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Shower Fixtures

Find the perfect Shower Fixtures for your Bathroom

Unwind after a long day with functional and stylish shower fixtures from Magnus Home Products. We offer a collection of bathroom shower fixtures that pair practicality with high-end sophistication and modern aesthetics. Each item is a perfect blend of quality and design, ensuring the best performance for your shower system.

Modern Shower Fixtures

Elevate your bathing experience with our modern shower fixtures. Our collection offers an extensive range of options to meet your taste and needs. From contemporary rain showers that mimic a refreshing downpour, to tactile shower valves for precise temperature control, we have everything you need to make your shower more enjoyable and efficient.

Revamping your shower has never been easier. Our variety of modern shower fixtures hand-picked from leading brands guarantees a fresh and sleek appearance for your bathroom. Every time you step in your shower, experience the best of comfort and convenience. Trust us to turn your everyday routine into a luxurious experience.

Outdoor Shower Fixtures

Whether you're looking for indoor bathroom shower fixtures or outdoor shower fixtures, we've got you covered. We understand how crucial it is to create the perfect shower space, and our shower accessories are designed to complement any decor and lifestyle. Our shower panels orchestrate wonderful symphonies of streaming water for a personal experience of the highest quality. Transform your shower into an everyday escape with Magnus Home Products.

Shower Fixtures FAQs

To replace shower fixtures, begin by shutting off the water supply. Remove the old shower accessories  carefully, including the shower head, handles, and drains. Depending on the fixtures you're replacing, some might require a wrench or screwdriver for removal. The next step is to install the new shower accessories. Start by attaching the new showerhead onto the shower arm and secure it tightly. Replace the handle or controls by attaching them to the valve stem and tighten firmly. Remember to place all pieces carefully and make sure they align with the existing holes or connections. To replace the drain, remove the old one by unscrewing or prying it open. Clean the area around the drain hole and place the new drain onto it. Secure the new drain by screwing it tightly into place. Once everything is installed, turn the water back on and check for any leaks. If everything is secure and functioning well, the replacement process is complete. Make adjustments as needed.

Choosing the right shower fixtures for your bathroom involves factors like budget, style, and functionality. Consider durability and ease of use, ensuring they match your home's plumbing system. Also, pick a design and finish that complements your bathroom decor, and don't forget to check the product reviews before making a purchase.

To prevent leaks in your shower fixtures, regularly inspect the fixtures for any sign of damage or wear and tear. Consider using high-quality sealants or a plumber’s tape to ensure the connections between the pipes and the fixtures are secure. Routine maintenance of your fixtures is crucial, including checking water pressure, tightening any loose parts, and cleaning the showerhead to prevent the buildup of minerals which may cause leaks.

Yes, there are shower fixtures specifically designed for low-pressure water systems. These are commonly known as low-pressure shower heads or power showers. They are engineered with special technology to increase the water flow, giving a more powerful shower experience even under low water pressure.