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Bathroom Mold - How to Clean It From Your Bathtub in 2023

Bathroom Mold - How to Clean It From Your Bathtub


There are a plethora of issues that can be found in the bathroom down the line if it is not maintained properly. One of those main issues is bathroom mold. Let’s take a closer look at how bathroom mold is formed, and how you can effectively eliminate it!


The bathtub is an integral part of your bathroom. After a long and stressful day, it is recommended to have something that helps to relax your mind and body and get you away from reality even for a short period of time. And bathtub can be one of those elements. 


But there are things in the bathroom that exacerbate your soaking session if you don’t maintain the bathtub and the bathroom properly. These things, such as bathroom mold, soap scum, water leakage from the faulty faucet, and even the cracks in your bathtub are great influencers when it comes to significantly reducing your soaking experience.  


That is why we are going to discuss bathroom mold and how you can ensure that your bathtub or bathroom is free from that gross mold. 

Bathroom Mold – What Is It?

Bathroom Mold - What is It?

The answer to the formation of bathroom mold is moisture. The bathroom is the perfect spot for adequate moisture presence, which helps the growth of mold. If your bathroom lacks good ventilation, you can be assured that the growth of the bathroom mold is inevitable. 


It may seem to be just a mold in the corner of the bathtub, it does not create any discomfort in your bath. But it can lead to irreparable damage to your bathtub, as well as the health of your family.


According to the Department of Health U.S., exposure to mold (especially to large mold and pores) for a long period of time can lead to several allergic reactions, such as irritating and watery eyes, sneezing and a running nose, itching, and irritation on your skin, headaches, and migraines, and even fatigue, which is the opposite result of using a bathtub. 


You may wonder, “I can smell the pungent odor, but I can’t find the mold, or even tell what type of mold that I am facing?”


This is a common issue when you are trying to clear mold from your bathroom. The Department of Health also claims that testing for mold is difficult. There are a lot of uncertainties involved in the formation of molds. So, again, if you are smelling mold, it is time to clean.

How To Find the Bathroom Mold

One of the easiest ways to look for bathroom mold is by checking the hidden areas, such as under the bathtub, corner of the bathroom walls, under the sinks, behind the cupboard or bathroom door, on the shower and faucet fixtures, curtains, and even the exhaust fan. One of the most important things to note is that mold is capable of spreading to a wider area. Meaning if you have a big chunk of mold in your bathroom, there is a high probability that it can spread to other rooms in your household. 

How To Effectively Eliminate the Bathroom Mold – 6 Preventive Measures

The first step in eliminating bathroom mold is completely stripping away the moisture in the bathroom and in the bathtub. 

Stripping Away Moisture in Your Bathtub or Bathroom

One of the best ways to remove excess moisture in the bathroom and bathtub is to use the bath fan


When you taking a bath or having a soaking session in your bathtub, switch on the bath fan. This helps to suck out the unwanted moisture from the room and dissipate it.


If you don’t have one, open the window or door for a good amount of time (anywhere between an hour to 2 hours) after your bathing or soaking session. 


The second step is to use the dehumidifier. Controlling humidity in the room is one of the better ways to control mold growth. Try to keep the humidity as low as possible. The best value is 50%.


The third step, compared to the other steps, is specific. It is about curtains. If you have a curtain in your bathroom, it is better to check if the curtain is mildew resistant. This helps to eliminate the growth of fungi, which helps create mold. Also, clean the curtain frequently.


The fourth step is cleaning your bathroom clothes and rugs. Dampened cloth is heaven for fungus, which helps in the growth of mold. Try to clean the rugs once or twice a week. 


The fifth step is after your soaking session in your freestanding or clawfoot tub, as soon as possible remove the excess moisture on the surface of your bathtub. 


Tip: Dry the area with the help of the hair dryer. It helps to absorb the moisture at a faster pace. 


Lastly, the sixth step is to paint regularly where it is required. For example, having one coat of paint on your bathtub helps to increase its longevity. At least once every six months painting a new coat on your bathtub can help you to retain the original state of your bathtub. Apart from that, it completely halts the growth of mold on the bathtub surface. 


Now, what if you have mold in your bathtub or in your bathroom? Don’t worry! The following steps can help you to clean it effectively.

Eradicate that Mold!

Once you find the mold, it is time to eradicate the culprit and clean it into oblivion. The first step is getting the necessary tools for your project.


A scrub, sponge, cotton or paper towel, bleach, vinegar, detergent, and grout sealer are some required tools that can complete your project and provide better results. 


STEP #1 – Remove any grout and clean the area with a vinegar solution. This helps to halt the mold’s growth and remove the odor.


STEP #2 – Now, it is time to clean the whole bathroom along with the accessories, such as bathtub and shower heads and even sinks and toilets. Use a cleaning agent, such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide. This helps to kill the fungus and remove the pungent odor.

NOTE: Do not use any hard cleaning agent on the bathtub. It is better to use a baking soda and vinegar mix (and salt on specific occasions, like if the bathtub material is porcelain) to remove the mold from the bathtub. 


STEP #3 – While cleaning the room, open the window and switch on the bath fan. It helps to provide fresh air and control the humidity. 


STEP #4 – This step is highly cautious. Wear a protective mask and gloves while cleaning the bathroom. Use antibacterial or anti-mold spray after cleaning the bathroom. Again be cautious when you use the spray. 


Now if you find mold on your walls, it is better to call a professional right away. They can do a better job and also provide measures to permanently eliminate the growth of mold. 


Once the cleaning is done, ventilate the whole bathroom and bathtub overnight. After 8 hours, you can again use your bathtub for a good and relaxing soaking session!


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  • FAQs

  • Is bathroom mold harmful?
  • Yes. According to the Department of Health U.S., mold can cause several health issues, including headaches and skin-related issues. It is recommended to control the moisture in your bathroom and bathtub by using a dehumidifier.

  • What kills water mold?
  • Hydrogen peroxide and bleach can remove the bathroom mold easily, and eliminate the pungent odor. 

  • Does lemon kill mold?
  • The short answer is yes. Lemon can kill mold thanks to the presence of 5% acid, which is good enough to reach the fungus and permanently kill it. But it is recommended to use bleach and hydrogen peroxide to treat the mold-affected area. 

    Final Thoughts

    Yes, bathroom mold is such a headache and it can be quite tedious to remove it permanently. But worry not! If you are experiencing a mold situation, this article hopes to bring peace of mind to you. Follow the above preventive steps, and your bathroom should be mold-free in no time.

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