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Marble Freestanding Tub – An Ultimate Guide - 2023 Edition

Marble Freestanding Tub – An Ultimate Guide

Marble, the epitome of luxury. From the house floor to aesthetic elements, like art are heavily influenced by marble. The same thing can be said for the bathtub. If you are looking for a high-end, expensive bathtub for your luxury, your best choice is the marble freestanding tub. Why specifically marble? Sure, there are other materials to choose from such as copper and wood (teak or mahogany).


There is a reason why marble is easily one of the best choices for a luxurious bathtub, and that is what we will discuss in the upcoming blocks, so you can see whether the marble freestanding tub is the best fit for your luxurious bathroom. 

Marble Freestanding Tub – What Is It?

Marble – a metamorphic rock that is then recrystallized under the high heat and presence of any aqueous solution. Metamorphic rock mostly consists of carbonate minerals The result of the recrystallization is the interlocking mosaic appearance of the carbonate crystals (the appearance can be seen under the microscope).


The outer appearance of marble is one of the main characteristics, and reasons why it is being used in the art industry. The “veiny” look gives off a luxurious aesthetic vibe to your bathroom. Also, the veiny appearance tells the overall quality of the marble. More zig-zag means good quality. 

Are There Any Variants of Marbles on the Market?

Yes, there are variants of marble available on the market and the list is as follows:

  • Faux
  • Carrara
  • Emperador
  • Calacatta
  • Cultured


These variants are similar in composition, but you can identify them by the color and the veiny patterns. 


For example, faux has a unique pattern resulting from the refining process and different colors to choose from. Now, faux can be popular among users, and one of the main reasons can be the price. Most people may not be able to afford high-end marble for their homes. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a marble bathtub. That is where the faux comes into the picture. A faux-based marble freestanding tub is comparatively cheaper than other marble variants, and it can be one of the best choices as the bathtub for your home. 


Same as faux, each marble can be differentiated by certain factors. When it comes to Carrara, one of the most widely available marbles in the world may have the same appearance as the Calacatta, but its durability is noticeably different (higher) than the Calacatta. 


On the other hand, Calacatta is one of the finest marble and the true representation of luxury. Thanks to the dark and thick veiny in a white color marble is truly a sight to behold. But the aesthetics come with a price, and that too is expensive. Note that there are sub-variants of Calacutta marble, which are Calacatta Gold (with gold veiny) and Borghini (both gray and gold veiny present on the surface)


The next variant is the Emperador. You can easily identify the Emperador, thanks to its dark brown shade (which is very common). Emperador comes in different shades, and is best when it comes to creating modern art, but there are few custom-made emperador marble freestanding bathtubs available on the market. Best to check with the manufacturer to ensure whether an Emperador marble freestanding tub is available or not. 


Last on our list is Cultured Marble. From the name, we can interpret that, this type of marble underwent some refining process to get the desired result. Cultured marble consists of stone particles combined with industrial-grade resin along with colored pigments. Thanks to the pigmentation, you can for various ranges of color that imitate other materials, such as wood or onyx. 


Now, the big question is, whether all the listed marble variants are available for bathtubs. 


The answer is, it depends on the manufacturer. As said, one of the most widely used marble is the Carrara, and it is the same for bathtubs also. But, if there is a change in the material for the bathtub, the manufacturer should mention the details, which can help you to decide which material is the best fit for your bathroom. 

Benefits of a Marble Freestanding Tub

The first benefit of a marble freestanding tub is aesthetics. Nothing can scream luxury like a marble freestanding tub. Every marble piece is different from the others, which makes a unique pattern that may not be seen in any other bathtub. 


The second benefit is heat retention. Next to copper, marble has excellent retention. Meaning you won't have to use your water heater for a prolonged period of time, and thus save money on the electricity bill. Also, you get to enjoy the warm bath experience for a long time (not more than an hour)


The third benefit is the durability of the material. Marble is a rock that is then recrystallized under high heat. This makes the material hard and improves the durability of the material significantly. So, you don’t have to worry about minor scratches and other minor structural abnormalities on your bathtub.


But, there are also downsides to marble freestanding tubs. For example, since marble is a rock, the weight of the bathtub is significantly higher than most of the bathtubs available on the market. This may require reinforcing your bathroom floor for better support. Also, the installation can be difficult if certain requirements are not met, such as bathroom door clearance, the floor, and the plumbing. 


The second and most problematic issue is the maintenance. Marble is much more prone to staining and changing color easily than any other material. If you are using any chemical agent to clean the bathtub, there is a 100% guarantee that the surface of your marble freestanding tub will be stained. It is recommended to use an all-green cleaning agent for cleaning the tub. 


Another thing to note is that marble (except cured marble) is porous, meaning the water can interlock into the surface of the bathtub and causes severe water damage. 


It is always recommended to wipe off the excess moisture on the surface of the bathtub after each use. 

The Cost of a Marble Freestanding Tub

One of the most common downsides of a marble freestanding tub is its cost. The average cost of a marble freestanding tub ranges from $2000-$3000. But high-quality materials, such as Carrara can cost $3500-$4000, but the crown for the most expensive marble freestanding tub goes to Calacatta which can cost you a staggering $10000-$20000.

How To Maintain a Marble Freestanding Tub

For this scenario, we are going to discuss the maintenance steps for cultured marble freestanding.  


STEP #1: Clean the bathtub with clean water and a paper towel.


STEP #2: Take any cleaning agent (ensure that the pH level of the cleaning agent is high, meaning alkaline), mix it with water and clean the surface deeply with a non-abrasive cleaning sponge. 


STEP #3: Now once the soap removes all the dirt, clean the surface with an adequate amount of water and a paper towel. Ensure that there is no moisture content present on the surface of the tub.


Regular maintenance of the tub using the above-listed steps can help you to get a prolonged life out of your bathtub. 


  • Is a marble freestanding tub good?
  • In terms of durability and heat retention, a marble freestanding tub is one of the best choices. But, this good functionality comes with an expensive price tag. Also, regular maintenance is required to retain its original state for a long time. If you are okay with the price and regular maintenance, marble is one of the best options that you should really consider for your home.

  • How much does a marble freestanding tub cost?
  • The starting price of a cured marble freestanding tub can cost from $1500-$2000, but it can go up to $15,000 or even $20,000 depending on the variants of marble. 

  • Is granite cheaper than marble?
  • The answer is yes. One small (one sq. ft of marble) stone can cost twice or even thrice as granite or even natural stone. 

    Final Thoughts

    Marble freestanding tubs can be a great addition to your bathroom, and elevate the aesthetics to a newer height, making it more luxurious on top of your already luxurious bathroom. But, there are downsides, which you should consider. This article hopes to have provided you with enough information to decide whether marble is the right fit for your bathroom. 


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