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8 Best Soaker Tub Accessories You Should Have in 2022

8 Best Soaker Tub Accessories You Should Have in 2022

You might feel a bathtub or a soaking tub as a sign of luxury, but it can give you a spa-like experience. Soaking tubs help provide a great ambiance to relax and refresh yourself. Despite many similarities, there are some differences between a soaking tub and a standard bathtub. 

For example, one of the main differences is that a bathtub can hold water up to 25 to 45 gallons. Whereas a soaking tub can withstand water up to 250 gallons. Soaking tubs are freestanding bathtubs where you can easily submerge your entire body. Along with relieving your stress, these tubs also help you with health benefits. 

Are you suffering from arthritis pain? If so, soaking tubs have a great role in resolving similar health problems. When you submerge your body in these bathtubs, it can give relief to your sore joints, ease muscle tensions, and reduce anxiety while helping you glow your dry and dull skin. While soaking tubs are expensive, when you consider these benefits, they will work great for your lifestyle. 

Through this piece, you will get to know about soaker tub accessories that can make your relaxing soak more effective. 

Best Soaker Tub Accessories

Tusket Resin Bath Stool

Tusket Resin Bath Stool

This bath stool is a must-have for its ergonomic design. It is curved at the center for optimal sitting. It has an astounding weight capacity of 250 pounds. Bath stools help with physical limitations such as if you are using a wheelchair, recovering from surgery, and struggling with standing for extended periods of time. These stools complement both showers and bathtubs well. The shape and deft workmanship make them a compelling addition to your bathroom.

Also, check out the Trafalgar Resin Bath Stool and Gallatin Resin Bath Stool as per your stylistic preferences. 

Dual Jet Bath Spa

Dual Jet Bath Spa is a great choice for converting your simple bath into something more soothing. As an easy-to-use product, you can easily switch it on and off and control aeration. Adjusting nozzles and jets is also simple as you can choose bubbles or jets by sliding the switch.

It is perfect and fits most of the standard tubs and is flexible to different water levels. Since it gives a continuous pressure to water, the dual jet provides a constant flow. It can not only relieve your tension, but it is also effective in comforting your sore muscles. 

Elongated Gel Neck Pillow

Elongated Gel Neck Pillow

A bath pillow is one of the important soaker tub accessories for people using a bathtub or soaking tub. With ergonomic neck support, the bath pillow is a perfect choice to rest your body. As it comes in a high-quality Silicon (Flexible gel), the pillow helps comfort your body through long back support. The washable adhesive attaches to the back for maintaining position on the tub and prevents your body from sliding.

This pillow plays a great role in preventing cramps of the neck and shoulders while improving your sleep and refreshing your mood. 

Dugway Teak Tub Caddy

Dugway Teak Tub Caddy

It is essential to have a tray to handle and place things near your bathtub. If you are in search of a bathtub tray, this caddy tray is perfect for your bathtub. With a rectangular design, the tray has handles that extend to both sides and suits the dimensions of different soaking tubs.

This teak construction is kiln-dried and then sanded for a smooth finish. You can easily place your things like books, phones, candles, and wine on the tray to improve your relaxation. 

Haissky Bluetooth Shower Speaker

If you like to stream music in your tub, this Bluetooth speaker is one of the soaker tub accessories you must purchase. With a built-in-mic feature, it will not only allow you to listen to songs but also answer any calls.

The speaker is also waterproof, and you can submerge it To a depth of three feet. It also allows you to connect your phones and tablets through Bluetooth. Along with these, the speaker can play music, podcasts, or other media and last for six hours. The speaker has a battery life of 650mAh. You can also place it and attach it to ceramic walls or glass. 

Organic Bath Bombs

One of the soaker tub accessories that most people choose is bath bombs. The main reason behind buying bath bombs is it helps in indulging the skin. It adds some emollients and other ingredients that help smoothen your damaged and dry skin. Although it is single-use, it releases fragrant extracts that can refresh and moisturize your skin.

Organic bath bombs come in a set of 6 effective bath bombs that are free from artificial fragrant and elements. These bath bombs will help you with muscle relief and relax your body and mind. 

Drain Cover

A drain cover is one of the important soaker tub accessories to block your tub’s overflow. A drain cover of four inches can fit most of the bathtubs.

Along with stopping the overflow, it also has suction cups that give a tight seal to the tub which prevents the sound of water trickling and will help to maintain a good space to relax your body and mind. 

Spa Bubble Bath Massager

Above all these soaker tub accessories, an electric bathtub massager will make your bath more refreshing. It is waterproof, and the massager mat is non-slippery. It has an air pump and air hose that can give you a spa-like experience. With a stress-free atmosphere, it can provide massaging bubbles to give you good relief to your sore muscles.

You can easily lay on the massager because of the cushion-like texture. In addition to these features, it allows you to control the intensity of bubbles by switching the buttons on the remote control. The massager may come around 14.2” in width through which it can easily support your whole body. 

Wrapping Up

As you already know that a bath in a tub can reduce your body's stress and using these products can make them more effective and give relief to your muscles. You can visit our blog to learn more about soaking tubs.

If you are already using these products, then feel free to share your reviews in the comments below. You can also suggest accessories other than the above-mentioned if you feel we left them out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy bath bombs?
Bath bombs smoothen the skin and reduce the dryness of skin by releasing oils. It can moisturize and smoothen the damaged skin.

Why is a bath pillow necessary in bathtubs?
A bath pillow has a significant role in providing great support to your back. It can reduce your body cramps. and keep you refreshed to help you sleep.

Is it necessary to buy a bath massager for bathtubs?
A bath massager will help you in comforting your sore muscles and reducing your body pain.