quality, and life expectancy. 


Now on to our list!

1. Concrete

Concrete Bathroom Sink

First on our list is concrete. Considered one of the most common materials for a bathroom sink, and it has its own benefits. Why it is so popular? The main reason is the life expectancy. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect the concrete bathroom sink can last more than a decade without any issue(s). 


Also, compared to other bathroom sink materials (porcelain and natural minerals), the cost of a standard-size concrete bathroom sink is low, but compared to materials, such as porcelain, concrete can be expensive. One thing to look out for is cracking. Concrete sinks are prone to crack easily. 


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2. Acrylic

Acrylic Bathroom Sink

As the same name suggests, an acrylic bathroom sink is made of acrylic reinforced with fiberglass. Plain old acrylic has low durability, but fiberglass can withstand most minor accidents. When it comes to affordability, acrylic is probably the most affordable bathroom sink material on the market. 


The main reason why so many people prefer acrylic is that it can easily be molded into different shapes and sizes. Meaning, regardless of the bathroom size, there is a chance that you can install one in your bathroom, unlike the bathtub. Same as the concrete they are easy to maintain, and do not require any special steps to maintain the surface of the sink. 


But, it is recommended not to use fire or any heating elements near the sink, since it can deform the surface of the bathroom sink. 

3. Fireclay

Fireclay Bathroom Sink

Now, if you want the strongest ceramic-like material for your bathroom sink, look nowhere else. Fireclay is a special type of clay mixed with natural minerals and fired at a staggering 2k Fahrenheit. This temperature is higher than any ceramic material used for bathroom sinks. Also, this is one of the reasons why the fireclay is the strongest ceramic-like material. 


The most notable benefit of fireclay as a bathroom sink material is that it is non-porous. Meaning, there is no possibility of water becoming trapped in the surface of the sink, so no water damage or structural damage is caused to the sink. Other benefits include, being resistant to corrosion, and an acidic nature solution, making cleaning easy. Also, it is highly resistant to discoloration, meaning you can retain the same look for a long time. But these advantages come with a cost, literally!


Fireclay sinks are one of the most expensive bathroom sinks on the market.


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4. Copper

Copper Bathroom Sink

Copper is the king of high thermal conductivity. Several copper sheets are hammered into the desired shape and after that, the sheets are exposed to air and water. This helps to form a layer of patina. This helps to avoid rust and other sediments on the surface of the copper. This also gives a unique texture to your copper sink. 


The notable benefits of copper sinks are the continuous development of patina which provide a more vibrant color to your sink, and a large variety of styles and shape thanks to the copper’s ability to cast into any desired shape and size. Other benefits include resistance to corrosion and bacterial activity, high durability and longer life. Same as the fireclay, all these benefits come with a price tag and that price tag is expensive. But, it is worth it both aesthetically and functionally. 


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5. Cast Iron

Cast Iron Bathroom Sink

Next to copper and natural stone, cast iron is known for its durability. Meaning it can withstand extreme force. The manufacturing process of a cast iron sink is simple. First, the desired metal is heated to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and poured as a metal liquid into the desired shape mold. After that, the body is coated with a fresh enamel coating for a polished surface, and your cast iron sink is ready. 


The notable benefits of cast iron sinks are durability. As mentioned above, they can resist all minor impacts. The sink is easy to clean, the same as copper, it can hold the temperature of the water well, is resistant to chipping and surface level issues, and, last but not least, it is affordable.


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6. Stone Resin

Stone Resin Bathroom Sink

Now, what happens when you combine both resin (acrylic resin) and natural stone (in powder form) along with some natural minerals? The result is a stone-resin composite material. The better of both worlds, the stone resin can be a perfect choice if you are looking for a sink that can be quite affordable yet possess all the required benefits for a bathroom sink. 


As mentioned before, stone resin is made of acrylic resin and powdered stone and is made into a composite material. The main objective here is to provide a natural stone-like experience at an affordable price. 


The notable benefits of stone resin sinks are high durability thanks to the presence of the natural stone, good heat resistance, easier and lighter than natural stone, high resistance to surface abnormalities, such as scratches, ease to clean and maintenance, posses non-porous ability meaning no water damage and lastly more affordable than natural stone


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  • What is the most common material for a bathroom sink?
  • The common bathroom sink materials are concrete, vitreous china, and acrylic. These three materials offer a great range of benefits at an affordable price. And that is the main reason why it is common and popular among the people. 

  • What is the best type of sink for a bathroom?
  • The answer depends on the size of your bathroom. If it is small, it is better to go with the wall-mounted bathroom sink (probably a resin or copper) since it can save a lot of space. If your bathroom is standard or big in size, you can go for a pedestal sink. This can give a luxurious and elegant ambiance to your bathroom. 

  • What are the different types of bathroom sinks?
  • The following are the types of bathroom sinks:

    1. Console
    2. Corner
    3. Drop-in
    4. Pedestal
    5. Semi-recessed
    6. Undermount
    7. Vessel
    8. Wall-mount

    Final Thoughts

    Same as bathtubs, bathroom sinks are important to your bathroom that can elevate the atmosphere to a higher level. As said, it can be quite confusing to choose the best sink for your bathroom. Whatever the case, the important thing is the quality of the sink. That is tied to the sink material. If you want affordable with standard benefits, cast iron or acrylic is your best choice. If you want a luxurious and elegant sink for your bathroom, either Fireclay or copper is the better choice. All these mentioned materials are available in our collection which you can access here!


    This article hopes to have provided you with enough information on bathroom sink materials!