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Next Big Things in Bathtub Trends to Know in 2022!

Next Big Things in Bathtub Trends to Know

Modern bathrooms or modern-style bathrooms have been a trend in recent times. According to Google trends, the term “modern bathroom” was searched hundreds of times in the United States over the past 12 months. Customers are interested in creating a stunning bathroom for themselves and their families. However, style in any industry does have its shelf life. The style we followed five years ago may not be in line with today's styles and trends, which applies to bathtubs also. Yes, some classy designs can be considered “evergreen,” but that, too, is limited. With evolving trends and styles, you must ensure that you are up to date with the latest trends. In this article, we will see what the next big things in bathtub trends in 2022 are!

What are Bathtubs?

Everyone knows what a bathtub is. However, most will not know all its salient features and uses. The following sections will give you enough in-depth information about bathtubs. Bathtubs are essentially a tub where a human or a pet can submerge their body up to their shoulder in order to take a relaxing and rejuvenating bath. With the below image, you can understand more about the structure of the bathtub. 

What are Bathtubs

From the above image, you can see that the bathtub can hold a large capacity of water for a human or pet to take a bath. Today’s bathtubs have various features such as overflow, water drains, jets, and faucets. Nowadays, bathtubs come in various sizes and shapes for people with different physiques. This is possible with the help of acrylic thermoforming technology. This technology allows the manufacturers to shape the bathtub based on the bathtub trends that are going on in the world. The most popular shapes are either rectangular or oval shapes. Apart from that, there are two main styles for any bathtub:

  • Western Bathtubs
  • Eastern Bathtubs

Western Bathtubs – Western bathtubs are more about laying down in a horizontal position and nominal depth. These bathtubs are a great fit for small and large bathrooms. With this type, there are multiple options available in the market. Meaning that you will be spoilt for choice.

Eastern Bathtubs – This is also a submerging tub, but the main difference is the size and shape. Western bathtubs lean more towards horizontal and lengthy bathtubs, but eastern bathtubs are more about the depth of the bathtub. This is more of an “ofuro,” meaning the bathtub for taking a bath in a sit-up position that originated in Japan. 

Now that you have a general idea of what a bathtub is and its styles, we can delve into other aspects.

If we are talking about bathtub trends, the most popular one is the “freestanding bathtub.”

The reasons are that the simple installation step is comparatively cheaper, and varieties of styles. 

Benefits of Freestanding Bathtubs:

It is safe to say that “freestanding bathtubs” are must-have bathroom accessories in today’s age. To back up that statement, we must consider the benefits of the freestanding bathtub. 

1. Brings Custom Style to Your Bathroom:

One of the main factors when it comes to a freestanding bathtub is style. A bathtub brings relaxation and rejuvenation to your mind and soul and life to your bathroom, and the style of the tub can help with that. You can choose your style based on the bathtub trends at the time of your purchase. However, you must remember that great styles do come with a cost.

According to a study conducted by U.S Houzz bathroom trends study in 2020, around 55% of renovators say that a soaker tub with a modern style (freestanding tub) helps them relax. Overall, the study indicates people are willing to pay more money to have a nice modern bathroom. Yes, it is a big investment, but you will get what you invest your money in. 

2. Relaxing Bath Means Medicinal Value:

Nice and lukewarm water does give you a peaceful feeling. A copper freestanding tub is a great selection for your bathroom to maximize your medicinal value. Why is that? Copper alone has no medicinal properties, but when it reacts with water, that is where the magic happens. Copper has the ability to retain heat for a long period of time. Lukewarm water has a great effect on muscle relaxation and blood circulation. Senior citizens can take great advantage of that. Apart from that, people who fall ill can take a bath in a copper bathtub and get better faster. 

NOTE: The above statement states that “relaxation can help you to rejuvenate and get better faster.” It is not stating that copper tubs can cure illness in any shape or form. 

3. Easier Installation:

Most people prefer freestanding tubs mainly because of easier installation. Once you buy an item, you want to open it and use it immediately. The same thing goes for the bathtub. Once you get to the bathtub, you just want to jump in and take a nice warm bath. Even though that is a very tempting option, it is recommended not to do that. Yes, the installation will take time, but comparatively, the freestanding tubs will take considerably less time to install when compared to other tubs. Also, you require a small number of resources to install a freestanding tub. The resources are level, lumber for placing the tub before placing the tub in the required place in your bathroom, silicone sealant (100%) for fixing the tub to the floor and also for preventing water leakage, and cotton cloth for cleaning the area around the floor drain and as well as the tub drain.

Bathtubs Trends in 2022!

Do you know which type of bathtub got voted the most popular?

The answer is “Acrylic Freestanding bathtub.” The reason is simple: Less money and more style. Most people will definitely go for that product if you get great style and low cost. The same thing applies to bathtubs. Acrylic bathtubs are comparatively cheaper, and you can get them in various sizes and shapes. Also, the main thing to note is that the maintenance cost for an acrylic bathtub is very low, as all you need is a cleaning agent to prepare your home. Mixing three parts vinegar and one part of water can get a cleaning agent for your tub. 

Now you know what the most popular tub will be in 2022, what about the style in the bathtub trends? 

The answer is “freestanding pedestal tubs.” The reason is simple: Space in your bathroom. The style that checks all the boxes would be pedestal tubs. According to Houzz, around 37% of homeowners prefer freestanding pedestal tubs after renovating their bathroom, which is a substantial improvement from previous years. Magnus home products give a variety of pedestal tubs for every type of bathroom. 

Next would be the material in bathtub trends in 2022.

Material is an important factor in selecting the bathtub for your bathroom. The material allows you to save energy, saving your electricity bill. For example, copper is the best material to save energy, as it has great heat conductivity. With a copper tub, you need not worry about maintaining temperature manually or by temperature sensor control. This way, you can save a lot of energy and, in turn, save a considerable amount on your electricity bill. But if you think copper has this many benefits, then this should be the popular choice, but it isn’t due to the cost. Copper tubs are expensive compared to other materials, and maintenance is high. So the popular material in bathtub trends in 2022 would be “Acrylic.” 

So, in conclusion,

  • Most popular bathtubs –  Acrylic Freestanding Tub
  • Most popular style – Freestanding Pedestal Tub
  • Most popular material – Acrylic


Which is the most comfortable bath shape?

The answer would be oval-shaped. Oval-shaped bathtub enables bathers to submerge their whole body up to their shoulder. This helps them to go into a relaxed state faster by removing toxins from their system.

What are the three factors to consider when choosing a bathtub based on trends?

The main three factors are:

  • Material 
  • Style
  • Popular bathtub 

What is a freestanding tub?

In simple terms, a freestanding tub is a bathtub that stands independently without any support, meaning that you don't need claw feet/legs to install the tub on your bathroom floor. With the help of silicone sealant, you can install the bathtub on your bathroom floor.


In general, bathtubs are expensive. Most people do not have the luxury of going to various places and spending their time, so to compensate for that; you can invest in a better bathtub. Imagine this scenario, after a long day at work, you come home and jump into your bathtub. Lukewarm water washes away your stress; you can sense that toxins are relieved from your system. After that bath, you get a nice and peaceful sleep. This can be your getaway from the real world. That, too, in your own time, means you can get that relaxing bath any time you want. You can achieve this goal with these tubs and understanding their trends, and with the knowledge from this article, you should feel ready to find the tub of your dreams. Check out our extensive bathtub buying guide for more information.