Mon Aug 29 2022

What is an Extra Deep Soaker Tub? - All You Need to Know

What is an Extra Deep Soaker Tub - All You Need to Know

 Do you think taking a long soak in soaker tubs or bathtubs is a good idea for a short break from your stressful life? If so, then you’re right, as soaker tubs are one of the best choices to relax and refresh your body and mind from a busy schedule.

However, you may feel some reservations about an extra deep soaker tub, and through this blog, you will learn what an extra deep soaker tub is and how it can improve your life and health. 

What is an Extra Deep Soaker Tub?

A soaking tub like our 67" Asher model is different from other bathtubs in that it allows total submersion of your body with enough depth of water. But as the name suggests, the deep soaker tubs have more depth than the usual soaker tubs which gives therapeutic comfort. The average depth of soaking tubs is around 23 inches.

Deep soaker tubs mostly focus on depth rather than length and relieving stress is one of the main advantages of deep soaker tubs.

These deep tubs come in a compact and steep-sided form that will allow you to sit in a comfortable posture while bathing. It will allow you to submerge your whole body into the water which offers a feeling of weightlessness. However, soaker tubs aren’t ideal for children due to the depth and their greater chances of drowning, so it’s not ideal for houses with children. 

Why buy Extra Deep Soaker tubs?

Extra deep soaker tubs will help you to take hydrotherapy spa baths instead of shallow tubs. In addition to retaining heat, these soaker tubs have many health benefits.

One of the main advantages of these soaker tubs is they save space. If you have a bathroom with limited space, soaker tubs are a good choice that can fit in your bathroom. Since these bathtubs are different and smaller than standard bathtubs, it only requires a limited space which makes the remodeling process easier.

It also comprises a certain amount of water that is less than traditional tubs in comparison. Due to these reasons, we can consider deep soaker tubs as a simple-to-install product that suits small homes and saves water in its use.

The most significant benefit to expect is maximum relaxation with your deep soaker tub. It can easily relieve your muscle pains and swollen joints when you soak in it, which brings a pleasant experience in bathing and can aid in recovery from injury.

Even though soaker tubs are a luxury item, they will help you in many health aspects, as taking a bath in a deep soaker tub with hot water might help you in improving your blood circulation and relaxing your blood vessels.

Soaker tubs can also reduce pain or inflammation in your body. Regular baths in soaker tubs can help in reducing arthritis pain and can help with skin issues, or simply help your skin glow after a bath.

Extra deep soaker tubs will help you in balancing your anxiety and stress which results in better sleep and an improvement in your mental well-being.

However, deep soaker tubs have some disadvantages to consider. Sometimes deep soaker tubs can increase the risk of injury if it is too big for you and, if used improperly, can cause minor injuries if you hold a bad posture while bathing. The best way to avoid this situation is to find the one that best suits your needs. You can use our bathtub buying guide for expert guidance. 

What are the important factors to consider while buying a deep soaker tub?


The size of your soaker tub is dependent on your bathroom space. For example, the soaker tub model of Pespey Acrylic Freestanding Tub has dimensions of 66" L x 34" W x 24" H which is suitable for a medium-sized bathroom. 


Material is one of the important factors to consider while buying a bathtub. Considering the quality, materials like cast iron, while costly, can easily hold heat. If you want a budget-friendly tub, tubs made from acrylic are a good option. Copper-double-ended tubs are also a great option because they can retain heat longer, are simple to recycle when it’s time to get rid of them, and are less likely to retain pathogens such as bacteria once the bath is over and the tub dries. You can check our acrylic bathtubs if you are looking for lightweight and durable options. 


Like material, customers also choose products based on their style and design. Some soaker tubs are free-standing whereas some are alcove tubs. The styles of the deep soaker tubs might evolve from traditional to modern, so it’s best to pick the one that fits your aesthetic or preferences. 

Other features

You must choose tubs with features like hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and more if you want a more authentic spa experience from the comfort of your home. These features also help in improving your health and relieving your body's stress. 

How much does an extra deep speaker tub cost?

You can find a variety of soaker tubs in the market, with their price and budget varying depending on their brands and models so, you can figure out a budget-friendly tub as per your needs and priorities. You may also check handpicked collections to find the right bathtub for you according to their price. 


1.  Do soaking tubs fit in a small bathroom?
Yes, soaking tubs will fit in a small bathroom. You can also have a discussion with your contractor while buying a soaker tub to find the ideal place for it.

2.  Is it necessary to do separate plumbing for soaker tubs?
Fixing soaker tubs may require changing some of the existing plumbing depending on the size and dimensions of the bathroom and bathtubs.

Final word:

Despite their luxurious nature, soaker tubs are beneficial for leading a healthy life and have a role in balancing stress levels. For more soaker tub options, do check out our Wesley Collection for the best-in-class bathtubs for inspired living.