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Top 3 Bathtub Shower Combo Ideas in 2023

Planning on remodeling your bathroom? These cool and elegant bathtub shower combo ideas can help you greatly in your project!

Top 3 Bathtub Shower Combo Ideas

People differ in every way. Everyone has a different perspective on thoughts, actions, and ways of speaking. Some people like one product/idea and others don’t. For example, take a new house construction; the different agency has different approaches and quotes for your house. It can be quite confusing since there are overwhelming ideas for your project. The same can be said for a bathroom remodel. The working space is indeed small compared to a whole new house, but what can be done in that small space can rival the ideas for new house construction. If you are confused about your bathroom remodeling project, don’t worry. You are in the right place. This article will explore the top three bathtub shower combo ideas for a bathroom regardless of your bathroom space. 

In order to explain the best ideas, we will consider an imaginary scenario of renovating a full-bathroom size with a bathtub shower combo

In general, a full bathroom has a 40-square-foot space, which can be enough to fit a bathtub, shower combo, toilet, and sink. 

Let’s get to the bathtub shower combo list!

1. Minimalist Style:

The first idea on our list is the plain white bathtub shower combo. Now, who does not like the white color? Granted, it is much more prone to discolorization, and maintenance can be a headache, but the elegance that comes with white can’t be matched. White is often synonymous with the minimalist style. From bathroom floor tiles to the bathroom necessities, such as a bathtub, shower, toilet, cabinet, or sink, having a white accent can elevate your bathroom ambiance greatly. Another thing is you can match any color with white. For example, throwing some green (it can be anything from painting on the wall to a green cabinet) in white can bring a soothing experience when you take a bath in your crystal white freestanding bathtub. 

Magnus home products provide a great collection of crystal white bathtubs in freestanding and clawfoot style and in many materials, such as acrylic or cast iron. For our scenario, Radnor Acrylic Slipper Freestanding Tub with Insulation could be a great addition. This 60” white freestanding bathtub with a 38-gallon capacity is compact enough to fit into our full-size bathroom and shower system. The following image shows what the bathtub looks like in a real space.

An Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Gooseneck Leg Tub Diverter

An Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub        Gooseneck Leg Tub Diverter

The Gooseneck Leg Tub Diverter Faucet With Handles and Showerheads is the best choice for the shower system. This clawfoot shower comes in a chrome finish, meaning it is a perfect match for our white freestanding tub. There is another option for you. If you want, you can also purchase the same model in a brass finish. It creates a “vintage” ambience in your bathroom. 

Even after installing this bathtub shower combo, you may still find a lot of space in the bathroom where you can add a toilet (white in color), a cabinet with a green color finish, and a marvelous sink. 

2. Simple – Vintage Style:

If you are someone who does want something simple but with a bit of vintage touch, this bathtub shower is the best choice. The minimalist design may not appeal to everybody simply because of the lack of details, but that can be easily avoided with this style. Let’s take a look at how our scenario bathroom can be transformed into a simple yet vintage-style bathroom. We will take this 72” Manvel Cast-Iron Double Slipper Clawfoot Tub for this style.

This particular tub comes with a 57-gallon capacity, which can be the sweet spot for long soaking sessions, and it does come in white color. Why clawfoot instead of freestanding? When it comes to vintage style, a clawfoot bathtub is the best choice. From long before freestanding tubs, people used clawfoot tubs in their bathrooms. But you don’t have to worry about being too old-style with this bathtub. With chrome finish legs, it brings both an old and new-era feeling to your bathroom. This subtle yet elegant look elevates your bathroom ambience to the next level. 

For the shower system, you can either use the already mentioned Gooseneck Leg Tub Diverter or, if you want, go with more “antique style, " which perfectly matches our bathtub. The Antique-style Diverter Tub Faucet with Sunflower Shower Head comes with various finishes, which also include chrome to go with our bathtub. The following images may give you an idea of how the products look.

A clawfoot Tub Antique-style Diverter Faucet and Shower

            A Clawfoot Tub                        Antique-style Diverter Faucet and Shower

You can add designer tiles on the walls behind your bathtub, which can be a great addition to your bathroom for a more modern design while maintaining a vintage look. If you are not a fan of designer tiles or think they can be too distracting, painting a wall can be a great idea to bring some style to your bathroom. For example, paint a wall (preferably a wall beside or behind your bathtub placement) in dull color, such as off-white or cream, and add some vanities to your cabinet. This can bring a vintage look without adding much distraction. 

3. Modern and Playful Style:

Circular Freestanding Tub	Traditional Deck-Mounted Tub Shower

          Circular Freestanding Tub             Traditional Deck-Mounted Tub Shower

Now that we have seen a minimalist and simple yet vintage look, the last thing to look for is the modern style. Nowadays, people prefer the modern style over the vintage style, and the minimalist can be quite low in number comparatively. For those people, this style is one of the best choices. There are a lot of choices, starting from painting the walls. Bright and brilliant colors on the walls can be a great catalyst for a fast start in the morning. One thing to ensure is that the color of the walls and the accessories, such as the bathtub and shower head, complement each other. For example, if you are going with blue, white accessories are the best for your bathtub or shower combo. 

It is best to use plain white marble or tiles for bathroom floors since it does not distract much from the brightly colored walls. Perhaps, get a cabinet with the same color finish as your walls so that it can blend in easily with the bathroom. This helps to give the illusion of more space in your bathroom. 

For this style, it is best to go with a 75” Extra Wide Musket Resin Freestanding Tub. This circular shape freestanding tub oozes with modern style and stands out among the traditional freestanding tub. It comes in white so that it can blend in your bathroom. Perfect for soaking for a long period of time. It is made of stone resin, meaning it has great durability and heat retention for a longer period. This is great news for saving money on electricity bills. This modern circular freestanding tub is perfect if you want something unique and unconventional. 

A modern bathtub requires a modern shower system. The best choice for this bathtub shower combo is the Traditional Deck-Mount Tub faucet with a riser and shower head. Traditional is in the name, but the actual appearance has many modern features. It comes in many finishes, including chrome, brass, and nickel. Since it is a modern look, it is best to choose the material based on your wall color. 

The best thing about this style is that it grabs children's attention. This modern and playful style is the best option if your family has children. The following image shows the actual representation of both the bathtub and shower.

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  • Is there a particular name for a bathtub shower combo?
  • Yes, there is a particular name for a bathtub shower combo. It is called a “shower bath.” This style is usually associated with either of the two styles of the bathtub: freestanding or clawfoot. 

  • Can you combine a soaking bathtub and shower?
  • Yes, you can easily combine a soaking bathtub and shower and make it a bathtub shower combo. You can install an external shower set for any bathtub with some simple steps.

  • How much space is needed to install a bathtub shower combo?
  • To efficiently install a bathtub shower combo, it is recommended to have at least a 40-square-foot bathroom. This can accommodate a bathtub shower combo, a toilet, a sink, and space for adding extra add ons accessories to your bathtub. 

    Final Thoughts:

    Bathtubs are a great medium where you can relax and wash your stress away in an effective manner. Some people may want a bathtub but cannot get it due to space constraints. But with a bathtub shower combo, you can eliminate that factor and elevate your bathroom environment. This article hopes to have given you the best three bathtub shower combo ideas that most people can easily incorporate into their bathrooms. Magnus home products offer a great variety of bathtub collections and shower systems. You can access the collections from here.

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