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Farmhouse Sink Buyers Guide: What to Look For When Making a Purchase

After all these years, farmhouse interiors are still in style. In fact, Google trends listed farmhouse as the number one trending home-style last year.

Now that you are set on a farmhouse style, which room will you target first? A savvy homeowner is going to route their renovation budget to the right projects. Specifically, projects with the greatest return on investment (ROI) warrant the most attention.

It is not uncommon for a kitchen remodel to recoup more than 100% of the cost during a resale. Therefore, upgrades like a farmhouse sink are the most logical as you execute your vision.

Read on to learn what to look for in a farmhouse sink. Explore this comprehensive guide so that you choose the best product for your kitchen.

What Are Farmhouse Sinks?

Before we dive into a shopping guide, it is important to define this popular type of sink. A farmhouse-style sink is large and deep. Before running water was a common occurrence, homeowners would store water on one side of the sink.

Many contemporary sinks are installed in an enclosed cutout on the kitchen counter. Farmhouse-style sinks are different as the front side is entirely exposed. Called an apron design, there is no kitchen counter separating you and the sink.

This is designed for convenience and comfort. Without a counter edge in the way, it is easier to remain at the sink for long periods of time. There is also a practical use as any water overflow will not damage the surrounding cabinets.

What Are Farmhouse-Style Sinks Made of?

If you want to purchase the best farmhouse-style sink, it is crucial to consider the material. Many consumers end up with a porcelain or ceramic sink.

However, fireclay is the most suitable material for a farmhouse-style sink. Fireclay is the best material because of its durability. It is resistant to chips and cracks, unlike porcelain or ceramic sinks.

Most contemporary sinks are made of stainless steel. They do not rust and certainly are not chipping or cracking. Fireclay gives you comparable durability to stainless steel. Like stainless steel, fireclay does not rust or stain.

What Dimensions Do You Need?

Of course, you need to consider the length, width, and depth of your farmhouse-style sink. A complete kitchen renovation of the counter and cabinets affords you flexibility with your selection.

Otherwise, you are confined to the space given. The required width is predetermined by the cabinet width underneath the sink.

How Many Basins Do You Want?

Another decision to make is whether you want one or two basins. This is a decision driven by personal preference.

Some homeowners like to keep dirty dishes on one side. The other side they use to drain pasta or wash vegetables. Either way, you cannot go wrong with a one or two basin farmhouse-style sink.

A Recap of Purchasing a Farmhouse-Style Sink

Your farmhouse style kitchen needs the right sink to make it complete. A fireclay farmhouse-style sink provides you with durability and functionality.

If you are interested in buying a farmhouse sink, contact us today to speak with a sales associate.

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