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Looking for the Best Bathroom Sinks? Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Whether you're building a custom home or remodeling, the bathroom is one of the most important spaces in any abode.

If you're searching for the best bathroom sinks, how do you know which ones to choose?

Read on to discover some of the best options for any bathroom in your home that will make using this room an elevated experience.

Types of Bathroom Sinks

In your quest to choose the best bathroom sinks, you'll want to consider the format or the way the sink is installed. Bathroom sinks come in a myriad of styles depending on the size of the room and on your personal preference.

A pedestal sink is a standalone option that works best in smaller spaces. These elegant sinks rest atop a pedestal base and work great for guest bathrooms or in homes where you prefer a vintage-inspired look.

pedestal bathroom sinks


An under-mount bathroom sink is a sleek, modern choice that pairs well with stone vanities. The sink is installed under the vanity top, and it's usually added first before the granite, marble, or quartz counter is cut to fit.

undermount bathroom sinks

A self-rimming or drop-in sink is installed above your vanity countertop and features a rolled and finished rim. It sits atop the countertop to keep it securely in place, and it's extremely easy to install.


drop-in bathroom sinks

For a modern touch, consider a vessel sink. These sleek sinks feature an oval, square, or round shape and sit on top of the vanity. They're typically made of glass, stone, or ceramic but can also come in a myriad of other materials.

vessel bathroom sinks

If your bathroom is extremely small, a wall-mount sink is a good choice. This sink is attached directly to your bathroom wall to save on floor space, but the plumbing is typically exposed.

wall-mount bathroom sinks

Finally, an integrated bathroom sink is made from one piece of stone along with your vanity countertop. The sink simply dips down to form the basin and offers your bathroom a smooth and seamless aesthetic.

concrete bathroom sinks

Choosing a Material for the Best Bathroom Sinks

The material you choose for your new bathroom sink plays a major role in the way it looks as well as its durability. Sinks come in a wide variety of different materials and price points depending on your needs.

White porcelain is the most common material used for bathroom sinks, however other colors are available. For an elevated look, try a vitreous china sink which features a smooth enamel coating over porcelain or ceramic. This gives the sink a higher level of durability and an upscale look.

Glass sinks are another great option if you enjoy contemporary design. With a glass sink, you'll be able to see all the way through the vessel and it creates a beautiful ethereal effect in the bathroom.

An enameled cast iron sink is a beautiful choice for vintage-inspired bathrooms. Not only is the cast iron durable, but the enamel can be colored in any hue to give your new bathroom a customized touch.

Stone and metal sinks are also on the rise in popularity. Concrete is another cool option that adds bold drama to your bathroom. Look for bathroom sinks that can be customized in any shape, color, and size for a perfect fit.

Things to Consider when Buying a Bathroom Sink

Before you begin your new sink installation, it's crucial to decide which size you'll need for your space. Measure the width and length of your vanity to help you determine the size of the sink you'll need.

Storage should be a major consideration for your bathroom remodel. If you have the room, a drop-in or under-mount sink is ideal to give you more space on the vanity top. A cabinet underneath the sink will give you extra room to store towels, cleaning supplies, and toiletries.

If you're installing a new sink in a guest bathroom, wall-mount or pedestal sinks work well. Due to their smaller footprint, they allow you to free up floor space and make the bathroom appear larger.

Glass sinks are stunning to look at, but they might not be the best option if you live in a household with children. Choose a sink made of vitreous china or cast iron for maximum durability and longevity.

Bathroom sink styles range from simple and classic to intricate and highly decorative. Consider the theme of your bathroom or home to help you determine which sink style will work best for you.

Traditionally, bathroom sinks came in white or cream colors. Today, you'll find them in almost any color imaginable including custom hues to fit your decor.

Ensure that your new sink is easy to care for and clean. Certain materials may require special cleaners to prevent the bathroom sink from getting scratched or damaged. No matter which type of sink style you choose, you're sure to love this new addition to your bathroom.

Say Hello to Your New Bathroom

From pedestal styles to vessels, the best bathroom sinks come in a wide range of silhouettes, sizes, and materials. Browse through several different designs to help you get inspired and choose a sink that's right for you.

Look for bathroom sinks made of durable materials like vitreous china if you plan to install it in a high-traffic area. Distinctive designs and shapes will give your bathroom remodel a bold, updated look.

To discover your next sink and to explore our range of products, visit our website and contact us today for more information.

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