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Copper Bathtubs – 5 Best Reasons to Love Them in 2023

Copper Bathtubs – 5 Best Reasons to Love Them

Choosing the best bathtub for your family can be quite confusing. After all, it is an investment just like real estate. There are a number of factors that you need to consider before selecting the best bathtub for your bathroom. Factors, such as bathtub materials, size, shape, style, and price plays a major role in the decision of buying the bathtub. In those factors, the major element that has a great impact on other factors is the bathtub material.

Bathtub material determines how long you can expect your bathtub to function as intended. There is no best material for a bathtub. Each material has its own pros and cons. However, it is not possible not to love copper as your bathtub’s material. What can be the reasons? That is what we will discuss in this article. We will talk about the best reasons to love the copper bathtub. 

A Copper Bathtub – What Is It?

From the name, we can interpret that the copper bathtub is made of copper. What makes it different from other materials apart from its price? The answer is durability. The manufacturing of a bathtub involves the molding process to get the desired shape. This process is where some materials tend to break and do not yield the best result. But, copper has malleability meaning it can withstand high temperatures and pressure, and does not change its shape. Due to this, copper has great durability and resistance to all minor structural abnormalities.

Most of the copper bathtubs are made of copper sheet. These sheets are heated at very high temperatures before hammered together to get a desired shape. 

5 Reasons To Love Copper Bathtub:

Bathtubs can be rated based on the following elements:

  • Durability
  • Resistance to minor structural abnormalities and other foreign elements 
  • Heat retention
  • Longevity 
  • Aesthetics 

Copper is one of the few bathtub materials that has a positive impact on the above mentioned elements.

Reason #1: Durability

As said, when it comes to durability, copper is second to none. This factor makes its favorable among users. High durability means high resistance to external pressure that can cause structural damage to the bathtub. This factor allows you not to worry about the bathtub being damaged during heavy tasks, such moving or remodeling. So, if anything heavy unexpectedly dropped on the bathtub, you don't have to worry about the bathtub being cut in half. 

Reason #2: Resistance to Minor Structural Abnormalities and Other Foreign Elements

When it comes to resistance to structural abnormalities, there are two bathtub materials that stand out among the list, which are: Cast iron and copper. The main reason would be the manufacturing process. Copper sheets are heated at a very high temperature, and molded to a desired shape. During the molding process, the metal is quenched to get the rigid body, during either of the two types of quenching processes. One is quenching with water and another is quenching with oil. The outcome of these two processes is significant. Quenching with water makes the metal distorted and change the shape, but with oil, you can disperse heat evenly and eliminate the distortion. Since copper as  a bathtub material is quenched with oil, you get the best hardness, which, in turn, helps to achieve the resistance to minor structural abnormalities.

Apart from structural abnormalities, copper bathtubs are mold and bacteria resistant. This makes maintenance a piece of cake. The one thing to note when it comes to maintaining a copper bathtub is the protection of its shiny outer layer. It is recommended to use a surface wax to protect its shiny glow for a long time. 

Reason #3: Heat Retention

One of the main reasons to buy a bathtub is to take a nice, warm, relaxing bath for a long period of time, and it is not good to keep the water heater on for long periods. The best way to retain heat without having to worry about the electricity bill is to choose the material that has a good heat retention property, and that would be copper. The cool down period for a copper bathtub is around 80-90 minutes, meaning a single session of water heating (around 10-15 minutes*), you can retain heat for more than one hour. So, in conclusion, copper is definitely the best choice when it comes to heat retention.

Reason #4: High Longevity

This “property” is tied with another property of the copper bathtub, which is durability. Durability is directly proportional to high longevity. As said, a bathtub is an investment and you need to ensure that the chosen bathtub provides the absolute longest life possible, and one of the bathtub materials that has a long life is copper. Maintenance also plays a major role in a bathtub’s ife.

NOTE: Proper maintenance provides you with a long life, as well as the bathing experience possible regardless of the bathtub material. But as we compared all the bathtub materials, copper tends to provide a longer life than other materials. 

Reason #5: Aesthetics

When it comes to a luxurious and vintage look, copper bathtub is the best on the list. What makes the copper bathtub unique is that it develops a patina overtime, which gives you a different, unique, and vibrant finish to the bathtub over a period of time. Also, another reason why copper tubs are great when it comes to aesthetics is, the size and shape of the bathtub. As mentioned, next to acrylic bathtub, you can easily “manipulate” the copper to get the desired shape. Also, thanks to the ability of not breaking during the manufacturing process, it is easy to cast into different shapes and sizes without having to worry about structural abnormalities.

One thing to note about the copper tub is, that it is not a massively produced bathtub. Meaning copper bathtubs are handmade and tend to be one of, if not, the most expensive bathtub in the market. But you get the benefits that pair with the price. 


  • Is maintaining the copper bathtub difficult?
  • No, maintaining the copper bathtub is easy. Compared to other bathtubs, such as an acrylic or stone resin bathtub, maintaining a copper bathtub involves a few extra steps (because of the outer shiny part) but it is not necessarily a difficult process.

  • Are copper bathtubs good?
  • Thanks to its high durability, resistance to structural abnormalities, copper bathtubs can last longer than other bathtubs. In terms of longevity, copper bathtubs are the best.

  • What are the downsides of a copper bathtub?
  • The major drawbacks of copper bathtubs are: Price and the weight of the bathtub. Since copper bathtubs are not manufactured large scale, the price tends to be expensive.  The other reason is the weight. Next to the stone bathtub, copper bathtubs are the heaviest on the list. Because of this reason, it may require a reinforcement on the bathroom floor to support the weight.

    Final Thoughts:

    As mentioned above, copper tubs are expensive. It is natural to have doubts about getting one for your home. But the benefits that it provides justifies the price. Apart from longevity and aesthetics, copper is good medically. In the olden days, copper bathtubs are used the treat inflammation and pain relief in muscles and joints. Apart from that, copper, in general, has a good restorative effect on your body. Whenever you take a dip in a copper bathtub, your body absorbs the copper from the surface of the tub. Which in turn has a great, positive effect on restoring tissue and muscle fibers. A copper bathtub is the whole package, and provides you and your family with a long life.

    If you are looking for a copper bathtub, check out our collection from here. This article hopes to have provided five of the best reasons to choose a copper tub for your home.

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