Thu Mar 23 2023

How to Move a Heavy Bathtub? A Hassle Made Easy

How to Move a Heavy Bathtub A Hassle Made Easy

It is safe to agree that moving a heavy bathtub into your home is a hassle. Most housing in the US comes with a bathtub. If the bathtub is in good shape, then you don’t have to worry about relocating your bathtub or even replacing it. But what if? What if your bathtub is in rough condition and dire need of replacement? Moving a bathtub (we are talking about either freestanding or clawfoot tub) is already a drag and sometimes not an easy process, but moving a heavy bathtub can be a much trickier process. We are talking about replacing your bathtub, but what if you want to move the bathtub between floors in your home? That is double work. You are removing the bathtub, say, from upstairs to the downstairs bathroom, and you need to be careful every “step” of the way if you are doing it by yourself. Without proper guidance, it can be a disaster. Don’t worry; you can be assured that this article is here to help you. We will discuss an easy process of how to move a heavy bathtub in your home while avoiding accidents.

Without further ado, let’s just get started! 

How to Move a Heavy Bathtub Easy Approach

1. Always Plan First:

Perfect planning can eliminate 99.9% of the problems. Not only for moving bathtubs but also in our lives. Planning gives you an idea/framework for how to carry out the project and all the measures to be taken to avoid any unnecessary accidents. The first step in planning is to measure the bathtub and its surroundings. If you are new to the home, it is possible not to know the measurements of your bathtub. You can easily measure the bathtub by measuring the length from one end of the bathtub to another. This gives you the length of the bathtub. Now, the next step is to measure the height, take the same measuring tape, and measure from the bottom of the bathtub to the top. Now, you have the perfect measurements for your bathtub.

Next, you must ensure that your new bathroom can accommodate your heavy bathtub. Take the measuring tape and measure the room by starting from one end of the wall to the other end (horizontally). Repeat the same process in a clockwise direction and ensure that you have covered all the walls. This gives you the exact measurements of the length of your bathroom. What if you have an irregularly shaped bathroom? Divide the area into rectangular shapes and measure each of them separately. Now, vertically measure the walls (from floor to ceiling), and record it. Both height and length measurements give you the area of your bathroom.

Now, you will have an idea of where exactly you can place your bathtub without any doubts. 

2. Check the Plumbing:

If you relocated the bathtub in your new bathroom, and the plumbing does not work as intended or does not match the plumbing infrastructure that matches your bathtub, it would be a waste. Always ensure that the existing plumbing is good enough for your “new” bathtub. Check the drain line. If there are issues, correct them before relocating the bathtub. Check for any irregularities caused by the plumbing on the bathroom floor. The unstable floor can cave into the weight of your bathtub and cause serious irreversible damage. Check that all the pipes and faucets are working properly, and make sure if there are any issues, be ensure to take care of them before moving the bathtub. If possible, get a professional plumber to help with this one. This helps to take care of all the problems and completely focus on taking a comfortable bath after moving the bathtub. 

3. Tools Are Your Friend:

If you decide that you want to carry out the project in a DIY style, you should rely 110% on your tools. Blankets are a great tool to protect your floor from damage and the bathtub's surface. Place the blankets at a pulse point on your floor. For this, always use moving blankets. These can be available in almost any local hardware store or online. Using moving straps to secure your bathtub and the bathroom is recommended. These are heavy-duty straps and can hold your heavy bathtub just fine. You can use this strap to lift your bathtub while secured and a blanket to move the bathtub on the floor. You can find the straps at the same local hardware store where you buy the moving blankets. Apart from these tools, it is better to have a furniture dolly to move the bathtub securely. Place the bathtub on these dollies, secure it with the heavy-duty strap, and move it carefully. 

4. From Upper to Lower:

The most important and most difficult task in the whole moving project is transporting the bathtub from the upper floor to the lower floor. Small mistakes can cost you dearly. You must make sure that every step you take is solid and planned. That said, you need an actual approach to bring the bathtub from upstairs to downstairs. Here is where the ramp plan comes in. After all the planning, measuring, and tool gathering, the last step is to create a “safe path” for moving the bathtub. You need a light that can hold huge weight on its own in order to create a ramp in your home. The best-suited material is plywood. It can be easily acquired and easy to handle.

You must create an entry (your new bathroom) and exit point (your old bathroom) to move your bathtub seamlessly. Place the plywood on the floor, and make sure it can fit the bathtub perfectly without any space to wiggle. The bathtub can tumble and get damaged if there is a lot of space. You must be careful at the stairs, where the probability of getting damaged is high. Place the plywood, and secure it with the heavy-duty strap, and you are good to go. Make sure all the plywood is secured from the old bathroom all the way to the new bathroom.

Which Is Best? DIY or Professional Help?

From a budget standpoint, DIY is the better option. All the tools can cost you less compared to the professional who charges you by the hour. That said, if you are going with the DIY route, you need at least 3-4 people to help you with this project. Singlehandedly, it can be very difficult to finish this project. Also, you need great planning to pull this job off. Or, if you can spare some dollars, it is best to hire a professional to do the project for you. The advantages of hiring a professional are a lower probability of damaging your bathtub and floor, making plumbing changes if necessary, and getting inputs to improve your bathroom experience. The only disadvantage is the cost. Hiring a plumber can cost $100 to $150, which is considerably higher than the DIY approach. The answer for the best approach purely depends on the situation. If you want the project to go smoothly as possible, then get professional help, or if you have confidence that you can complete the project with the DIY approach, then go for it. 


  • How do you lift a heavy bathtub?
  • You can use heavy-duty lifting straps if you need to lift a heavy bathtub. These straps are tightly secured on the bathtub's surface, so there shouldn’t be any unnecessary tilting or accidents. You can get these straps from your local hardware stores or online.

  • Can a freestanding bathtub be moved?
  • Yes, you can move the freestanding bathtub, but it can be quite tedious sometimes, mainly because you may have fixed the bathtub to the floor, which makes it difficult to remove it from its place. It is better to have professional help in those cases. 

  • How to move a heavy bathtub?
  • Plan ahead before starting the project, then check the plumbing. Make sure that all the plumbing infrastructure matches the requirements of your bathtub. Gather the necessary tools for the project. Lastly, construct the ramp to move the bathtub securely. 

    Final Thoughts:

    Bathtubs are great additions to your bathroom that can elevate the whole ambiance to a higher level. Soaking in warm water with medicinal ingredients mixed can wash away all the stress and toxins from your system. Taking a dip at night after a long day at work can give you a good night's sleep. This article hopes to help you if you want to relocate the bathtub and have difficulty finding where to start the process. If you are interested in buying a new bathtub, Magnus home products provide you with best-in-class bathtubs that suit every style. You can view the collection here!