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Shower Drains

Square shower drains and linear shower drains are offered in polished or brushed stainless steel.

Our linear drains, an ever-growing method of removing water from shower areas, dazzle the senses while functioning at a high level. We offer varying sizes of linear, square and tile insert drains in brushed and polished stainless steel finishes. These drains are also known for their designer-friendly aesthetic appeal, uncomplicated installation process and ability to clean with only soap and water.

Appropriate for both residential and commercial settings, these contemporary products showcase clean lines and shapes while also eliminating water with ease. These drains include a strainer basket to stop pipes from clogging, tapered trough with removable grate and removable and adjustable feet. An optional PVC drain flange coupling allows you to properly install the drain when using a rubber membrane. We even offer two styles with panels meant to position matching shower tiles.