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Budget Small Bathroom Ideas For Inspired Living

Budget Small Bathroom Ideas For Inspired Living

The bathroom is a high-traffic room in any home. With attention in this room often focusing on toilets and sinks, organizing for optimal use of space is challenging. In trying to keep plumbing simple, you might want to focus on storage above all else.

Sometimes the difference between a functional and a completely useless bathroom is a well-placed shelf. It is best to use a shelf or two to store toilet paper and towels for easy access.

A wall of shelves on each side of the shower is one of the most common ways to spruce up a bathroom. Make sure it involves both shelves or cabinets on each side and not just one in the center, as it can lead to cluttering. Alternatively, for darker color schemes, you may consider kitchen or craft storage racks or a wall-mounted shelving unit.

Another important factor to look for while designing a small bathroom is the bathtub. Small bathroom tubs are usually adaptable to a variety of shower/bathroom decor styles, usually, they are a fairly inconspicuous element of the bathroom.

Some limitations are that they are short, preventing you from standing up while showering or being able to fully clean your hair since it is hard to do so. This feature is the basic 'downside' of a small tub. However, if you do want to include a small tub in your small bathroom décor, you may want to choose a contemporary oval shape, instead of the typical square bathtub.

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List of Small Budget Bathroom Ideas

  1. Use a small bathroom mirror to make the space look bigger. 
  2. Add a shelf above the toilet to store extra towels or toiletries. 
  3. Use a small shower curtain instead of a door to save space. 
  4. Hang a small basket on the wall to store bathroom essentials. 
  5. Place a plant in the bathroom to add a splash of color. 
  6. Use a small wastebasket to keep the space tidy. 
  7. Add a hook on the back of the door to hang a robe or towel. 
  8. Use a small toiletry bag to organize your bathroom essentials. 
  9. Keep the countertop clear by storing items in a cabinet. 
  10. Add a small rug to the floor to add comfort and style.

Budget Small Bathroom Ideas - Bathtub Edition

1. Japanese Soaking Tub

Japanese Soaking Tub

This bathtub is usually added in the corner of the bathroom and has different designs. It is also known as ofuro, which means bathing tub in Japanese. These tubs are usually made of wood, and they have a simple and elegant design. The most common type of Japanese soaking tub is the wooden tub, which is made of hinoki wood. Hinoki is a type of cypress that is native to Japan, and it is known for its durability and resistance to rot.

There are further varieties of wooden tubs, including cedar and bamboo tubs. Japanese soaking tubs are typically four feet long and two feet broad. The majority of Japanese soaking tubs have a drain in the middle so that you may remove water when the user is finished soaking. For the user to exit the tub without slipping, the tubs also feature a small step in the middle of the tub.


  • The tub is relaxing and comfortable to use.
  • It is a perfect size for small bathrooms.
  • The tub is easy to clean.


  • The tub may be too small for some people.
  • The tub is not very durable.

2. Vintage Freestanding Tub

Vintage Freestanding Tub

Typically, acrylic is the material for this bathtub since it is both attractive and durable. Acrylic is ideal for tiny bathrooms since it is strong and simple to clean. Since there are many different sizes of this type of tub, it is simple to find one that will fit your bathroom.

Vintage tubs are offered for sale on several websites. You might want to think about the kind of tub you want to buy before searching for vintage freestanding tubs. Tubs come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so you could choose a jetted tub over a cast iron bathtub. There are distinct qualities of each kind of tub that you might want to think about.


  • A vintage freestanding tub may be a charming addition to a tiny bathroom.
  • Comparatively speaking to other kinds of tubs, they are affordable.
  • They are simple to install in nearly all small bathrooms.
  • Vintage freestanding bathtubs come in a wide variety of shapes and aesthetics.


  • Some of the amenities you might find in a bigger tub might not be available in a vintage freestanding tub for a small bathroom.
  • They might not be as cozy to soak in as a bigger tub.
  • They might not last as long as a bigger tub.

3. Corner Bathtub

Corner Bathtub

When you choose a corner bathtub, you can select from different designs. Some of the common designs include rectangle, round, oval, square, and rectangle with rounded corners. For small bathrooms, you can select from oval bathtub designs.

When you are planning to buy a corner bathtub, you should take into consideration the bathroom’s size, shape, and the bathroom’s existing décor. The most popular style is the corner bathtub with a shower. The Corner bathtub is also available with a jetted whirlpool system. Corner Bathtubs are available in different materials such as ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, and marble. A corner bathtub is a good choice for a small bathroom because it can save space.


  • A corner bathtub can help save space in a small bathroom.
  • Corner bathtubs can be both stylish and functional.
  • Some corner bathtubs come with built-in features, such as jets or rain showers, which can add to the bathing experience.
  • Corner bathtubs can be less expensive than traditional bathtubs.


  • The form of corner bathtubs may make cleaning them challenging.
  • It's possible that certain corner bathtubs won't be as comfy as standard bathtubs.
  • A corner bathtub might not be to everyone's taste in terms of looks.

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  • Things to Keep in Mind Before Installing a Bathtub in Small Bathrooms

    Small Bathroom Ideas

    1. Make sure that you have the proper plumbing for your tub. You must have the proper drainage and the proper faucets. If you do not have this, then you may end up with a leaky faucet or a clogged drain.
    2. Try to provide adequate illumination for your tub. This implies that you must have the appropriate switches and light fixtures.
    3. Provide a reliable ventilation system. Install exhaust fans that will fit against the narrow walls of your small bathroom.
    4. You also have to install good shower curtains. The material, size, color, and quality of the shower curtains should be considered before installation.
    5. Ovals are usually more adaptable to bathroom decor styles, making them a more practical option for the average person to utilize. 

    Budget Small Bathroom Ideas - The Conclusion

    Start paring down your list of small bathroom ideas and focus on the one idea that most interests you. Maybe you have a private space down a hallway, you could install a corner bathtub to give yourself more room and use the corners for extra storage. Whatever the case may be, focus on one small-budget bathroom idea and make it a success!

    It's inevitable for a small bathroom to have less storage space and limited storage space for a bathroom. This is why this article hopes to provide useful and creative ideas for the small bathroom owner. If you have some suggestions for the follow-up list of small bathroom ideas, please leave them in the comments section. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Which wall decor is ideal for a small bathroom?

    The main wall space should have a towel holder attached to it and a straight-side bathroom mirror. If you are investing in your bathroom, do not spend money on decor, as it is a space you will use every other day and you'll want to freshen it up at once and not every two weeks.

    2. Are bathtubs better than showers?

    The only difference between a shower and a bathtub is the amount of water in each. Bathtubs are great alternatives to a shower in a small bathroom because they eliminate the need to use space on the floor and they help save room. You would use the same amount of water in a bathtub as you do a shower in a small bathroom. For some, it is easier to keep clean.

    3. Which bathtub material has the longest durability?

    The bathtub material with the longest durability is cast iron. Cast iron is a material that is known for its durability. It is often used in the construction of bathtubs because it is able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

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