Is an Apron Sink Right for Me: Your Guide to Selecting the Right Kitchen Sink

Is an Apron Sink Right for Me: Your Guide to Selecting the Right Kitchen Sink

Every year, millions of people embark on home renovation journeys. A kitchen renovation tops the list for many people.

Many kitchen renovations focus on updating appliances or refacing cabinets. Yet, some people take the process even further with total cabinet replacements. This opens up opportunities for an entirely new style of sink, such as the popular apron sink.

If you've never used one before, you might wonder if an apron sink is right for you? Keep reading and we'll give you a quick guide for deciding if an apron sink is the right sink for you.

Apron Front Sink Benefits

One of the main benefits of an apron kitchen sink is the size. Apron sinks typically offer more width and depth than standard sinks, which makes cleaning large dishes easier.

It also simplifies some tasks. For example, the deep sink makes filling pots a snap. You'll also face far few problems with thawing a turkey.

You can also get the sinks in a wide variety of materials, such as fireclay sinks, stone, or a stainless steel apron sink. These options offer you durability while giving you plenty of room to express your personal tastes.

Farmhouse Apron Sink Pitfalls

While installing a farmhouse apron sink won't necessarily pose a lot of challenges, it can pose challenges. Older cabinets often need work before they can support the weight of the sink. You may also lose drawers that were installed near the old sink.

The deep sink can also pose some challenges for fragile dishes and glassware. Tipping over a drinking glass or wine glass into the sink will likely result in a sink full of broken glass. Even dropping a fragile glass or dish while washing could end with chips or broken dishes.

Consider Your Kitchen

Farmhouse sinks exert a kind of nostalgic appeal for some homeowners. Yet, not every kitchen should have a farmhouse sink.

For example, let's say that your kitchen has limited counter space already. No matter how good that sink looks online or in a catalog, it's probably not worth the counter real estate you must give up.

Of course, some kitchens can benefit from a farmhouse sink. If you're renovating a farmhouse kitchen, it makes perfect sense.

If you're renovating a large kitchen with lots and lots of existing counter space, it also makes sense. The loss of a little counter won't prove problematic in that scenario.

Deciding If An Apron Sink Is Right for You

An apron sink can prove an excellent choice for the right person with the right kitchen. Apron sinks offer durability and a classic charm.

You should give serious consideration to your kitchen. Small kitchens with limited space won't tolerate a large apron sink well.

If your kitchen offers you plenty of counter space, losing a little of it won't cause much trouble. A total kitchen renovation also lets you design around an apron sink in a practical way.

Magnus Home Products offers a wide range of apron sinks in several materials. For questions or more information about our products, contact Magnus Home Products today.

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