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What Is an Apron Sink? What to Know About Apron-Front Sinks

Whether you're building a new home or renovating an existing one, a new sink can breathe fresh life into any kitchen.

As you begin your quest for the perfect one, you'll soon discover that there are many different models to choose from. In addition to drop-in and undermount sinks, you'll also find many manufacturers that sell apron sinks

What is an apron sink? Drawing inspiration from classic farmhouse designs, this is a sink style that is deeper and wider than traditional basins. It also features an exposed, front-facing side that provides its trademark look.

Today, we're sharing everything you've ever wanted to know about apron sinks. We'll also highlight a few from our online collection so you can start shopping today! 

What Is an Apron Sink?

If you've heard of apron sinks before, they've likely come up in a conversation about modern farmhouse design.

This is an interior and exterior decor aesthetic that's intentionally rustic, lived-in, and full of patina. At its core, it's meant to replicate the minimalist vibes of the antique homes that once dotted farms across the country. 

Some homeowners choose to embrace this design trend completely, incorporating modern farmhouse touches into almost every area of their home. Others are more strategic with the elements they add or upgrade.

In either case, an apron sink is an ideal addition. It's also right at home in a more modern kitchen, adding just the right amount of classic warmth. 

Also known as an apron-front sink or farm sink, this is a deep and wide sink vessel with an exposed front that's meant to protrude slightly beyond your lower cabinetry. To fit seamlessly, your countertops and cabinets will need to be cut exactly to its dimensions. For this reason, it's best-suited for homeowners who are adding a new island or countertop to their kitchen. 

Benefits of Apron Sinks

An apron sink can be a stunning addition to any home. If you're eyeing this investment, it helps to know what you're getting. Let's take a look at a few of the benefits you can expect. 

Oversized and Practical

First, let's talk size.

Apron sinks are notoriously larger than most of their conventional counterparts. As long as you have the space for one, this can be a major benefit.

Whether you opt for a single-bowl or double-bowl basin, you'll have plenty of room to clean up after even the biggest family meals. Most are also big enough to accommodate larger, harder-to-clean items such as grill grates, woks, and baking sheets. Their forward orientation even makes it easier to lift heavy items as you transport them into and out of the vessel. 

Got a mess on your hands? An apron sink is ideal for soaking large cooking vessels overnight, helping to loosen stuck-on food and other debris. Especially if you'd rather wash dishes by hand instead of a dishwasher, this is a valuable piece you'll appreciate on a daily basis! 


Not only does its size lend an apron sink well to cleaning dishes, but it also makes it multi-functional. 

The same sink that holds your large pots and pans also makes an excellent addition to your laundry room, where it can be used to soak away stains.Today's models are durable and long-lasting, capable of holding up against years of wear and tear. 

Faucet Flexibility

Most of the time, apron sinks won't include pre-drilled holes for your kitchen faucet. Instead, those will be mounted directly into your countertop, right below the sink itself.

This gives homeowners the flexibility to choose the exact kind of faucet they want, rather than being stuck choosing ones that fit into the sink's dimensions. If you already own a faucet that you love, you can even just replace the sink without worrying about compatibility.  

Reduces Strain

It might sound inconsequential at first, but consider the strain of standing over a sink for half an hour, washing a pile of dirty dishes. Leaning over for that long can take its toll on your lower back, as well as your feet and legs.

With an apron sink, there is no front counter to lean over. Instead, you can stand directly in front of the sink, and work without bending over. In fact, this design originally arose to meet the needs of farm women, who clocked long hours in the kitchen tending to their family's cooking and laundering needs.  

Farmhouse Appeal

Convenience aside, one of the first reasons that homeowners are interested in apron sinks is their trademark farmhouse look. This style is sweeping the nation thanks to prominent designers and television shows that showcase its cozy, vintage appeal. 

For the most throwback look, look for white or grey apron sinks. More vibrant colors are equally eye-catching but tend to deliver a more modern, upscale vibe. 

Saves Cabinets and Counters

If you're washing dishes at a drop-in or undermount sink, any water or spills that come off the front of the sink will land directly on the countertop, and then leak slowly onto the cabinets below.

Over time, this can cause significant damage to both types of materials.
Take granite countertops, for instance. If water is allowed to stand on them for too long without being wiped away, it can cause cloudiness and discoloration. If another liquid, such as juice, is left standing, it could even lead to long-term staining.

The same holds true for cabinets. It doesn't take much for once-pristine ones to become sticky, streaked, and faded, simply from everyday activity in the kitchen.
With an apron sink, you can keep much of this mess at bay.

If any water, suds, or spills make their way over the front lip, they'll avoid your counter and cabinets, landing on the floor instead. This is because the sink itself sticks out beyond the depth of your cabinets. As long as you're careful to wipe where you're standing, it's much easier to keep your work and prep area clean. 

Wide Range of Materials

Gone are the days when precious ceramic or porcelain sinks were the only kinds of apron-front models available. Today, you can find apron sinks in a wide variety of colors and materials, designed to meet any personal decorating preference.

This includes sinks made of fireclay, which are much more durable and longer-lasting than authentic, antique apron sinks. Fireclay is formed when clay and glaze fuse together at very high temperatures, resulting in a super-hard material that easily resists stains and scratches and requires little effort to maintain. 

Aesthetically, fireclay resembles fine ceramic, but it's built to last longer and look better over the years.

In addition to fireclay, you can also find apron sinks in other materials, such as:

We stock all of these options in our online shop. There isn't a right or wrong style, and it all comes down to the vibe you want to create and how you plan to use your sink.

Want to make your home feel time-honored and curated? Take a look at our 30-inch Ashland Copper Vine Design Single-Bowl Farmhouse Sink. With an intricate vine design on the front, this is an instant showstopper and conversation piece in any kitchen. 

For a more contemporary look, you can also consider a stainless steel apron sink.

This 33-inch Sterett Stainless Steel 70/30 Offset Double-Bowl Farmhouse Sink brings an industrial, professional look to your kitchen while still being sleek and modern. The two bowls allow you to easily separate items, while the slanted front gives the piece decorative appeal. 

Different Color Options

Love the classic look of a traditional, white farm sink? If so, stick with a smooth-front version, such as our 30-inch Yovanny Fireclay Smooth Apron Single-Bowl Farmhouse Sink.

Think your color options are limited to this tone? There are actually lots of different shades to choose from when you're ready to pick out an apron sink. In addition to white, we also have ones available in other colors, such as:

  • Black 
  • White
  • Dark grey/dusk grey
  • Green apple
  • Marbled
  • Blue-grey
  • Cream
  • Brown

Regardless of the color scheme you have in your kitchen, you can find an apron sink that fits perfectly with your design! This is a great, cost-effective way to tie in these elements and help give a cohesive look to the space.  

Find the Perfect Apron Sink

Whether you're creating the ultimate farmhouse kitchen or you simply want to upgrade a few elements in your space, you can't go wrong with an apron sink. 
What is an apron sink? It's a timeless addition that gives instant charm and appeal. It's also a rugged, extra-durable investment that you'll use and enjoy for years. 

From scrubbing stock pots to soaking laundry, you'll find many uses for this practical, oversized vessel. When it's time to find the perfect model, you'll find plenty in our online shop. Take a look at our collection today and reach out to our team with any questions. 

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