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Revamp Your Bathroom in 4 Great Ways with a Clawfoot Tub

Revamp Your Bathroom in 4 Great Ways with a Clawfoot Tub

Styling your bathroom can sound easy on paper, but it can be pretty daunting and confusing when it comes to action. Most may need help understanding where to start and which appliances to select to match the bathroom. The bathroom comes in different sizes, layouts, and in aesthetics. These general factors have a good amount of influence on your revamping bathroom project. For example, without considering the bathroom size (including the door clearance) and layout, choosing a large bathtub that may not fit in your bathroom can be a bad decision. You are not only wasting precious time but also a considerable amount of resources.

The first step in revamping your bathroom is to understand the bathroom. For example, if your bathroom does not have a bathtub or the existing bathtub is too old, adding a good bathtub can elevate your ambiance to a greater level.

So, what is the best type of bathtub regardless of the bathroom layout or ambiance?

Sadly, there is no definite answer to the question. Each bathroom has a distinct factor that makes them unique in some factors, but there are two styles of bathtubs, that can match almost all types of bathrooms:


  • Freestanding Tubs
  • Clawfoot Tubs

With that said, which tub is the most suitable?

Still, there is no definite answer to the question. As mentioned, bathroom revamping can be quite confusing, since both tubs serve their purpose brilliantly with both advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing one tub is like choosing which pant leg (left or right) is better. The tubs are both the same and function equally with minor differences in their appearance.


But, let us take an imaginary scenario. You are planning on revamping your bathroom with a more classic style.

Now, this is where you can see the “difference” between the clawfoot and freestanding tub. For a classic look, choose a clawfoot tub.

The reason to choose a clawfoot tub is what we will discuss in the upcoming sections, along with the ideas to revamp your scenario. 

Clawfoot Tub – Why It Is Best for a Classic Vibe Bathroom?

During the late 18th century, there was only one type of bathtub was available and that was the clawfoot tub. The main purpose of a clawfoot tub was to treat patients with skin-related issues, such as inflammation.


Being the only style that has existed for over a century, the clawfoot tub is best suited to bring a classic and vintage Western look to your bathroom. 

This makes the clawfoot tub the best when it comes to classic bathrooms.


Our scenario is revamping your existing bathroom to more of a classic look with a good bathtub. The first hurdle was cleared by choosing the clawfoot tub as the perfect style for the new bathroom.

Styling the Bathroom – For a Classic and Vintage Look

For our scenario, it is best to take six elements of styling, from the bathtub to other small accessories that can bring a classic look to your new bathroom. 


In that list, the first element is the styling with the clawfoot tub.

Styling with Clawfoot Tub

Most people may not consider this crucial factor while installing a bathtub in general. The space.

One of the main reasons for installing a bathtub is to have a nice and soothing experience. Cramming a bathtub inside the bathroom cannot influence a positive way to get a soothing and relaxing bathing experience.

Make sure you have enough area to create a separate space for your clawfoot tub. This helps to create a feeling of the tub being in an isolated place in the room and gives you a unique experience.

You can add a chandelier above the bathtub which helps to bring vintage aesthetics to your bathroom. NOTE: Check with a professional before installing one in your bathroom and ensure it follows the NEC (National Electrical Code)

But, if the chandelier is not to your taste, you can go with a piece of art (even a smaller one).

In summary, having a secluded and isolated place for your clawfoot bathtub helps you to have a unique bathing/soaking experience. For our scenario, hanging a piece of art on the wall where you can see it at eye level is a good idea. 

Styling with Modern Elements

Having a full vintage bathroom is good, but it can get boring after a while. After all, having a good bathing experience is the major objective here. Spicing up your bathroom with some modern elements cannot degrade your vintage look in any shape or form. For example, having modern, mosaic tile as the bathroom floor. This helps to bring a dynamic look to the clawfoot tub and floor. If you are going in the mosaic tile route, then use bright color mosaic tiles.

For our scenario, it is better to have a white clawfoot tub with mosaic tiles (pebble-based mosaic tiles). Having unexpected things can add more atmosphere to your bathroom. 

Styling with Good Hardware

In order to have a good bathing experience, you need to have the best hardware. It is that simple. But, that does not mean expensive. Good hardware does not necessarily have to be expensive to function well. For example, a stone-resin clawfoot tub can do a better job than most of the expensive bathtubs on the market.

It is essential to remember the saying, “less is more” when it comes to bathroom styling. A clawfoot tub is itself a big piece of hardware and apart from the piece of art, do not add too many things to your bathroom.

Instead, focus on investing resources in high-end plumbing and fixtures. High-end plumbing increases the ROI of your investment in your home. In actuality, you can expect a price increase in your home (resale value). Also, it helps to keep the tub long-lasting and provides you with the best functionality possible.

For our scenario, it is best to add high-end plumbing and fixtures as well.

Styling with Accessories

Mixing and matching is a smart choice, and sometimes it can be very helpful, whether it can be a pair of socks or bathroom accessories. This styling is directly related to another type of styling on the list, which is styling with modern elements.

This needs some creative juice and one of the better ways to know these types of things is online. Reddit and Twitter can be a great place to start for inspiration. Some people even use the Facebook marketplace to find old, yet aesthetically pleasing accessories to brighten their bathrooms.


As said, it is crucial to remember not to overload your bathroom with accessories. It is better to go minimal when it comes to the bathroom.

If possible, try to add some plants. It brings a much more pleasing environment and helps you to relax better during the soaking or bathing session. 


  • What is the purpose of a clawfoot tub?
  • The original purpose of a clawfoot tub was to treat patients with skin-related issues during the late 18th century. But that has changed now. More people started using clawfoot tubs for relaxing soak sessions to relieve stress and improve blood circulation. 

  • Are clawfoot tubs expensive?
  • Not necessarily. Compared to freestanding tubs, clawfoot tubs can be expensive. That too is heavily influenced by the bathtub’s material. For example, a copper clawfoot tub can be ridiculously more expensive than an acrylic or stone-resin bathtub. So, bathtub material is the deciding factor for the price of the bathtub.

  • Can you shower in the clawfoot tub?
  • Yes, you can shower in the clawfoot tub. Installing a shower faucet (either a hand shower or an overhead shower) can help to take a quick shower in the clawfoot tub. But a bathtub liner is important if you want to shower in the bathtub. 

    Final Thoughts

    It can be quite confusing to understand where to start when revamping your bathroom. Simple, yet effective changes, such as painting the walls with soothing colors (blue or tropical green) can help to change the overall vibe of your bathroom. Along with the small changes, a vintage-look clawfoot tub can elevate your bathroom to a whole new level. And if you are looking for a clawfoot tub, you are in the right place.

    Magnus home products offer a great collection of clawfoot tubs and you can access them here. This article hopes to guide you in the right direction to style your bathroom!

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