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Bathtub For Small Spaces – 5 Simple DIY Ideas!

Bathtub For Small Spaces – 5 Simple DIY Ideas! What is the perfect bathtub for a small space? That is the question that most people have once they start to enquire about buying one for their bathroom. There are factors that you should consider while buying a bathtub for your family, such as cost, type of material, and style. These factors come into the picture after deciding where to place your bathtub. Most people may think the bathtub cannot look good in a small space, but that is not necessarily the case. You can install a bathtub in small rooms, but it requires some ideas and tips. This article helps you to give advice and tricks on installing a bathtub in a small space and which are the best bathtubs that can easily fit in a small space.

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For Small Spaces, What are the Bathtubs That Can Fit?

  1. Classic Japanese Soaking Bathtub (Freestanding Tub):
  2. Clawfoot Tub with Faucet/Shower Provision:
  3. Slipper Freestanding Tub:
  4. Slipper Clawfoot Tub (For Kids):
  5. Classic Natural Wood Tub:



Before diving into small bathtub ideas, it is essential to know the types of bathtubs that can fit in small spaces.

For Small Spaces, What are the Bathtubs That Can Fit?

Bathtubs come in various sizes, shapes, materials, and designs. It is confusing to choose the right size for your bathroom sometimes. If you understand the popular bathtub types, you can decide which is the right one.

  • Freestanding Tub – The freestanding tub can stand independently without any external support and is a perfect aesthetic choice. They come in various sizes and shapes, and materials. The traditional rectangular tub is large and will not fit in small spaces. Modern freestanding tubs, also called soaking tubs, come in smaller sizes that fit in your bathroom while providing great aesthetics and an elegant look.
  • Clawfoot Tub – The clawfoot tub is a version of a freestanding tub that maintains its functionality. The main difference is instead of standing without any support, as the name suggests, clawfoot stands with the help of a set of claw feet. This makes it easy to install one in small spaces.
  • Bathtub and a shower package – The best way to save space is to get things together in a single area in an organized manner. The same is true for bathtub scenarios. Most people install bathtubs separately from the shower unit. This looks perfect when the bathroom has a lot of space but in a small area to eliminate any cramps; installing a shower unit with the bathtub is a great idea. 
  • Corner-style bathtubs – Corner-style bathtubs are installed at the corner of the bathroom, supported by the two walls forming the corner. This gives you more legroom and elevates your bathroom aesthetics.

There are two more bathtub styles that you can install in a small bathroom: Undermount and Alcove bathtubs. Both are the subcategories of a deep soaking tub. But their construction will help save a great amount of space in small bathrooms.

  • Alcove bathtubs – Alcove bathtub is similar to the corner-style bathtub; the main difference is instead of being supported by two walls that form a corner, three walls support an alcove bathtub.
  • Undermount bathtubs – If a bathtub is installed under a rim or recess, then that bathtub is an under mount bathtub. Since its construction is direct to the surface of your bathroom, it gives you a nice look and saves you a lot of space in a small bathroom.

NOTE: You should choose alcove bathtubs if your bathroom has two columns/pillars. These two columns provide an area where you install the tub with three walls supporting it.

Now you have a general idea of which type of bathtubs you need to go for if you have small spaces in your bathroom. 

It is time to dive into actual bathtubs that help you to save space in your bathroom without compromising style!

1. Classic Japanese Soaking Bathtub (Freestanding Tub):

Japanese Soaking Tub

A Japanese soaking tub helps submerge your whole body to your shoulders, giving you ultimate comfort. There is also a medicinal factor involved in a Japanese deep soaking tub. When you submerge your whole body in nice lukewarm water, the toxins from your system easily discharge from your legs, increase blood circulation, and put you in a relaxed state.

The Akio resin Japanese soaking tub with an integral seat is ideal for this type. This soaker tub comes in 43” with an 82-gallon capacity and depth of 24 ⅝ inches, which helps you install the tub anywhere in your bathroom and save space. Since it is a soaking tub, it comes with a seat, making it perfect for small bathtubs for adults and kids. It is made of a solid polyresin blend which helps you retain heat for a longer period, saving energy and money on electricity bills. A Japanese soaking tub is the best choice if you are looking for deep bathtubs for small bathrooms.

2. Clawfoot Tub with Faucet/Shower Provision:

Clawfoot Tub with Faucet Shower Provision

Clawfoot tubs are the same as freestanding tubs but with clawfoot to support them. Clawfoot gives nice vintage aesthetics to your bathroom, irrespective of size. That is one of the reasons why people like it so much that it has become popular next to freestanding tubs.

We are going with a Hearne cast iron roll-top clawfoot tub for this one. This clawfoot comes in 48” with a capacity of 29 gallons. This makes it great for saving space in your bathroom and water and, in turn, saves electricity bills since it heats the water quickly. This is a great addition to your bathroom both functionally and aesthetically since the tub is made of cast iron and coated with a porcelain enamel (inside) and a coated white color (outside).

The main functionality is the provision for a faucet or shower installation, which is helpful for installing the tub in a small space. 

3. Slipper Freestanding Tub:

Slipper Freestanding Tub

The slipper freestanding tub is perfect if you are more interested in style than extra functionality, such as shower provision and a dedicated seat in the tub. The main appeal to a slipper freestanding tub is that it appears to be floating in the air thanks to its small physical appearance and ability to stand on the bathroom floor without any support. But don’t forget that it has all the features of a bathtub. This makes it the “perfect bathtub for small spaces.”

The best choice in this category is the Radnor acrylic slipper freestanding bathtub with insulation. This 60’’ tub has a 38-gallon capacity and is perfect for your small bathroom. Comfort-wise, it is one of the best freestanding tubs. It comes with two acrylic sheets and features a modern overflow slot. This bathtub gives your bathroom a floaty look.

Last but not least is the functionality. While offering the same functionality as other tubs in its type, the Radnor acrylic slipper freestanding bathtub provides great functionality in terms of insulation. The tub comes with foam insulation, which helps you retain heat for longer periods while enjoying your bath by taking your time.

If you want a tub that sits between a 58” bathtub and 60”, then a slipper freestanding tub is the best choice for you 

4. Slipper Clawfoot Tub (For Kids):

Slipper Clawfoot Tub (For Kids)

Next on our list is the slipper clawfoot tub. A slipper freestanding tub was discussed earlier; the functionality remains the same as the freestanding tub. The only difference is its size and appearance. Generally, clawfoot is smaller in size when compared to freestanding tubs. Families with children can find it hard to fit their kids in a medium or large tub since it can be dangerous. We are going with the Hamilton acrylic slipper clawfoot tub to avoid that situation.

We have seen clawfoot tubs before, so what is the difference with this tub apart from the fact that this bathtub is fit for kids? The functionality of this tub differs, as it is not as durable as other tubs on this list. It is a fact that bathtubs are expensive, and you need to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. A tub that breaks down in a few years is not a reliable and viable option.

The Hamilton acrylic tub is constructed with two acrylic sheets, and the space between those sheets is filled with resin and fiberglass for more durability. This helps the tub to sustain heat for longer periods. This tub comes in 44”, great for smaller bathrooms with 21 gallons of water capacity.

The Hamilton acrylic slipper clawfoot tub is perfect if you are looking for a suitable and safe bathtub for your kids.

5. Classic Natural Wood Tub:

Classic Natural Wood Tubs

These tubs are traditional looking but with a little modern style. If you are looking for something more different for the bathroom and want a smaller tub to fit in your bathroom, then Claunch handcrafted natural wood tub is the perfect fit for you.

This 59” comes with a 50-gallon capacity and is made of teak and mahogany. The one-end steep helps the bather sit back and de-stress for longer. It is handcrafted, and you can customize it any way you need. Compared to other tubs on the list, this tub is much more expensive, and the maintenance cost is also high. But if you want aesthetically different from an ordinary bathtub and want your bathtub to stand out, then this natural wood tub is perfect for you. 


  • How to measure your bathroom?
  • The calculation is simple: LXB, where L is the length of the longer wall and B is the length of the shorter wall. For example: if L is 5m and B is 3m, then the size of your bathroom is: LXB= 5X3= 15m2

  • What is the best size of bathtub for small spaces?
  • The answer depends on the exact size of the bathroom. But in general, 40” to 60” is the normal fit for any bathroom, especially a smaller one. 

  • Which is the best idea to save space for installing a bathtub?
  • A bathtub coupled with a shower is the best idea to save space in your bathroom, especially if your bathroom has a smaller area. 


    Cramping a bathtub in a smaller space need not be difficult anymore. There are various types of bathtubs available for smaller and larger bathrooms. We started our article with a question, what is the perfect bathtub for small spaces? This block hopes to provide enough information to answer that question. Now that you have the answer, you can pick the best tub for your small space and enjoy it.

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