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Prep Sinks

What is the prep sink?

Prep sinks, also known as preparation sinks or secondary sinks, are specialized sinks designed for various kitchen tasks, primarily food preparation. Enhance your kitchen's functionality with a versatile prep sink from Magnus Home Products. We offer a wide selection of beautifully crafted prep sinks, including bar prep sinks and kitchen prep sinks.

Our prep sinks come in various styles, with options like the sleek and integrated undermount prep sink, which seamlessly blends with your countertop, and the practical drop-in prep sink.

Whether you need an additional workspace for food preparation or a dedicated basin for small kitchen tasks, our prep sinks are designed to meet your needs. Explore our range to discover the perfect prep sink to elevate your kitchen's efficiency and style.

Undermount Prep Sink

Magnus Home Products offers the sophisticated undermount prep sink that seamlessly integrates beneath your countertop, optimizing space and aesthetics. Ideal for both kitchen prep sinks and bar prep sinks, this design adds a touch of elegance while maximizing utility.

Drop-In Prep Sink

Our drop-in prep sink is a versatile choice, suitable for kitchen sinks, bar prep sinks, and smaller kitchen spaces. Easy to install on the countertop, it provides practicality without compromising style. Explore our range to find the perfect prep sink to elevate your kitchen's functionality.

Kitchen Prep Sink: Culinary Efficiency

Magnus Home Products offers dedicated kitchen prep sinks designed to streamline culinary tasks. These sinks, available in various materials including fireclay, stainless steel and copper, provide the perfect space for food preparation, making cooking a breeze.

Bar Prep Sink: Entertaining Excellence

Our bar prep sinks are tailored for entertaining excellence. With a range of designs and materials, these sinks are ideal for your bar or beverage area, ensuring efficiency and style while you host and serve guests. Explore our collection for the perfect fit.

Prep Sink FAQs