Bathroom Sink Buying Guide

One of the most crucial parts of many bathrooms is a sink.

Our line includes consoles, corner, drop-in, pedestals, semi-recessed, undermount, vessel and wall-mount sinks. Materials include bamboo, ceramic, copper, fireclay, granite mahogany, marble, onyx, petrified wood, resin, sandstone, stone, teak, travertine and vitreous china.

Other choices include the shape and whether to select single-hole, 4” centerset or 8” widespread faucet drillings. Multiple colors are available as well, depending on the specific sink chosen.

Bathroom Sink Styles

Console Sinks

Console bathroom sinks can be purchased in multiple sizes with single-hole, 4” centerset and 8” widespread drilling options.

Built of vitreous china and fireclay, a few versions even include contrasting brass stands in many finishes. Both oval and rectangular bowls and white and bisque colors are among other choices to consider.

These sinks fall somewhere in between modern and antique and thus seem logical for any kind of bathroom. Purchasing one of the sinks is certain to generate complementary reactions from visitors.

Corner Sinks

Corner sinks tuck neatly between two walls in a specific part of your bathroom.

Prepared from durable vitreous china, these can be bought in both wall-mount and pedestal styles in a host of sizes. These are especially useful in small bathrooms where space limitations come into play.

The bowl shapes range anywhere from irregular to oval to rectangular to round. Both single-hole and 8” widespread faucets are options with particular models, along with white and bisque finishes.

Drop-In Sinks

The drop-in sinks in this collection are made from fine fireclay, porcelain, vitreous china or copper to coordinate with many design specifications.

Several sizes and finishes, including nickel-plated, pewter, copper, white and bisque pair well with many faucets. Some sinks have drillings for single-hole, 4” centerset and 8” widespread faucets.

Each sink fits standard bathroom drains and some may be installed as an undermount sink instead.

Pedestal Sinks

These fine bathroom pedestal sinks boast either single-hole, 4” centerset or 8” widespread faucet drillings.

Numerous sizes available in white or bisque finishes allow these to be used in most bathrooms. Both the vitreous china and fireclay materials are known for longevity as well.

The pedestals rest along bathroom walls; since space restrictions factor in some styles are offered as corner installations.

Semi-Recessed Sinks

Semi-recessed bathroom sinks entrench on countertops partially above and below the surface.

Our more standard yet still high-end vitreous china sinks contrast significantly with our handcrafted fireclay versions, which are adorned with bold patterns and colors. Shapes cover varying styles to comport with divergent tastes.

Each of these sinks is covered under a 10-year warranty and ships free to any location within the continental United States.

Undermount Sinks

Pick from several undermount bathroom sinks made in vitreous china or copper.

Some of these sinks may be installed undermount as well and all of them include a standard drain opening. Particular items have an overflow hole drilled and others enable greater water depth.

Finishes include bisque, copper, nickel-plated pewter and white. Shapes cover several geometric shapes; oval, rectangular and round. Some sinks are smaller for installations with limited space.

Vessel Sinks

These bathroom vessel sinks are simultaneously functional and decorative.

The staggering list of materials available for our vessel sinks includes the following: bamboo, ceramic, copper, fireclay, granite, mahogany, marble, onyx, petrified wood, resin, sandstone, stone, teak, travertine and vitreous china. Shape is another important factor and also features many shapes: conical, cylindrical, irregular, oval, rectangular, round and square.

A number of sinks have adequate deck space for faucet drillings; single-hole, 4” center and 8” widespread. The list of finishes is also significant.

These sinks bring a modern vibe to any bath or powder room and also make it easy to wash your hands.

Wall-Mount Sinks

Wall-mount bathroom sinks attach readily with included mounting hardware.

Vitreous china is the most known material used but we have several constructed of fireclay and resin.

Corner sinks for tight quarters along with irregular, oval, rectangular, round and square shapes augment the scope of options as well. Further, the length options are extensive and many of the sinks can be drilled for single-hole, 4” centerset and 8” widespread faucets.

Pick amongst white, matte, gloss and bisque finish and begin the process of improving your bathroom today.

Bathroom Sink Materials


Made of eco-friendly materials, these luxurious sinks have an earthy look and smooth texture. The natural items each vary in exact colors.


Our copper products are all 16-gauge, meaning they are very thick and durable. Each of these sinks has a slightly different tone and will patina with the passage of time. However, patina protector polishes can be added to slow down the process.


Constructed from clay and other minerals and then heated (as the name implies) at extreme temperatures, these sinks are extremely popular. These items are known for their longevity due to the sturdy materials.


Carved from a block of natural granite, each item will have a very distinct appearance. Some of these are smooth in one area and chiseled (rough) on another part. We strongly recommend adding StoneTech sealant before the item is used and applying extra coats as needed.


The vivid reddish-brown color of these sinks is probably the most well-known aspect, along with the generally smooth texture. These are kiln-dried and sanded to produce the classiest look imaginable. Each sink will vary slightly in color.


Most of these are available in Carrara (generally white with grey veining) and Cream Egyptian (an overall beige color). Depending on the particular product the item will be smooth and/or rough. We strongly advise the purchaser to seal these sinks before first usage and whenever needed thereafter.


These natural sinks are offered in multiple colors and textures to best match your design scheme. Every sink has its own color, shape and overall size. Before using the sink we highly recommend application of StoneTech sealant and as required from that point.

Petrified Wood

Even the look elicits comparisons to nature and that is a good way to think of these sinks. Each one features a one-of-a-kind appearance, shape and size and striking color tones. StoneTech sealant should be added to the basin prior to the first use and whenever called for in the future.


This incredibly admired material continues to gain traction as one of the best for bathtubs. Considered a "man-made" or manufactured stone, these very heavy and durable items mimic actual stone. The smooth to the touch white finish is apropos for any purpose and the nature of the material allows small scratches to be easily buffed.


Usually smooth to the touch, these items are very recognizable immediately. All of them have defining characteristics and can vary in color, shade and veining. StoneTech sealant should be added prior to installation and anytime the need arises.


Our enticing stone products each contain intricate colors, shapes and designs. They are carved from natural materials and some have both textured and smooth aspects.


Every one of these products will have very specific attributes, though they all share the common bond of being high-end. Typically sanded to a smooth finish, our production teams ensure all of the products are sourced from sustainable forests to meet government standards.


Hand-carved travertine is usually an instant success for any room because of its overall appearance. These will all vary somewhat in color and markings, meaning no two items will be alike. Once in place, a StoneTech sealant should be administered to keep the material in optimal condition. More of the sealant can then be added when necessary.

Vitreous China

Similar to ceramic, this incredibly popular material is often used for pedestal and wall-mount sinks. The smooth, glossy surface is easily cleaned and resistant to stains and chips.