Sat Mar 25 2023

Roll Top Bathtub – Important Things to Know in 2023

Roll Top Bathtub – Important Things to Know

Roll top bathtubs may sound like different styles, but that is not the case. The best way to describe the roll top bathtub is as a variant of a freestanding bathtub. Freestanding is undoubtedly the most popular bathtub in the market. People love this style mainly because of its compatibility. You can almost add a freestanding bathtub to any bathroom, automatically elevating the atmosphere. Apart from that compatibility factor, comfort and style are the major deciding factors for people to purchase the tub themselves. Freestanding tubs are hands down best when it comes to both style and comfort. 

But, the space constraint in their bathroom makes the users hesitant to get a freestanding or any type of bathtub. It is a fact that not all bathrooms have similar construction and dimensions. It is tricky to install a bathtub in a small space. But fortunately, there is a solution for that. Enter the roll top bathtub. This article explains a roll-top bathtub in detail so you can make an informed decision on what to buy for your house. 

Roll Top Bathtub – What Is It?

A roll top bathtub is a variant of a freestanding bathtub with a noticeable difference in physical appearance. A standard freestanding bathtub is a rectangular elongated tub with sharp edges (safe to use). But in a roll top bathtub, the basic physical appearance remains the same except that it has more rounded corners. This small yet noticeable change helps to fit a bathtub in considerably small bathrooms. Fun fact, did you know that roll top bathtubs were classic freestanding bathtubs before the current freestanding style? Roll top bathtubs have been used since the late 18th century. 

Roll Top Bathtub – Who Uses Them?

In general, bathtubs are used by everyone, regardless of age and other elements. So in order to answer the question of whom is the roll top bathtub suited for, it is necessary to understand the true necessity of a bathtub. A bathtub, in general, is much more suited for soaking your body for longer. After soaking, a “bath” is recommended by entering the shower. This process is much needed for seniors who can relax in the tub. 

The main reason is that people usually add medicinal ingredients to their baths to get the best refreshing experience possible. Seniors soaking in a tub with medicinal ingredients can help to improve their overall health, both physically and mentally, such as improving their blood circulation, repairing their muscle fiber, and heightening their mental state. 

Now, coming back to the question of who the roll top tub is for. The obvious answer is for seniors, but it does not need constraints. If you like the style and think it suits your bathroom, go for it. The roll top bathtub is safe for children due to its rounded corners, making it easy to enter and exit the tub. 

Things to Look at Before Buying a Roll Top Bathtub:

You need to check three things before buying a roll top bathtub:

  • Bathtub material
  • Price
  • Maintenance

1. Bathtub Material and Price:

First and foremost, knowing which bathtub material you want is essential. Since the material is one of the factors that directly influence the bathtub price and the maintenance process. The popular roll top bathtub materials are:

  • Acrylic,
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper 

Apart from that, the other materials are fiberglass and stone resin. Each material has its benefits and disadvantages. For example, acrylic is the cheapest material on the whole list. Still, the benefits of the bathtub material are high durability (thanks to the fiberglass reinforcement), high heat retention, easy maintenance, and a great variety of styles. 

Copper is one of the most expensive materials for a bathtub. But it does have features that can justify its price. Its heat retention is the best in the class. This means you can save considerable money on your electricity bill. Next are the medical properties. Copper is said to be good for relaxing muscles and improving overall blood circulation. But, maintaining a copper bathtub can be a hassle and require extra steps apart from normal maintenance for other materials. 

Cast iron is the best middle-ground material for a bathtub. It has the best of both worlds, such as great durability and heat retention from the copper bathtub and an affordable price that can rival acrylic bathtubs. The only thing to remember is that cast iron is heavy. It is important to ensure that your bathroom floor is safe enough to support the bathtub. 

Stone resin is a composite-based bathtub made of powdered stones, polymer resin, and natural minerals. Stone resin is the second most affordable bathtub material and is durable and resistant to simple scratches and cracks—last but not least, fiberglass. Same as acrylic, due to its flexibility, fiberglass has many styles. It may not have great heat retention as copper or cast iron, but it is still good and cheap.

2. Maintenance:

Each material has one or more extra maintenance steps that need to be followed to get the best life possible from your bathtub. If you are looking for simple maintenance and don’t want to spend much time on it, acrylic or stone resins are the best options. A simple all-purpose green cleaning agent with a rag or paper towel will get the cleaning done efficiently. But copper and cast iron require different steps. 

For example, in copper bathtubs, you have to ensure that there is no moisture on the surface of the tub since it can lead to the formation of algae on the bathtub, and in order to maintain the polish on the surface, you need to apply the wax on the bathtub surface once every three months. For cast iron, you must ensure that your cleaning agent is free from any acidic ingredients since they can heavily damage the tub's surface. 

Which Is Better? A Shower or Bath:

From a relaxation standpoint, the bath is superior to a shower. The longer period makes it easy for users to relax. Of course, you can also relax in the shower, which is a valid point, but one thing to note is that the time in the bath is longer. You cannot stand in the shower for a long period of time. Not only does it takes a long time to get relaxed, and it uses a considerable amount of water. 

But, from a time standpoint, a shower is the best. Quickly you can enter the shower, wash all the tiredness and get ready for the day. So the question is, which is better, a shower or a bath? There is no definite answer. It depends on the person and the time you have on your hands. 

But considering their advantages and disadvantages, it is safe to say neither is better than the other. Use the shower in the morning, and if you have time on your hands at eve or night, use the bathtub. 


  • What is a roll top bathtub?
  • A roll top bathtub is a variant of a freestanding bathtub with a noticeable difference in physical appearance. A standard freestanding bathtub is a rectangular elongated tub with sharp edges (still safe to use). But in a roll top bathtub, the basic physical appearance remains the same except for the fact that it has more rounded corners. 

  • Are roll top bathtubs comfortable?
  • Thanks to its rounded corners, the roll-top bathtub is much more comfortable and easy to enter and exit. This is great for children in your home. This design avoids any unnecessary incidents.

  • Which bathtub is easiest to maintain?
  • Freestanding tubs are the easiest to maintain especially acrylic bathtubs. A simple all-purpose green cleaning agent with a rag or paper towel will get the cleaning done efficiently.

    Final Thoughts:

    There is not much difference between the standard freestanding bathtub and a roll top bathtub. But the rounded corners do help a lot when it comes to comfort and functionality. If your bathroom does not have the required space to fit a standard freestanding tub, but you want a bathtub for your home, the roll top bathtub is perfect. This article hopes to have given adequate information on roll top bathtubs so that you can make a better decision on your purchase. Magnus offers a great collection of both standard and roll top bathtubs. You can visit the collection here.