Mon Jul 03 2023

Best 5 Small Freestanding Tubs for Tight-Fitting Bathrooms in 2023

Best 5 Small Freestanding Tubs for Tight-Fitting Bathrooms

Freestanding bathtubs are becoming increasingly more popular nowadays. Apart from being an important “tool” for taking a nice, relaxing bath, it is becoming more of an aesthetic piece for the bathroom. Adding a good freestanding bathtub to your bathroom can elevate the ambiance to new heights. There is a myth about bathtubs being suitable only for big or standard bathrooms. But that is not the case. Even a small bathroom can accommodate a good freestanding bathtub and still make it feel that the bathroom is spacious. It does require a bit more work than standard bathtub selection and installation. If you are in the market looking for the perfect bathtub to suit your small bathroom, you are in the right place. This article will discuss the best freestanding tubs perfect for small bathrooms without compromising quality. 

But, before going into the topic's core, it is best to know the standard size of the bathroom and how to measure your bathroom before buying a suitable small freestanding tub. 

How To Measure the Size of Your Bathroom?

Measuring your bathroom is a fairly easy process. With the help of a measuring tape chalk, you can get accurate measurements of your bathroom in a short amount of time. A quick tip: Before measuring the bathroom, always use millimeters or “mm” as the measuring unit. Almost all the construction measurements are indicated in millimeters and the same format. The format is the width across the front of the wall, height, and depth. For example, 60mm X 100mm X40mm means the width is 60mm, the height is 100mm, and the depth is 40mm. 

First, take a starting point and mark it on the wall. Make sure your measurement is going in a clockwise direction. Now, take the starting point, measure the wall from one end to another, and mark the endpoint. Ensure that you are marking down the same point in the form of a sketch on paper. Measure the remaining wall in a clockwise direction, and note the measurement. This sketch will provide you with a room or floor plan for your bathroom. 

The above process is simple if your bathroom is free from any irregularities. But what if your bathroom contains irregular shapes, such as an L-shaped structure? In those cases, it is simple to measure the normal walls first, measure the L-shaped one (by breaking down the shape into rectangles and measuring them separately), and add those measurements to get the overall measurements. 

The next step is to measure the height of your walls. Take the measuring tape and ensure you measure from the floor to the ceiling. 

If you have windows and shelves, you should consider that. Measure them separately and mark them down in your sketch. This gives you an idea about the clearance required to accommodate a bathtub.

Now, you have an accurate measurement of your bathroom and an idea of which size best fits your bathroom. 

Top 5 Small Freestanding Tubs:

1. Vorhazer Cast Iron Skirted Slipper Tub (51”):

Vorhazer Cast Iron Skirted Slipper Tub (51”)


If you have limited room in your bathroom, you cannot go wrong with this 51” Vorhazer cast iron skirted slipper tub. Designed in such a way that the bathtub gives you a luxurious ambiance to your bathroom. This bathtub is made of cast iron, and when it comes to heat retention, cast iron is second best, next to copper. You are entitled to a longer warm soaking session without worrying about the electricity bill. Also, cast iron is great when it comes to resistance against minor scratches and other structural abnormalities. This bathtub comes in at 51 1/8" L x 29 1/2" W (Front to Back) x 28 5/8"-36 5/8" H (± 1/2"), and a 56-gallon capacity, which makes it perfect for adult soaking and children taking a bath. If you want a modern freestanding tub in a smaller size, the Vorzhazer can be your best choice. 

2. Garrison Resin Freestanding Tub (51”):

Garrison Resin Freestanding Tub (51”)


If Vorhazer is modular, then Garrison is a simple and elegant-looking bathtub. It comes in at 51”, the sweet spot for a small bathroom. It is made of polyether resin, an economical material with all the benefits, such as good durability, heat retention, and low maintenance compared to other materials. It is to be noted that this bathtub comes with a 90-gallon capacity, which is more than enough for both adults and children to soak for a long time. The overall physical dimensions of this bathtub are 51" L x 51" W (Front to Back) x 22" H (± 1/2").  What makes it unique is its shape. The round shape makes fitting in a small bathroom easier without compromising the quality and looks. Children have an easy time getting into the tub and enjoying their time with the help of their parent’s help. If you are looking for an elegant and unique bathtub, the Garrison Resin freestanding round tub is the best choice.

3. Haru Resin Freestanding Rectangular Soaking Tub With Integral Seat (43”):

Haru Resin Freestanding Rectangular Soaking Tub With Integral Seat (43”)


What if you are looking for something different and unique? What if you are looking for a bathtub that does not represent the western look (elongated bathtub)? Then Haru resin freestanding rectangular soaking tub can fulfill your requirements. This Japanese-style soaking freestanding tub is perfect for relaxing for a long time. It also satisfies the main objective at hand: fitting a freestanding tub in a small bathroom. This Japanese soaking freestanding tub comes at 43”, which is small enough to fit into a small bathroom, and still saves a good amount of space. Same asthe  Garrison, it is also made of resin, which is good for durability, heat retention, and low maintenance at a low cost. Since it is a freestanding soaking tub, it features an integral seat for sitting and soaking for a long time comfortably. The overall physical dimension is 43 1/4" L x 31 1/2" W (Front to Back) x 32 5/8" H (± 1/2"), and the capacity is 106 gallons. It also features a built-in slot for overflow, so you can focus on other important tasks while the bathtub fills with water. 

If you want something different from a normal western-style bathtub, this Haru Resin freestanding bathtub can be your perfect candidate. 

4. Garziper Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub With Integral Drain and Overflow (54”):

Garziper Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub With Integral Drain and Overflow (54”)


We have seen the modern version of the bathtub, but the classics always have an “aura” that is difficult to match. If you are looking for a classic-style hard bathtub, this Garziper Acrylic freestanding bathtub can be a great candidate for your bathroom. The bathtub comprises two thick acrylic sheets and fiberglass for reinforcement. The fiberglass is placed between the sheets to ensure the bathtub is structurally stable. This bathtub comes in three variants, and the 54” is the perfect choice for a smaller bathroom. The capacity of the bathtub is 50 gallons, which is enough to submerge yourself upto your shoulders. The bathtub has features, such as an integral drain, an overflow slot, and a self-leveling base. The overall dimension of the bathtub is 53 7/8" L x 29 3/4" W (Front to Back) x 23 3/8" H (± 1/2").

If you want a classic, then Garziper acrylic freestanding bathtub does not disappoint you. 

5. Akio Resin Japanese Oval Freestanding Soaking Tub With Integral Seat (43”):

Akio Resin Japanese Oval Freestanding Soaking Tub With Integral Seat (43”)


Another Japanese soaking tub on the list, the Akio resin Japanese oval freestanding soaking tub with integral seat is one of the finest bathtubs in the collection. Thanks to its smaller yet efficient design, it can be installed in any space, including a smaller bathroom. But, don’t get confused by the smaller constructions; the bathtub is designed with comfort in mind. Meaning you can soak for a longer period of time without any discomfort. The bathtub comes with a resin stool to match your bathtub, and the dimensions are: 17 3/4" L x 10 1/4" W (Front to Back) x 10 1/4" H (± 1/2"). The overall dimensions are: 43 1/4" L x 31 1/2" W (Front to Back) x 33 1/2" H (± 1/2"). Along with the stool, the bathtub also features an integral seat, which can be a great option for a dedicated seat. The tub comes with a 82-gallon capacity. From the looks of it, it may seem delicate, but that is not the case. The bathtub is made of a polymer resin blend, which makes the bathtub durable and resistant to minor scratches. 

If you want a Japanese soaking tub to relax, and also want to save space in your bathroom, the Akio resin Japanese bathtub can be a great option to consider.


  • Can I put a freestanding bathtub in a small bathroom?
  • Yes, you can put a small freestanding bathtub in a small bathroom, saving much space. The Haru resin freestanding soaking tub is one of the best choices for a smaller bathroom, and with this soaking tub, you can also save space, depending on the size of your bathroom. 

  • Are small freestanding soaking tubs comfortable?
  • Yes, they are designed for both comfort and aesthetics. For example, the Garziper freestanding tub has a classic design, and is comfortable enough for you to take a longer bathing session without discomfort. 

  • Do you need to waterproof under the small freestanding tubs?
  • Waterproofing under the small freestanding tub is recommended, especially tubs that do not have an integral edge. This ensures that the floor structurally sounds good, and has high longevity. 

    Final Thoughts:

    It may not be possible for every person to go on a vacation to exotic places to let off steam. Some may have financial or time constraints. Taking a nice, relaxing bath can help you to destress greatly. Also, bathtubs are a great tool for detoxification. By adding medicinal ingredients to the water, you can detox, such as stimulating sweat glands, removing toxins from your system, and ensuring overall blood circulation is improved. A good bathtub provides great benefits for a long time. Magnus home products offer great bathtubs suitable for small and large bathrooms. You can access the collections here. This article hopes to provide information that can help you make a concrete decision about your new bathtub.