Tue May 19 2020

Essential Tips for the Best Farmhouse Style Kitchen Design

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, and a rustic, farmhouse aesthetic creates a welcoming and inviting aura in this all-important room.

If you want to update your home with a farmhouse style kitchen, there are lots of unique components to consider.

Read on for some helpful tips that will inspire you to design your very own farmhouse kitchen at home.

Upgrade Your Sink

A deep kitchen farmhouse sink can add beauty and functionality to your kitchen along with plenty of vintage-inspired charm. Look for a fireclay sink that's not just beautiful to look at, but also highly durable.

Unlike a standard stainless steel sink, farmhouse sinks have a unique shape and a deeper bowl. These beautiful pieces will become the focal point of your new farmhouse style kitchen. The seamless design helps to create a stunning space.

Not only do fireclay sinks and concrete sinks look gorgeous, but they're also exceptionally durable. The material is nonporous to resist stains, cracks, and wear and tear from heat.

With a farmhouse-style sink, you'll create a beautiful space that adds a classic touch to your home. The single-bowl sinks can be simple and timeless. Other styles may feature intricate details for an artfully crafted touch.

Gather Round with a Farmhouse-Inspired Table

If you have a larger eat-in style kitchen, the table plays a major role in creating a classic farmhouse look. Aim for a table crafted of sturdy solid wood in a warm finish like maple, walnut, or oak.

Metal detailing can add a bold element to your table and give it a touch of industrial style. Most farmhouse style kitchens feature roomy seating areas. This provides space for everyone to gather for a delicious meal and good conversation.

To round out the farmhouse aesthetic, match your wood table with some comfortable, soft upholstered chairs. Solid wood dining chairs with a comfy chair pad are another way to ensure comfort and farmhouse style in the kitchen.

Farm tables tend to be long and large in size, so be sure to choose something that will give you plenty of elbow room and serving space for guests. If you're short on room, consider an expandable dining table that you can make larger or smaller as needed.

Enhance Your Farmhouse Style Kitchen with Linens

One easy way to create a farmhouse look is to switch out your linens to a classic style. Plaid and gingham are two timeless patterns that will instantly give your cooking space a warm, farmhouse-inspired touch.

Toile patterns are another excellent option and can feature anything from farm animals to rustic farming landscape scenes. Choose linens in soft color palettes like light yellow, blue, green, and cream.

When it comes to your linens, start with the curtains and tablecloths. These two types of linens are the most prominent in any kitchen which means they'll make the biggest visual impact.

Add a few adorable kitchen towels, napkins, and place mats in the same or a similar theme. The beauty of the farmhouse style is that it doesn't have to match perfectly, so have some fun with it and create a laid-back, eclectic look with different linens.

Elevate Any Farmhouse Kitchen with Rustic Lighting

The lighting in a room plays a major role in how the entire space looks and feels. You can easily create a farmhouse style kitchen by installing new lighting that gives a nod to this timeless style.

Instead of sparkling crystal chandeliers or ultra-modern track lighting, consider something a bit warmer made of materials like wood and metal. Large dome-shaped pendants made of hammered copper are a beautiful choice that will match with almost anything.

Try to keep the lighting in your kitchen as simple as possible. Rather than installing dramatic chandelier-style lights, choose simple and sleek pendants over an island or dining table.

Use Colors and Textures to Complete the Farmhouse Look

Incorporating the right color scheme will have a significant impact on your farmhouse kitchen. Textures will give the room a bit of visual depth, and they help to warm up this space.

Here are a few easy tips to incorporate color and texture into your kitchen:

  • Wood beams on the ceiling instantly add warmth and rustic appeal to a kitchen and dining area.
  • Choose a thick jute area rug to complement your farmhouse kitchen. The natural fibers are durable and give the room an inviting, laid-back feeling.
  • Keep colors as neutral as possible, sticking to things like ivory and pastels instead of vibrant or darker tones.
  • Hang copper pots and pans on a wall or from the ceiling with hooks to add a beautiful metallic touch along with the perfect amount of texture.
  • Create a charming "coffee nook" on your countertops featuring some of your favorite mugs and canisters to hold sugar and creamer.

After you've chosen the major components like the sink, countertops, cabinets, and floors, these little finishing touches will make the space complete.

Say Hello to Your New Farmhouse Kitchen

Whether you're planning an entire kitchen remodel or just want to make a few changes, use these tips to help you create the perfect farmhouse style kitchen. Integrate textures and soft colors to give this space a warm and welcoming look.

When it comes to lighting, choose simple options that will add the perfect amount of light and rustic style. A large table made of solid wood creates a space where everyone can gather together and enjoy quality time.

If you're ready to transform your home, shop our selection of products online, or contact us today for more information.