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Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub - Is It Worth It in 2023

Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub - Is It Worth It

How do you define “value” to an inanimate object? Is it by price, functionality, popularity, or even design? The answer probably lies in all of those. Defining a value for an inanimate object can be difficult since we have different takes on what creates value. One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure, right? But we all can agree that the “value” that we seek from an inanimate object can be “comfort.”

For example, there are different types of chairs at different prices. There are house chairs (plastic ones) at low prices to high-ergonomic chairs at expensive prices. Not everyone has experienced the comfort provided by all types of chairs. Without that experience, how do you define the value of a chair? Most likely, the most comfortable chair has the higher value, which of course is the high-ergonomic chair. This answer may seem correct to most of us but that does not mean the less expensive chair has no value.  

That is why it is difficult to define a value for inanimate objects. The same can be said for our topic at hand, a clawfoot tub. But we have to find an approach to see whether clawfoot tubs, especially cast iron clawfoot tubs, have value in 2023. 

But Why Specifically Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub?

The reason why the cast iron clawfoot tub was chosen is that in the last ten years, clawfoot tubs have been rivaling the modernized freestanding tub, and cast iron is a great alternative material for good heat retention. According to Alliedmarketresearch, ceramic dominated 2019 year, thanks to its great durability. The research should have also mentioned cast iron bathtubs and even the clawfoot bathtub. The research said the freestanding tub, alcoves, and even drop-in bathtubs were interesting since clawfoot tubs are way easier to install and maintain than drop-in bathtubs.

So, a question arises. What happened to the once popular cast iron clawfoot tub? Is it really not worth it in 2023?

Let’s discuss the reasons for “the fall” of the clawfoot tub.

Reasons Why the Clawfoot Tub Is Not Popular Anymore

Reasons Why the Clawfoot Tub Is Not Popular Anymore

1. Installation

Floor leveling is one of the most common aspects of bathtub installation, regardless of the type. Every bathtub requires floor leveling, so the weight of the bathtub is evenly distributed. Since it is common, most of us may think, this might not be as important as it is, especially with clawfoot tubs. It is an absolute necessity to have a leveled floor before you install a clawfoot tub. If there is an issue with the floor, there is a good chance that the floor and the bathtub can become damaged. 

2. Not Well-Designed to Retain Heat

There are two factors to consider when it comes to retaining heat for a bathtub. One is bathtub material and the second is its design. Modern standard bathtubs are designed to retain heat for a long time, thanks to the adaptability of insulation. When it comes to clawfoot tubs, the insulation is absent, meaning there is no option to trap the heat within the clawfoot basin. Lesser heat retention means more electricity bills and less comfort. 

3. Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, clawfoot tubs can take quite an extra step compared to modern bathtubs. With a clawfoot tub, you are required to clean the floor, along with the bathtub itself. Also, if the placement of your bathtub is joined with the bathroom wall, it can be quite difficult to reach hidden areas. 

Is the Clawfoot Tub’s Unpopularity Justified?

These three reasons are major concerns when it comes to clawfoot tubs and is believed to be the cause of the tubs’ waning popularity.

But, if you take a closer look at each reason,  you can understand that these reasons can be easily mitigated.

For example, the tub not being well designed to retain heat. Material plays a big role when it comes to heat retention. Copper and cast iron are one of the best materials that can retain heat for long periods of time. Having a cast iron clawfoot bathtub can resolve your heat retention issue.

The second is cleaning. Cleaning the floor is actually good for the health of the overall bathroom. Having a clean, dry floor helps to reduce water damage to your floor and ultimately the bathtub. Yeah, it is one extra step, but it can save a lot of money on repairs.

Lastly, the installation. The installation is the same as other types of bathtubs. As said, every bathtub requires even flooring. There is no difference in the clawfoot tub. An even floor means even weight distribution and longer life for both the floor and the bathtub. 

Is the Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub Worth It in 2023?

The short answer is, yes. The cast iron clawfoot tub is still a good purchase in 2023, thanks to its high durability and heat retention. Aesthetically, the clawfoot tub still looks beautiful and gives a vintage look to the bathroom. As said, it has great durability and withstands a good amount of external pressure. Also, it is less prone to chipping, peeling, and scratching. With proper maintenance any bathtub can last longer, the same can be said for cast iron clawfoot bathtubs.

If you provide proper care to your cast iron bathtub, not only can it last longer, but it can also increase the resale value of your home in the future. Keep in mind the real estate market can change anytime, so there is no guarantee for high resale value, but there is a good chance.

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  • FAQs

  • Are cast iron clawfoot bathtubs expensive?
  • Yes, cast iron clawfoot bathtubs are expensive. Compared to the acrylic bathtub, it can cost you two times of standard bathtub cost. But this can be considered as a good investment since cast iron tubs offer great durability and last longer.

  • What are the benefits of cast iron clawfoot bathtubs?
  • Next to copper, cast iron is one of the best materials to retain heat for a long time, so you can have a nice, long, warm bath. Apart from heat retention, cast iron bathtubs have great durability and last longer than acrylic or even fiberglass bathtubs.

  • Do cast iron bathtubs rust?
  • Unfortunately, yes. Cast iron is ferrous material, meaning it has iron content and iron is prone to form rust when it exposes to high moisture or a damp environment. But with proper maintenance, you can avoid the formation of rust.

    Final Thoughts

    Yes, there are disadvantages to clawfoot tubs especially, cast iron clawfoot tubs. The cast iron tubs are heavy and may require floor reinforcement. But on the bright side, it can last longer and may increase the resale value of your home down the line. So, on the whole, cast iron clawfoot tubs are still valuable in 2023 and if you have time and money to afford them, the bathtub can be a great asset to your home.

    If you are in the market for a cast iron clawfoot tub, you are in the right place. Magnus Home Products offers great varieties of bathtubs at an affordable price. You can access the collection here.

    This article hopes to provide enough information on the cast iron clawfoot tub’s relevance and value in 2023. 

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