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Oval Freestanding Tubs – Essential Things You Need to Know in 2022

Oval Freestanding Tubs

Do you know that during the 20th century, the freestanding tub was the second most popular tub next to the clawfoot tub? Most people preferred the bathtub for their baths before and after the 20th century, and later, people started to prefer showers more than bathtubs. But now, freestanding tubs are making a great comeback in style. People are now in a mindset that their bathroom needs a style that brings a great ambience. Including a freestanding tubs is a great way to bring elegance to your bathroom.

Each person has a different perspective on different things. It is difficult to generalize important things such as bathtubs. Since bathtubs are a big investment, you need to make sure that you are considering every factor. In this article, we will discuss in detail about freestanding tubs in general and with the focus on oval freestanding tubs, which are the standard bathtub most manufacturers recommend for their customers.   

Freestanding Tub – What Is It?

We can easily interpret the true meaning of a freestanding tub from the name. A freestanding tub means that the bathtub can stand alone without support. This means that it can be placed against a wall, near a window with a great view, or any preferred location. Location matters when it comes to placing a bathtub in your bathroom. For example, in a closed bathroom with vintage-style decor, it is better to place your freestanding tub in the middle rather than the corner. In this case, you can pick an oval freestanding tub that gives you that unique vintage look and elegance to your bathroom.

Along with that, another important factor that needs to be considered when choosing a freestanding tub is plumbing. Plumbing is one of the factors that people may overlook during the purchase process. A mismatched drain pipeline can impact the overall installation of the freestanding tub.

Freestanding tubs can come in various sizes and shapes. The most standard and popular shapes are rectangular, oval, and round. In these shapes, most people prefer oval and rectangular more than circular because of availability and comfort.

Oval freestanding tubs are great for submerging your whole body and getting a full deep-soaking bathing experience. You can also get that experience from a rectangular-shaped tub. However, to get that deep-soaking bathing experience, you need to select a larger tub which may not be suitable in some people’s bathrooms aesthetically or physically. But, for an oval bathtub, you do not have to worry about the size and shape of your bathroom because of its rounded-edge corners.

Benefits of Oval Freestanding Tub:

An oval freestanding tub has the same advantages as the standard freestanding tub, along with some unique features/benefits:

  • An oval freestanding tub has a more stylish and dramatic appearance than the standard freestanding tubs (rectangular shape tubs).
  • With an oval freestanding tub, you can choose from various materials, such as stone resins which give you a nice rustic or natural feel to your bathroom. A copper finish tub has great medicinal value and helps you to recuperate in a short period of time when compared to other tub materials. Along with these materials, an oval freestanding bathtub gives you a lot of headroom to relax nicely.
  • Usually, a freestanding tub has a step-edge so that the bather can sit in an upward straight position. This position greatly helps remove toxins from the system and relax the lower part of your body. Along with that, this position helps bathers improve their blood circulation. 
  • The next benefit of an oval freestanding tub is creating an illusion of space. A tub standing on its own without any support can look out of place. Aesthetically if you want your bathroom to be an “odd one out,” then a freestanding tub, especially an oval freestanding in the middle of your bathroom, is the way to go.
  • As said, the tub can stand independently, so you don't need extra moving parts to install your tub on your bathroom floor. You can also easily move your oval freestanding tub anywhere without much effort. This can help you greatly when you decide to renovate your bathroom or even change your home. 
  • The next is an important one since it involves maintenance. An oval freestanding tub can be easily cleaned and maintained without much effort.

How to Select an Oval Freestanding Bathtub for your Bathroom?

For a freestanding bathtub, you have to consider three main factors such as:

  • Size/shape
  • Seating/Fit
  • Material 


A freestanding tub comes in various sizes. Family plays a major role in buying a freestanding tub. But at the same time, you must consider that a larger bathtub can result in higher energy consumption and water, leading to high electricity bills. Choosing the optimal size best suits your family members is recommended. 


Comfort is an important factor when deciding to buy a freestanding tub, you need a comfortable bathtub, and seating plays a large role. An oval freestanding bathtub can help submerge your body up to your shoulder and give you that relaxing bath that you expect without compromise. Some oval freestanding bathtubs have seats where the bather can sit and take a bath. Some people may not like that idea since they want to submerge their bodies in the water. However, sitting inside the bathtub has its perks. It’s good for your posture and improves blood circulation.


The next main thing to consider is the tub's material. As said, there are some materials you should look into when purchasing a bathtub for yourself. For example, copper is a great material to retain heat for a long time since it has great conductivity for heat. Heat is one of the great medicinal properties that copper provides. Senior citizens can enjoy their bath for a longer period which gives them a long time to recuperate and improve blood circulation and relax muscles and nerves.

That said, maintenance for a copper tub will have more steps in comparison to other materials. With proper maintenance, copper bathtubs last for a long time. The next popular material would be acrylic tubs. Acrylic does not have any notable properties, but with acrylic, you can get various designs for your bathtubs. That is one of the primary reasons why people like acrylic more compared to other materials. The next two materials are wood and stone resins. But wood and stone resins are not as popular as acrylic and copper due to their heaviness which makes it difficult to move around houses.

If you have senior citizens in your family, then it's better to go with a copper tub. Otherwise, you can go with acrylic since it has more varieties of designs and better options for your bathroom. 

Tips to Maintain An Oval Freestanding Bathtubs:

These are ways to maintain your oval freestanding bathtubs::

TIP 1– Always dry your bathtub once you are done with it. It helps to prevent the formation of salt sediment on the surface of the tub which in turn gives long life.

TIP 2– It is best not to use harsh chemicals on the tub's surface. It may result in scratches along with some minor damage. 

TIP 3– If you really want to use any cleaning agent, then you can use lukewarm water along with the vinegar with the ratio of (1:3). This helps you to clean the spots and give you nice and warm water. 

TIP 4– You should always check plumbing works. Clean the drain on the bathroom floor and also the inside of the bathtub. 

TIP 5– Use polishing wax to maintain the surface of the tub. It also helps you to prevent the surface of the tub from foreign materials and also prevents the formation of salt sediment on the surface of the tub. 


  • Are oval freestanding bathtubs comfortable?
  • Yes, oval freestanding bathtubs are much more comfortable when compared to rectangular freestanding tubs since they have round-edge corners and help you submerge your whole body upto your shoulder. This position helps bather to increase the blood circulation and relax your muscles

  • How to stabilize the freestanding tub?
  • Usually plumbers use 100% silicone sealant to stabilize freestanding tubs. Before placing the tub in the required position, place the silicone under the tub and place the tub on it. This gives you a nice sealant and helps you prevent water leakage.

  • Is an Oval freestanding tub cheaper?
  • The answer would be based on two factors: material and design. But usually the acrylic oval freestanding tub is much cheaper than other materials.


    In this article, we have seen much about an oval freestanding tub. Magnus home products offer several oval freestanding tubs at various prices and designs. You can go through the catalog and decide which one suits you best. Today, people are working hard, and many people cannot afford luxury trips. To compensate, you can buy a freestanding tub and then you can feel that relaxing experience at the comfort of your home without spending a fortune.

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