Thu Jul 06 2023

How To Choose the Best Freestanding Bathtub Faucets – 2023 Edition

How To Choose the Best Freestanding Bathtub Faucets


Bathtubs are getting more popular every day. According to the business research company, the global market size for bathtubs increased from $8.38 billion in 2022 to $8.74 billion in 2023 with an annual growth rate of 4.3%. Even though there is an ongoing war (Russia-Ukraine), the market for bathtubs is still gradually increasing. There is a good reason why people love bathtubs. We live in a very tiring world, and it is necessary to have the “tools” to destress so that you can face another day. A bathtub can be one of those tools where you can just submerge yourself and take a nice, warm soaking. But, the bathtub itself is not enough to give you the best experience possible. You need support tools to see the best potential that a bathtub can offer. One of those supporting tools is the bathtub faucets. This article deals with the idea of how to choose the best freestanding bathtub faucet for your home.


Let’s dive into it!

A Freestanding Bathtub – What Is It?

Normally, when you think of a bathtub that is not attached to the wall, the first thought is the classic vintage-style bathtub. That style is known as a clawfoot tub. The main reason why those are called the clawfoot tub is that the tub is supported by two sets of legs or feet.

Freestanding bathtubs are different from the normal clawfoot, or any other type of bathtubs because there is no support. Meaning, unlike clawfoot tubs, which are supported by four feet, freestanding bathtubs do not have any feet. It can stand on its own and support its weight. 

Types of Bathtub Faucets That You Should Know

Now that you have a basic understanding of what a freestanding tub is, it is also important to understand the types of bathtub faucets. Choosing a freestanding tub is important, but the same importance should be given to the bathtub faucet. This is responsible for providing water for your bathing session. Not only that, but it is also responsible for the speed of the water flow, quantity of the output, and condition of the water (either cold or hot). There are different types of bathtub faucets available in the market, and it can be quite confusing sometimes to choose the best-suited one for your bathtub. Some of the types are:

  • Wall-mounted
  • Deck-mounted
  • Floor-mounted


These three types are the most common types and quite popular in the market. Each offers a different functionality. So, there are no actual pros and cons of each type of bathtub faucet. 


Before choosing a bathtub faucet, it is essential to know some factors, such as spout heights, material of the faucet, finish, flow rate, and, last but not least, the warranty of the faucet. 

1. Wall Mounted Faucets

The simpler form of the three types of bathtub faucets, wall-mounted faucets are best when it comes to saving space. Now, if you want a bathtub and you have a smaller space in your bathroom, you should look for every option to save space. That is where the wall-mounted faucet comes in. You do not have to worry about allocating dedicated space for the faucet. Also, since you have a good amount of legroom, you can get a standard or even bigger freestanding bathtub (depending on the size of the bathroom). Another good reason to choose a wall-mounted faucet is if you don’t have access to under thefloor. This can help you to save a lot of money by eliminating the need of putting in a new water supply line. If you are looking for a wall-mounted faucet, Magnus home products can provide you best-in-class options that you can checkout here.

2. Floor Mounted Faucets

What if you have a standard-size bathroom, and you have a good amount of space for your bathtub and the bathtub faucet? A floor mounted faucet can be the best choice. The standing piece of work is suitable if you are planning on creating an elegant and dramatic atmosphere in your bathroom. Note, choose this option only if your bathtub does not come with pre-drilled holes. The floor-mounted faucets are fixed to your bathroom floor and towering over your bathtub. With the combo of the freestanding bathtub and the floor-mounted faucets, it looks like a piece of art and gives the feeling of both objects floating in the air, thanks to the freestanding tub design and towering appearance of the floor mounted faucet. You can also check out the floor-mounted faucet collection from here.

3. Tub Wall Mounted Faucets

We have seen the faucet that is installed outside the tub. The tub wall-mounted faucets, as the name suggests, are installed inside the tub. We have mentioned in floor-mounted faucets to only choose the floor-type faucet if the bathtub does not come with a pre-drilled hole. Now, the main reason is that the pre-drilled holes are for the tub wall-mounted faucets. Same as the wall-mounted faucets, if you do not have enough space to install a dedicated faucet, this can be your best option. Important to note that the pre-drilled holes differ from bathtub to bathtub. It is recommended to consider the space between the faucet holes before choosing and installing the tub wall-mounted faucets. You can get the best-in-class tub wall-mounted faucets from here

4. Deck Mounted Faucets

Last, but not certainly not least, deck-mounted faucets are the type of faucet when you want to add a more vintage look to your bathtub, and increase the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. From the name, we can interpret that this type of faucet is mounted on the upper rim of the bathtub. The actual appearance of the deck-mounted faucet kinda resembles that of an old telephone. Thanks to the presence of the hand shower above the actual faucet, the deck-mounted faucet is one of the best in its league. The important thing to note is that your freestanding bathtub must come with pre-drilled holes to install deck-mounted faucets. You can access the collection from here for a deck-mounted faucet.


  • What types of bathtub faucets are there?
  • Mainly there are four types of bathtub faucets, which are as follows:

    • Wall mounted faucets
    • Floor mounted faucets
    • Tub wall-mounted faucets
    • Deck mounted faucets

    These faucets offer different functionalities and require some conditions for installation. It is recommended to check the type of faucet and ensure your bathtub satisfies the condition that it requires for a safe installation.

  • Where is the best place for a faucet in a freestanding bathtub?
  • You have to ensure that getting in and out of the freestanding bathtub is easy, next, is the comfort. You have to make sure that there are no obstructions while you take the bath. Considering these two factors, it is best to place a freestanding faucet either at the head side (where your headrest is) or at the lower end where it won’t disturb you during the bath, and is also easy to access when the need arises. 

  • How do I choose a bathtub faucet?
  • Before choosing the bathtub faucet, it is essential to know important factors, such as the spout height, material of the faucet, finish, flow rate, and, last but not least, the warranty of the faucet. It is always important to choose the high flow rate faucet with good material (such as brass or copper), a good finish (shiny or matte), and, lastly, a good warranty.

    Final Thoughts

    As mentioned above, bathtubs are comfort tools that can destress you and revitalize your whole body and soul. But that comfort cannot be achieved with the bathtub alone. Think of it as a computer. You have a CPU, but without a monitor, you cannot see the output. Same thing here, bathtub faucets are “monitors” to your bathtub (“CPU”). Having a good and steady water flow is one of the most crucial elements of a good and rejuvenating bath. But, what if you are looking for a new bathtub? Not to worry. We got you covered. From here, you can access various bathtubs, including freestanding bathtubs that can suit your home.