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The Pros and Cons of Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Reports show that after bathrooms, kitchens are the most commonly renovated room in US homes. 

This makes absolute sense, considering that kitchens can get old, grungy, and dated faster than other areas. Want to know what is usually the grungiest thing in an old kitchen? The sink.

If you're updating your kitchen, you're probably well aware of this. But what you might not be aware of is the differences between double bowl versus single bowl sinks. 

Before you "sink" money into a new sink installation, it's imperative that you know about the pros and cons of double bowl sinks so you can make the right choice for your family. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know to make an informed sink selection. 

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Pros

Double bowl kitchen sinks used to be standard in the days before dishwashers became the norm. This is because double bowl sinks allow you to wash dishes in one bowl, and rinse them in the other, making them perfect for handwashing. If you need to soak dishes, you can do this while still having one bowl free for use. 

The other advantage of a double bowl sink is that you multitask with them.

Because there are two bowls, you can stack dirty dishes in one, while still being able to use the other for washing vegetables, rinsing utensils, disposing of waste, washing hands, etc. 

During food preparation, another pro that double bowl sinks have is that you can use one bowl for items that have had contact with raw meat. The other uncontaminated bowl can be used to wash vegetables, hands, etc. This can help to guard against the risk of foodborne diseases

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Cons

While double bowl sinks have some definite pros, they also have a few disadvantages as well. 

For one, double bowl sinks do take up more countertop real estate. What's more, then also eat away at your under counter storage space. 

While they take up more room in the kitchen, a double sink doesn't necessarily allow for easy washing of large items, such as casserole dishes and pans. This is because the total area of the sink is divided into two, meaning that each bowl is comparatively smaller than most single bowl kitchen sinks. 

A further disadvantage to double bowl sinks is they are more tricky to install. A single bowl kitchen sink requires one drain. Double bowl sinks on the other hand need a double drain pipe. They also require you to cut out more of your counter and are heavier. 

Lastly, double bowl kitchen sinks are also generally more expensive than single bowl sinks.  

Time to Start Sink Shopping?

When deciding whether to install a single or double bowl sink, consider how you typically use your kitchen sink. Do you wash a lot of dishes by hand? Do you often pack dirty dishes in the sink, or soak them? How much counter space do you have to spare?

The answers to these questions will help you decide whether to install a single or a double bowl sink in your kitchen.

Ready to shop for a new sink? If so, head on over to our extensive range of both double and single bowl kitchen sinks.

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