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Kitchen Fireclay Sinks

The Luxury of Fireclay

Magnus Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

Our collection of fireclay kitchen sinks continues to grow in popularity due to durability, variable size options and the classic designs. Our handcrafted sinks are considered affordable luxury for the focal room of your home.

These handcrafted fireclay kitchen sinks come in drop-in, apron and undermount styles, single and double-bowl options, including several size distributions for the double-bowl versions. Further, the number of finish options is expansive, ranging from white to black to more exotic colors such as blue and wheat. 

Just like many of the earth's most valuable natural materials, fireclay is mined from deep in the earth's layers.  We produce our fireclay in worldwide locations esteemed for their ceramic tradition, where craftsmanship, technological innovation and sustainability blend together. Countries like Italy, United Arab Emirates and Mexico to provide the best ceramic fireclay quality in the world. 

We believe that there's no better place than the kitchen to share stories, talk with friends and express your style.  Our goal is to make your kitchen an extension of your style and expression.  Our products come from the idea of creating space, with many styles that are warm and welcoming.  Everything from country to contemporary. We want your Fireclay Farmhouse sink to be a conversational piece when guests come over to visit.

Our fireclay kitchen sinks showcase our design creativity and superior durability, worthy of your dream kitchen. The YOVANNY Collection from Magnus Home Products is a mix of fashionable farmhouse style apron-front sinks in contemporary, classic and vintage designs.


Fireclay Farmhouse sinks are perhaps the most fashionable sinks right now, the sinks are heated at extreme temperatures using joined clay and glaze. The result is a very strong material that compares favorably to enameled cast iron. These chip, heat and scratch-resistant sinks fit in both contemporary and vintage kitchens. Explore our fireclay farmhouse sinks, accessories, buying guides, and collection history.


The fireclay product gets its name from the fact that this durable natural material can withstand extreme temperatures of at least 1,515 °C (2,759 °F).  Our Magnus Home Fireclay sinks are fired in the kiln at a few thousand degrees. Because of its stability during the kiln firing process, the material can be used for making complex pottery items such as sanitary ware or kitchen sinks.  The durable product is also protected with a durable glaze finish which provides an additional bond.

Not only are the sinks protected, but we protect you with a 10 year warranty. We guarantee that our Magnus Home Fireclay Sinks will not have manufacturing or mechanical defects.

Sealed Glaze

After each kitchen sink passes our rigorous quality standards, Magnus Fireclay sinks are sealed and glazed with an innovative process known for superior quality. We apply a proprietary glaze directly to the fireclay ceramic before the kiln firing process.  The sink surface is perfectly smooth and will not let dirt or scale settle. This guarantees for a lasting shine, smooth touch, scratch and abrasion protection, and damage from external cleaning agents.  The ease of cleaning allows for a lower use of water and detergent to reduce environmental impact.

The color finishes are obtained through a high temperature 1250° single firing, different from the traditional process which applies the color in a second firing at a lower temperature. The color glazes keep the high standard of quality and durability of the glossy sinks.