Sat Aug 27 2022

What Is A Hammered Copper Tub? All You Need to Know in 2022

What Is A Hammered Copper Tub All You Need to Know

Copper is a great material to use for various artistic purposes including copper tubs. It is not only attractive, but malleable and durable, among other materials. People like copper material as their sink and bathroom accessories because of the rustic and antique feeling that it provides. Across cultures and history, many influential people such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin were fans of copper-based bathroom accessories, especially copper bathtubs.

History said that Napoleon and Benjamin Franklin famously very much enjoyed their dip in their hammered copper tub. A hammered copper tub in your bathroom can give you a great story to tell your friends and relatives and offer you a unique bathing experience. This article focuses on hammered copper tubs and their benefits. 

Hammered Copper Tub– What Is It?

Hammered Copper Tub

Usually, a bathtub consists of two types: Western and Eastern. The Western bathtub has a design where a person can lay down inside a bathtub, take a bath, and relax. Eastern bathtubs have a design where a person can stand in them and take a bath. In Japan, these bathtubs are common in bathhouses, hot spring resorts, or onsens. The hammered copper tub comes under a Western-style bathtub. 

Why Is A Hammered Copper Tub Necessary?

Most people work long hours, and it is difficult to plan a vacation when you most need one. One of the best ways to relieve your stress is taking a bath in a hammered copper bathtub. Generally, a copper tub has a medicinal value that can help you to relax your muscles. Apart from that, the other features of a copper tub include:

  • Higher Heat Retention– Whenever you are looking to buy a bathtub in general, you must first look for the price of the tub to check if you can afford the tub and the maintenance cost. You should look for a solution that can reduce the maintenance cost. A hammered copper tub is an excellent solution for that. Since copper can retain heat for a long time, you need not use a water heater frequently and thus save on the electricity bill.
  • Environmentally Friendly– Generally, copper products are more energy efficient. Any copper product has the ability to make our world more sustainable than any other metal product because you can recycle copper without any loss of quality.
  • Antimicrobial property– Heating water can kill bacteria because when you soak in water in a bathtub, you don’t want to drain the water, so what is the best chance to kill all the bacteria and other foreign material while soaking? A bathtub made of copper is a great way to kill all microorganisms and inhibit their growth because copper retains heat longer than the materials of common bathtubs.
  • Easy Maintenance– Copper is highly corrosive resistant, meaning you don't have to worry about your bathtub eroding over time. It is also not necessary to give a makeover to your bathroom frequently, as a hammered copper tub is easy to clean and maintain and gives you an antique and elegant look to your bathroom.
  • Health Benefits– Copper is good for health both inside and out. Usually, a hammered copper tub is made of iron, zinc, and other material, which has a proper enzymatic reaction with the water that helps relax muscles, increase blood flow, enhance your hair and skin growth and improve your tissue muscle growth. 

Why Do People Prefer Soaker Tubs?

People like soaker tubs for various reasons, such as their style, compatibility with the bathroom construction, easy installation, and much more. But if you ask others, there is a common reason: people want to relax. A soaking tub is the best option to relax, especially if you add bath oils and salts along with ergonomic contours such as heaters to increase the time of your bath in the tub and your comfortability. Another reason is that you can find a soaking tub in any shape with various materials, so you have many options to choose from based on your bathroom designs. Because of its simplicity and versatility, the soaker tub is the most popular among other types of bathtubs. 

How to Install a Hammered Copper Tub?

  • First, unpack your tub and check for any damage. If you are not familiar with plumbing instructions, seek professional advice.
  • This type of tub is not freestanding, so you must fit the clawfoot. Sometimes the clawfoot is already set up before delivering the tub, and you can call the store if you want that option.
  • After the first step, check for rough-in. Make sure that every plumbing fixture is ready before installing your bathtub. It also allows you to gauge the bathroom area and ensure that the bathtub can fit.
  • The second most important thing to do is to check and install the drain to the tub. Once you place your hammered copper tub in the desired area, you may install the drain in the tub. Also, using 100% neutral cure silicone during the drain installation is necessary.
  • Once you install the drain in the tub, you must attach the tub drain to your bathroom drain line. Your bathroom drain should be pre-roughed in.
  • Now you are good to go with the testing process, so you may fill the tub with water and test it for leaks near the tubs and floor drain.
  • If you feel the level of the tub is not horizontal enough, you can use the built-in adjuster to level the tub.
  • Once you ensure there is no leakage, apply 100% neutral cure silicone to each clawfoot to ensure that the tub is secure to the bathroom floor.
  • After that, do not disturb the tub for 24 hrs. This helps the silicone set in its place and ensures everything goes smoothly.

This installation guide helps you install any hammered copper tubs, and the only thing is to ensure that the bathroom floor can carry a heavy load and that it is flat enough to avoid any leveling issues.

Maintenance is a crucial part of any bathtub. For higher longevity, you must take every step to provide the best maintenance care to your tub. The following tips will help you to provide the best maintenance for your hammered copper tub:

  • For washing the tub, use mild soap and hot water and dry it with a soft cloth. Do not use any acidic or abrasive cleaner.
  • Maintain the surface of your tub by using waxing. It is recommended to use waxing every 15-20 days.
  • Moderately use bath salts and oil to prevent any damage to the tub's surface and any possible corrosion.
  • Always dry up the tub after you use it, as this helps prevent any form of salt deposit in the tub.

These four tips help to maintain your hammered copper tub and other material tubs. 


1.  Are hammered copper bathtubs good?

Yes, hammered copper bathtubs are perfect for your health. Copper is more durable than other materials, and the copper tub has many benefits such as anti-bacterial, high heat retention, and eco-friendly.
2.  Will a hammer copper bathtub turn green?
The answer is no. Usually, the copper turns green under certain conditions, such as exposure to salt water for prolonged periods and climate change. Since your hammered copper tub is indoors, you need not worry about discoloration.
3.  Can I use Epsom salt in a hammered copper tub?
No, you should not use Epsom salt in your hammered copper tub. Occasionally, you can use very mild bath salts in your tub, which may also damage the tub if you do not clean it properly. It is best to take precautions when you use bath salts and oils.


Bathing in a bathtub gives you extreme relaxation to your body and soul. A hammered copper tub is the best choice for a bathtub because it has many medicinal benefits and gives you a pleasant and relaxing ambiance after a long day at work. The medicinal properties of copper help wash away your stress, relax your tense muscles and help you get better sleep. This is one of the pleasant experiences that everyone must encounter in their life. If you’re ready to take the leap and experience the amazing benefits, you can purchase one from here and see the result for yourself.