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Bathtub Reglazing – Best Way to Increase the Life Span of a Bathtub

Bathtub Reglazing – Best Way to Increase the Life Span of a Bathtub


If your bathtub has gotten old enough, it is time to change the whole bathtub. Bathtubs are an investment, and they may only be affordable for some. Bathtubs tend to cost thousands of dollars, and there are other costs associated with buying the bathtub, which may include, shipping charges and additional charges if you want to customize your bathtub. The whole process can be expensive, but it may not necessarily be the only solution to your bathtub issues. So, what can you do in such a situation? Our objective is to save money as much as possible and also solve the problem in our hands. The best solution here is, to do bathtub reglazing. In this article, we will learn about bathtub reglazing and the steps to perform bathtub reglazing, as well as how much lifespan the bathtub reglazing offers for your bathtub. 

Bathtub Reglazing – What Is It?

The main reason for the shorter lifespan of a bathtub is poor maintenance. With proper maintenance, it is easier to get a good life from your old bathtub. But, what if you want to prolong the life of your bathtub, bathtub reglazing is the best solution.

Bathtub reglazing is a process of deep cleaning your old bathtub and providing a new coat of more robust paint. This is a simple yet effective process that surely gives you the result you are looking for, which is to prolong the life of your bathtub. But, this simple process does have its own tediousness. For example, the lack of proper and in-depth cleaning can result in a poor bathing or soaking experience, and also improper paint can cause the bathtub surface to degrade over time and render the whole bathtub useless. 

7 Steps to Perform a Bathtub Reglazing

STEP #1 First thing to do when performing a bathtub reglazing is to thoroughly clean the bathtub. You can use an all-green cleaning agent and homemade solution (hot water and vinegar in a 1:2 ratio). Along with cleaning the bathtub, you can also remove the old caulking and reapply the new one. Also do not forget to clean the bathtub’s surrounding area.

STEP #2 Make sure that the working area is clean and well-ventilated. This helps to remove all the gases (during the painting process). Ensure you are wearing proper gear to carry out the project safely including gloves and a mask. 

STEP #3 Now is the time to remove any dirt and debris from the drain and fixtures. You can use hot water to clean the drain line and ensure there are no harmful chemicals in the drain. You can also use a plunger to remove any dirt in the drain and in the surrounding area.

STEP #4 Now that the bathtub is clean, make sure the surface of the bathtub is prepared for the reglazing process. You can use a blunt razor (at least not a very sharp one) and chip away the already chipped surface. Be sure to cover all the surfaces. Once you are done with that, it is time to sand it. Take a sandpaper with 40 to 80 grit and sand the surface carefully. Now, this will take you around 15-25 minutes depending on the condition of the bathtub. You might think that sanding the surface of the bathtub especially porcelain or even enamel-coated surface may destroy it. That is not the case. You can use the mentioned grit sandpaper to sand the surface without any issues. The only material that you need to take care of is, acrylic or fiberglass material, but that too, you can sand with proper steps to ensure there is no damage to the surface.

STEP #5 Now, the bathtub is fully sanded, it is time to fill the damaged area to smooth out the entire surface. You can find the filler (based on your bathtub’s material) in your local hardware store or even online. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on how to apply the filler with the correct amount. Let the filler dry for some time (the time will vary depending on the type of filler and bathtub material).

STEP #6 Clean the bathtub surface with a soft cloth. Once you cleaned the surface, the next step is to tape the drain and do the caulking. This helps to separate the sensitive spots (such as drains and caulking) from the paint. Then it is time to apply primer.  It is recommended to go with an Epoxy resin primer. The main reasons are, it is Suitable for most bathtub materials and takes only a few minutes to dry (usually 5-10 minutes). Spray the first coat of primer and ensure you cover the entire surface. Let the primer sit on the surface for a few minutes (5-10) and repeat the process the required number of times. Usually, 2-3 primer coatings are enough. To be on the safer side, it is better to go with 3 coatings of primer. 

STEP #7 For the final coating (either second or third coating), you can use the roller to apply the primer on the surface and brush for a “not-easily” reachable surface. This way you will be assured to cover all the surfaces and apply evenly. Let it dry for 10 minutes. Now, the last step is to provide the refinishing coating (paint for your bathtub). Same to the finishing primer coating, you can use a roller to apply your desired colored paint on the surface of the bathtub and use a small brush to apply the paint where the roller is not possible. You can apply two coatings of paint and let it dry for at least 24 hrs, but it is recommended to leave it to dry for 48 hrs and ensure there is no moisture or water near the bathtub. After 48 hrs, the bathtub is ready!

How Long Does a Bathtub Reglazing Last?

The million dollar question, how long does a bathtub reglazing last the answer is, it depends. Bathtub reglazing is a great approach that you can use to get more life from your bathtub. With proper care and maintenance, such as cleaning the bathtub once or twice a week, ensuring there is no moisture in the bathtub after every use, and preventing mold and other debris to be formed you can get a life of up to extra 10 years. But, if there is no proper maintenance, there is no point in performing the bathtub reglazing moreover you won’t get the desired result from the reglazing. Without proper care, you are bound to get 5-6 years of life from your bathtub. 

Which Will Cost More? DIY Reglazing or Professional Reglazing

When it comes to reglazing by yourself or asking a professional to carry out the process, there is good and bad involved the process.

First things first, when it comes to DIY, the process is simple. You can buy the whole reglazing kit from your local hardware store or even online, which can cost from $50-$100, and follow the steps mentioned above to take care of the reglazing process.

The first advantage is the price. You can finish the whole project for under $100, which is difficult if you take the professional route. You can take your time and finish the project. But, the major disadvantage is process knowledge. Without a proper guide on reglazing, it can be confusing to tackle the project. 

Now, when it comes to professional reglazing, the first advantage is the time taken to complete the project. When compared to the DIY method, a professional can complete the whole project in a short span of time, lowering the time on exposing your house to harmful gases that are formed during the painting and the primer process. With professionals, you have a lot of options. Usually, a DIY kit has only a standard set of colors for the reglazing process, but professionals help you to choose a wide variety of colors for your glazing project. Last but not least, the project will be much more acceptable than DIY.

Overall, if you have sufficient knowledge of plumbing and reglazing, it is better to go with the DIY approach, or else, it is recommended to go with a professional approach. But the professional approach can cost you two to three times of DIY cost. 


  • How long does the bathtub reglazing last?
  • In one sentence, with proper aftercare, the bathtub reglazing process can last somewhere between 10-15 years. But, as mentioned, this number can only be achieved with proper maintenance. 

  • How much does the bathtub reglazing cost?
  • For the DIY method, you can easily tackle the project for under $100 but professional glazing can cost you two or three times of DIY costs.

    1. How many times you can reglaze the bathtub?

    There is no limit to the number of times you can reglaze the bathtub. You can perform reglazing 100 times without any issues. But by applying properly, you can get up to 10 years or even longer. 

    Final Thoughts

    Bathtubs are an investment and you should ensure that you get the best life possible. It is common for bathtubs to be affected by the environment and lose their old glory. It is not necessary to throw out the old bathtub and replace it with a new one. You can perform a bathtub reglazing to get more life out of your old bathtub. But sometimes, it can be beyond repair and you may need a good and reliable replacement. We offer you a great variety of bathtubs with different materials.t You can check the collections here. This article hopes to provide enough information on bathtub reglazing and steps on how to perform it if you want to carry it out by yourself.