Italian Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Italian Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Experience the beauty of fireclay with our Italian fireclay farmhouse kitchen sinks. Fireclay sinks are not only resistant to high temperatures but are also designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. Their farmhouse design ensures you can handle large kitchen items.

Various Apron Front Designs

Whether you are looking for a sleek or robust farmhouse sink, our wide range of apron designs has something to suit your taste. Get access to the following apron designs:

  • Curved: Enjoy a classic look with a modern twist with our farmhouse sinks with curved aprons.

  • Framed: Draw attention to your sink area with the boldness of our kitchen sinks with a framed finish.

  • Smooth: Give a polished and smooth style to your minimalist kitchen with our smooth options.

  • Vine: Unleash your artistry with our farmhouse kitchen sinks with intricate vine patterns.

Multiple Bowl Options

Our single-bowl farmhouse sink selections feature deep basins, allowing you to clean big pans and wash large loads of dishes.

Increase your kitchen’s efficiency with our double-bowl kitchen sink options. Having multiple bowls allows for simultaneous use, as you can soak pots in one bowl and wash vegetables in the other. Significantly speed up your kitchen duties and have more time with your family.

Discover Our White Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks Selection

Discover our farmhouse kitchen sink collection and find the perfect piece for your kitchen upgrade. Take advantage of our free shipping and enjoy peace of mind with our 10-year warranty. Trade professionals are eligible for a 15% discount on each purchase. Learn more.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any design questions or need further assistance. Our customer service team and licensed plumber are here to help.