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Copper Soaking Tub – Important Things to Know in 2022

Copper Soaking Tub – Important Things to Know

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about the bathtub is the material. Yes, you need to consider other factors, such as size, fit, shape, and price. But the material also plays a significant role in buying a bathtub, especially a soaker tub. The primary purpose of a soaker tub is to sit in a comfortable tub, relieving the stress and toxins from your body to get a pleasant and relaxing sleep during the night. It is possible to add some medicinal herbs to get an even more soothing bath, but some people may find it hard to find the right herbs or some may even be allergic to herbs. In order to avoid that, you can select the best material for your bathtub. 

So, which is the best material for your bathtub that has medicinal properties? The answer is the copper soaking tub.

In the upcoming block, we will learn more about the copper soaking tub and how it elevates your bathing experience.

Copper Soaking Tub – What Is it?

A soaking tub, in general, is a freestanding tub with more depth to it. The size and shape is the major factor in determining whether it is a freestanding or soaking tub. The primary objective of the soaking tub is to provide a surface area where the bather submerges themselves in the water up to their shoulders. The upright position helps the bather relieve stress from the upper body and removes all the toxins from their system through their submerged legs. 

A normal freestanding soaking tub does not have medicinal properties that soothe your bathing experience. This is where the copper soaking tub shines most.

The copper tub has great medicinal value for both adults and children. When copper reacts with water, it can be used to treat copper deficiency and anemia. It can also help treat acne, tooth plaque (copper-infused drinking water), and skin diseases (through a therapeutic soaking bath in a copper soaking tub). One thing to remember is that there is no supporting scientific evidence to justify that copper can cure all skin-related issues, but copper does give nice skin care and treatment results.

Why Choose Copper Bathtubs for Your Bathroom?

Apart from various medicinal properties, there are other physical advantages of using copper as a material for your bathtub.

1. Heat Retention:

It is a fact that copper is a great conductor of heat. Deep soaker tubs generally hold a large amount of water, and bathers can take longer baths. Using the heater for a longer duration of the bath is not recommended. It can lead to higher energy consumption and electricity bills. To avoid such instances, it is best to choose a material like copper, which can retain heat for a long time. With a copper soaking tub, you don't need to use the heater to sustain heat for a large quantity of water.

2. Durability:

Copper is one of the most durable and versatile materials available on Earth. It can withstand a lot of external wear and tear. It can give your bathtub a nice and long lifetime. Copper is also a highly corrosion-resistant material, so you don't have to worry about material degeneration from water contact with the tub. But it is recommended to perform proper maintenance for your copper soaking tub to get a generous lifetime.

3. Environmental Friendliness:

If you are an environmentalist, a copper soaking tub is the right choice. Copper is a material that harms the environment the least in comparison to other materials. It is a very sustainable material, and it is also important to note that you can one hundred percent recycle the material.

4. Copper Has Antibacterial Properties:

The copper soaking tub not only helps you to relax and rejuvenate, but it also helps your family. The pathogens you carry in your body are killed in the copper-soaking tub. Copper helps you to cease the growth of bacteria, fungi, and sometimes even small viruses. That is one of the main reasons why many spas have a copper soaking tub to treat their customers and give a soothing, therapeutic experience.

5. Several Health Benefits:

Nowadays, people are always very conscious about their skin and health, hair growth, muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation, and eye relaxation. Many people do not have the luxury of spending a fortune to travel to a foreign place. Instead of spending so much on traveling, you can invest in a copper soaking tub and relax in your home.

How to Maintain a Copper Soaking Tub?

Not only a copper soaking tub, but all soaking tubs need to be maintained properly in order to get a generous lifetime. You need a little extra care for a copper tub, but the maintenance cost is fairly low compared to other exotic materials. As mentioned above, copper has antibacterial properties, so you don't have to worry about sanitation problems. The below steps will surely help you to maintain your copper soaking tub easily and efficiently.

TIP 1: Always wash the copper soaking tub with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth after every use.

TIP 2: Do not use any concentrated abrasive cleaning agent to clean the tub. 

TIP 3: Use mild soap to clean the tub, if necessary.

TIP 4: After some time using the tub, minerals, and salts from the water tend to sediment on the tub's surface. Normal water rinse may not work here. In those situations, waxing the tub is the best option. It removes all the sediments from the tub without damaging the surface of the tub. 

TIP 5: Twice a year, polish the tub using the copper polishing cream in order to maintain the look of the tub and remove the unwanted patina from the surface of the tub. 

Whenever you speak about bathtubs in general, there is a particular question that people ask, ”Can you use bath salts in your tub?” 

The answer depends on the type of tub and the material of the tub. For a porcelain or resin tub, you can definitely use bath salts for your relaxing bathing experience. But for the copper tub, the answer is definitely no. Bath salts can damage the patina of the bathtub. Even though copper is highly resistant to wear and tear, it can still damage. Copper has the unique ability that heals the wear and tear itself (minimal scratches and tear). How is that possible? It is not magic but chemistry. When copper is exposed to air, a patina is created over the surface of the copper tub, which in turn helps to resist external wear and tear. 

Now that you’ve heard all the advantages of copper soaking tubs, the ultimate question is how much a copper soaking tub costs.

This answer depends on the type of soaking tub, style, and accessories included with the copper tub. For example, the Vista copper double slipper roll-top tub with pedestal is a great aesthetically pleasing and functional selection.

It can contain up to 70 gallons of water. It has various features, such as horizontal bands and rivets, beeswax coating for the shiny finish with hand polish. Since it has so many features, the cost comes to around $3195.00. The cost varies depending on different factors and features of the copper bathtub. So, is it worth investing thousands of dollars in a copper-soaking tub? The answer is yes. Not only does it give you a relaxing bath, but it also has medicinal properties that help you to treat various skin-related conditions and improve your overall blood circulation.


  • Is a copper soaking tub hard to maintain?
  • The answer is not necessarily. Yes, you need extra care for maintaining a copper soaking tub compared to other tubs, such as cleaning it often, patting it dry with a soft cloth, and applying wax to prevent the formation of the patina over time. But these measures give you a generous lifetime to your copper soaking tub. 

  • How often do you have to apply polish/wax to your copper tub?
  • It is okay to polish your copper tub twice a year, and for applying wax, it is better to do it twice a month.

  • Can you use Epsom or any other bath salts in your copper bathtubs?
  • You should not use Epsom or other bath salts in your copper bathtubs. Bath salts damage the surface of a copper tub and act as a catalyst for forming mineral deposits on the surface of the copper tub and at your tub drain.


    Bathing and relaxing in a copper soaking tub is a great experience everyone should have at least once. Yes, copper tubs are expensive, and it is one of the big decisions, especially when trying to remodel your home. It can be daunting to choose a soaking tub for your bathroom. There are many factors to consider when choosing a soaking tub, but if you decide to buy a soaking/deep soaking tub, then it is better to choose a copper soaking tub over other soaking tubs.

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