Mon Aug 24 2020

7 of the Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Designs

We love spending time in "the heart of the home," whether we're whipping up a new recipe, enjoying a meal with friends and family, or drying the last pot after a dinner party.

But when we don't have the right sink—if it's too small, too worn, or isn't very appealing—it can put a damper on kitchen activities.

You may have heard that fireclay farmhouse sinks are all the rage and that may be why you're reading this article. With all their styles, how do you choose the best fireclay farmhouse sink design?

In this post, we present seven of the best fireclay farmhouse sink designs. They exude in style, quality, and performance, making preparation and cleanup easy. 

Fireclay Sinks

Fireclay farmhouse sinks give your farmhouse kitchen decor a certain "je ne sais quoi" when you're decorating your space. It doesn't matter whether you're after a country-inspired kitchen, a traditional style, a modern flair, or a mix of all three. 
These sinks offer a unique look to your kitchen design and are usually the featured item in your kitchen decor. These handcrafted sinks are created by a clay firing and glazing process.

Artisans achieve their tough iron-like material in temperatures from 1,600 to 2,200 degrees. Talk about hot! This development process makes fireclay sinks durable and scratch-resistant. That's why they're such a coveted, timeless item in the finest homes. 

Fireclay may appear similar to enamel cast iron sinks, but their quality exceeds the latter. With a cast iron sink, the surface is prone to scratches and you cannot use abrasive cleaners.

On the other hand, fireclay can handle tough cleaners. And it's much more resistant to scratches than cast iron. Another benefit: fireclay sinks weigh much less than cast iron which makes them easier to install in today's homes.

Many homeowners prefer the look of pristine white. However, fireclay sinks come in an array of colors, including blush and black to coordinate with your color palette if white is too plain for your tastes.

Fireclay farmhouse sinks are also available in a single bowl and double sink styles. Let's take a look at the best fireclay farmhouse sink designs for your home. 

1. Nature-Inspired Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Nature-inspired designs such as vine patterns were popular in royal palaces in Italy. Today you can purchase these same vine patterns created in Italian villages.
On the sink, you'll see and feel the etched vines. The design illustrates the fine craftsmanship made by European artisans.

These fireclay basins are made from the most exclusive fireclay. And if you own one, you'll notice the abundance of room for food preparation and cleanup. If this design is good enough for royalty, you'll love it in your home. 

2. Fluted Apron Single Bowl Style

What makes these sinks unique is their fluted apron design. This design style viewed on the front of the sink sets fluted apron styles apart from other sink designs.

However, whether you opt for a sink in a smaller size or a large one, you'll receive the same high standards of production excellence used in creating fireclay farmhouse sinks.

The process increases the longevity of your sink so it will last for many years. With proper upkeep, it can endure for generations.   

3. Decorative Lip Double Basin Fireclay Sink

This fireclay farmhouse sink with a second basin makes food preparation and cleaning a breeze. The design is an elegant one with a decorative lip along the front apron.

Another great quality of this sink: it's reversible. This means you can choose which bowl you would prefer to use on each side. This provides versatility with your garbage disposal. 

4. Hollow Walls and Rounded Corners

Although a fireclay sink is light in weight, a sink with hollow walls makes this sink even lighter. Yes, it's a breath of fresh air to install. However, this is no lightweight product. It's still a sturdy and durable sink.

Additionally, its rounded corners adds to the simplicy of using the sink for food prep and cleanup. This makes this design a wonderful product in a busy kitchen with high traffic. 

5. Arched Fireclay Sinks

An arched fireclay farmhouse sink houses a smart and beautiful design. This sink can be positioned so the smooth section of the sink faces toward you.

This arched fireclay sink design houses a slightly larger sink bowl on one side of the sink. It's angled with a decline between both sides, giving it character and making it simple to get from one side to the other. 

6. Decorative Apron Single Bowl Sink

Guaranteed to give your kitchen a makeover, this fireclay sink boasts a decorative pattern you'll adore. This detail is visible in the front of the sink where you can see it every day. It looks like a piece of art!

The decorative apron single bowl sink is easy to connect to your drains. And of course, it also connects to your trash disposal with ease. 

7. Farmhouse Fireclay Sinks with Drainboards for Extra Drying Space

One of the best farmhouse fireclay sink designs come with a drainboard. This specialized design keeps more water in your sink rather than on your countertop.
Plus the design provides additional space for drying your delicate, precious dishes and silverware you wouldn't think of putting in the dishwasher. 

Another advantage of this sink: it's reversible. Are you left-handed? Then place the drainboard on the left. Right-handed? It will also work for you as per usual. Either way, the design suits your preferences. 

7 Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Designs: Selecting the One That's Perfect For Your Home

In our guide, you've discovered the best fireclay farmhouse sink designs available on the market used in the most elegant homes. Are you replacing your sink with something more durable and beautiful?

Or doing a kitchen renovation to create your dream space? Either way, a fireclay farmhouse sink makes an excellent choice for a long-lasting sink offering aesthetic beauty and functionality.

Looking for a handcrafted fireclay farmhouse sink imported from Italy? You'll find a wide selection of them at Magnus Home Products. Contact us today to view our collections.