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Looks Aren't Everything: 7 Practical Tips for Picking Your Kitchen Faucet

It's all in the details. Whether you're updating your kitchen or simply want a new kitchen faucet, don't underestimate the power of a good faucet. It can fit in seamlessly with your decor, whether you prefer a farmhouse or a modern look.

You should consider more than looks, however. Let's look into some practical tips for picking a kitchen faucet that fits your preferences.  

1. Determine Your Kitchen Faucet Style

Before we get started on functionality, you'll first want to pinpoint your style. Consider how the new faucet will fit in with the rest of your kitchen. Or if you're doing a complete remodel, consider the style you're aiming for. 

This way once your kitchen faucet is installed it will fit in with the rest of the room, whether your look is traditional or modern.  

2. Consider Height and Reach 

Another thing to consider is the height and reach of your faucet. You'll want something that isn't so high that it's too close to any above the sink cabinets. 

You'll also need a faucet that can extend to reach all corners of a larger sink. For a smaller sink, a smaller faucet will work just as well.  

3. Choose a Finish That Suits Your Needs 

This again comes down to your personal style and you should match your surroundings. Look for a finish that matches the hardware on your cabinets. Your options are chrome, bronze, or nickel finishes. 

Keep in mind that some finishes will also be more durable than others. For example, chrome is easiest to keep clean and the most durable.  

4. Consider Ceramic Valves 

To prevent your faucet from dripping, select ceramic valves. These will provide you with a drip-free faucet for years. Other valves, while they may be labeled as drip-free, only provide that benefit for a few years. 

When you consider that ceramic valves cost essentially the same as other valves, the choice is clear.  

5. Count the Number of Holes in Your Sink 

Are you planning on switching from two handles to one? Then you'll need to know the number of holes in your sink. There's typically one for cold water, one for hot and one for the spout.

You should either plan for a faucet that will fit these holes or look for one that has a cover that will hide the extra holes.  

6. Determine How Many Handles You Need 

You can choose a kitchen faucet with one or two handles. One handle faucets allow you to control the temperature and water flow with one handle. These provide less area to clean and are more convenient. 

Like faucet height and reach, you'll want to measure the length of the handles to make sure there are no obstructions to compromise movement.  

7. Choose the Best Sprayer 

Finally, you want to decide which kind of sprayer is best. There are side sprayers that are mounted next to the faucet on the side of the sink. Then there are pull-down sprayers which extend from the faucet. 

The pull-down faucet tends to be taller so you'll want to make sure it's a good fit for the size of your sink.  

Complete Your Kitchen with the Best Faucet for Your Needs

The kitchen faucet is the finishing touch in your kitchen. Choose one that provides the style and functionality that you need. These tips will help you determine what kind of faucet that is.  

Need more home inspiration for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project? Get in touch with us, we're here to help. 

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