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Is A Wood Bathtub Worth It? 5 Top Picks in 2022 (With Pros and Cons)

Is A Wood Bathtub Worth It 5 Top Picks

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a Pan Asian aesthetic in your bathroom or a more earthy look, wood bathtubs will elevate your bathing experience. While most bathrooms consist of typical acrylic features, making use of a material like wood instead of the typical metal and fiberglass can offer a refreshing change to your otherwise mundane surroundings. 

Designed to add a more relaxing feel to help you relax after a long day, as they offer an exotic bathing experience. As with most things, however, the price is often an issue with wooden bathtubs, but you’ll be happy to know they come in at various prices. They start at the reasonable price of $1,500. That said, the price of wood bathtubs can also go as high as $15,000 based on your needs and requirements. Besides this, more high-end luxury wood bathtub designs can cost as much as $30,000.

So while the idea of choosing may be daunting, in this article, we’ll cover some reasons a wood bathtub is the perfect choice for you. Therefore, to make things easier, we’ll also list some viable wood bathtub options for you to pick from.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Wood Bathtub

4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Wood Bathtub

1. Helps Create A Quiet and Peaceful Space 

Wooden bathtubs help add an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing environment to the spaces they’re included in. Given their quiet and peaceful look, wood bathtubs are often made used in spas and resorts to help guests relax and unwind. Besides this, they offer added insulation making your bath stay warm for a lot longer. 

2.  An Elegant And Luxurious Bathing Experience

Wooden furniture and fixtures are some of the most classy to include in your home. Despite having a more rustic look, wooden bathtubs can add a luxurious experience to your bathroom. While typically associated with Japanese culture, these bathtubs are more often related to a more elegant and relaxing bathing experience.

3.  Can Add A Beautiful Finish For Your Home’s Décor

Whether it’s to make your bathroom have a more earthy look, or to convey the sophistication that comes along with Japanese culture, wood bathtubs are worth the price. While they may not be the most popular option, wood bathtubs make for a perfect centerpiece to your rustic or minimalist bathroom.

Besides this, you can choose specific wood types that would best suit your bathroom like Oak, Ash, Maple, Padouk, and even American Walnut. Besides this, several companies offer rich tones and patterns to add a little more vibrancy to your bathroom as required.

4.  Long-Lasting And Durable

When it comes to a bathtub that’s both long-lasting and durable, wood bathtubs are an excellent option. Wood bathtubs can last an average of 20 years, making them one of the most durable materials to use in a bathtub. 

That said, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for mold and mildew which is naturally occurring on any surface you do not properly clean or maintain.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Wood Bathtub



  • Retains heat for longer intervals
  • Can be a bit expensive to purchase
  • Natural and relaxing aesthetic
  • Requires more maintenance
  • Lasts decades
  • Moisture can cause the wood to crack
  • A solid option for outdoor use

5 Best Wood Bathtubs in 2022

1.  71" Venator Handcrafted Natural Wood Tub

71 Venator Handcrafted Natural Wood Tub

Nothing says luxury more than minimalism, and for anyone looking to have a relaxing and comforting bathing experience, this wood bathtub from Venator is an excellent option. It is handcrafted and perfect for a more modern or earthy aesthetic, this bathtub has an astounding 130 gallon capacity.

It is available in three different colors: Mahogany, Natural Teak and Whitewash Teak. This 71-inch bathtub is perfect for a variety of bathrooms. That said, it’s necessary you make a point to make use of non-abrasive cleaning items to ensure that the bathtub's finish isn’t affected. 

2.  74" Aragon Handcrafted Natural Wood Tub

74 Aragon Handcrafted Natural Wood Tub

Designed to imitate the relaxing waves of the ocean. This wood bathtub provides users with a peaceful bathing experience. This handcrafted bathtub is produced from first-class natural teak wood or mahogany wood and comes with handles to help users get out quickly. With a 115-gallon capacity, this wooden bathtub is long and offers an immersive bathing experience to help users unwind. 

That said, it’s important users avoid bringing in sharp or heavy objects capable of harming the wood’s smooth surface. The use of abrasive cleaning products is not recommended, either. However, for an additional charge, the installation tub stool can enhance the comfort of your bathing experience.

3.  39" Hurley Handcrafted Natural Wood Japanese Soaking Tub

39 Hurley Handcrafted Natural Wood Japanese Soaking Tub

For anyone looking to have a full-on Japanese experience, this Hurley handcrafted Japanese Soaking Tub is an excellent option. 

With a seat 12 inches up from the floor, the bathtub comes with the option to include a teak tub shelf and a bathing stool as well. With a smooth surface, this wood bathtub ensures no overflow, however, it requires you to avoid placing sharp or heavy objects on its surface.

Although it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other options, for anyone looking for one of the most relaxing bathtubs out there, this wood bathtub from Hurley is one of the best options available.

4.  73" Carlin Handcrafted Natural Wood Tub

73 Carlin Handcrafted Natural Wood Tub

With a design that fits well with most modern bathrooms, this 73-inch wood bathtub from Carlin is handcrafted and visually appealing. It comes from real teak or mahogany wood, and this wooden tub comes with slanted backrests. While it is aesthetically pleasing, the slanted backrests enable users to have a more comfortable and laid-back bathing experience. 

Coated several times in a polyurethane finish, this bathtub comes in three listed options that you can modify based on material and size. Besides this, its smooth surface and 115-gallon capacity make this wood bathtub a perfect choice for anyone willing to spend a little extra.

5.  59" Claunch Handcrafted Natural Wood Tub

59 Claunch Handcrafted Natural Wood Tub

While not as deep as some of the other tubs on this list, if you're going for a visually appealing bathroom, this option from Claunch is a good choice. With a slightly raised portion on one end, this bathtub grants users the opportunity to unwind from the comfort of their homes.

With a water capacity of only 50 gallons, this wood bathtub is perfect for anyone looking to stay conservative with their water usage. Besides this, the lower water capacity ensures that you can have an immersive bathing experience quicker; making it more practical for anyone on the go.

So if your budget is flexible and you’re looking to have a sustainable but relaxing bathing experience, then this handcrafted wood bathtub from Claunch is a solid choice.


While it may seem like a luxury, buying a wood bathtub need not be overly expensive. There’s a common misconception that wood bathtubs are difficult to maintain. However, just like with most wood furniture, it comes down to routine maintenance and avoiding placing sharp or heavy objects capable of harming the coated surface.

Besides being an excellent source of relaxation, wood bathtubs also are visually appealing and can help retain the water temperature. You may customize them based on material and size, so wood bathtubs can suit both compact and large bathrooms. Was this article about wood bathtubs helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wood bathtubs expensive?

Not necessarily. There are some wood bathtubs that come at lower price ranges, making some of them more affordable than acrylic options. Most wood bathtubs come with a durable build and design making them a long-lasting option. That said, when it comes to customization and complex installation scenarios, the cost can be quite pricey.

What is the wood bathtub that most closely recreates a Japanese bathing experience?

The Hurley Handcrafted Natural Wood Japanese Soaking Tub makes for an excellent Japanese wood tub. Although there are several aspects in a Japanese bathing experience, this one is the best aesthetically and functionally.

What are some things worth keeping in mind with wood bathtubs?

When buying a wood bathtub, it’s important to keep in mind functionality and maintenance. While several bathtubs come with a huge water capacity, being aware of your home’s water usage and requirements is crucial in keeping costs economical. Besides this, avoiding the use of sharp and heavy objects can help in avoiding scratches or any other damage.