Thu Aug 11 2022

What Is a Soaker Tub? Everything You Need to Know in 2022

soaker tub

“Bathtub=fancy=expensive” is the thought most of us will have when we decide to check out new bathtubs. Yes, it is expensive, but a soaker tub can give you a more artistic feeling and bring a relaxing ambience to your bathroom. Imagine this scenario: After work, you come home and take a relaxing hot bath in your fancy soaker tub, feeling all the stress being washed away, giving you a pleasant and refreshing feeling before a good night’s sleep. This is something that everyone must experience in their life. In the upcoming blocks, we will see the soaker tub in detail so that you can make the best decisions regarding revamping your bathroom with elegance.

A Soaker Tub - What Is It?

Like any other bathtub, the soaker tub offers a pleasant and relaxing bathing experience. The main difference between a standard bathtub and a soaker tub is that, in the soaker tub, your whole body is submerged, giving you ultimate relaxation. There are various sizes available based on your preferences. An average soaker tub has a depth of about 23 inches, whereas an average bathtub comes with 15-19 inches of depth. A high-end soaker tub can hold water up to 200-250 gallons, while your average soaker tub can hold up to 100 gallons. 

Other features include soaker tubs with freestanding bottom, meaning they can rest directly on your bathroom floor, and some have crawler legs to have clearance between the floor and tub which can be leveraged to clean both your tub and floor effectively.

Types of Soaker Tubs:

Usually, soaker tubs come in three types of materials: Wood, Acrylic, and Cast iron. But why are these materials so popular to use with soaker tubs? 

  • WoodWhen you compare wood with other materials on the list, it has a unique property that no material has. Even though wood does not retain heat for a long time when it comes in contact with hot water, it does provide some medicinal properties along with a pleasing and calming aroma that helps you relax and wash away the toxins in your system to give you excellent sleep after a long day at work. Apart from that, since wood is malleable, you can choose the size and shape of your choice.  

Wooden Soaker Tub

  • AcrylicThis choice of material does not have any unique properties like wood, but the popularity of acrylic material lies in how it looks. Wood gives you a natural and calming look, while the acrylic gives a more royal and elegant look. An acrylic soaker tub comes in various shapes and sizes, which you can choose based on your preference and bathroom space.  

Acrylic Soaker Tub

  • Cast IronIf you are looking for material that retains heat for long periods, a cast iron soaker tub is the right choice. Cast iron tubs last a lifetime and the most durable of the materials, but one important thing to note if you are going with a cast iron soaker tub is that it is heavier than the other two materials. The time and money required to install a cast iron tub are much higher than for the acrylic material. Also, it becomes much heavier once you fill the tub with water. There is a good chance that it may damage your bathroom floor. It is best to check your bathroom floor and other plumbing fixtures before you buy a cast iron tub. 

 Cast Iron Soaker Tub

Apart from the materials listed above, a resin-based soaker tub is a more popular material due to its low cost and maintenance. The resin soaker tub sits nicely between wood and cast iron in terms of cost. It gives a more natural look than cast iron and acrylic and retains heat for a long time. The resin soaker tub comes in various sizes and shapes that can fit your bathroom nicely.

 Resin Freestanding Soaker Tub

Which is the best material for your bathroom? It is not easy to answer that question. The materials listed above have both advantages and disadvantages. Wood needs more maintenance than other materials to prevent decay, so maintenance and installation costs will be higher. Cast iron is heavy, so installation can take a long time. 

You should first check the bathroom layout, floor details, and tub placement and then choose the material. Take your time; soaker tubs are usually a one-time buy because of their cost. 

Is a Soaker Tub the Same as a Japanese Soaking Tub?

There is not much of a difference between a common and a Japanese soaking tub. However, there are subtle differences such as:

  • Standard soaker tubs are mainly designed for people who want to submerge their whole body while lying down, so the depth need not be too large. On the other hand, as Japanese culture is different from western culture, Japanese soaking tubs are primarily designed for people who want to relax in a bath in a seated position. Instead of rectangular, a Japanese tub is usually oval in shape, providing more depth than volume. 
  • For people with small space in their bathroom but still want to experience spa treatment, a Japanese-style soaker tub is the best option. The installation is easy and comes with various materials that bring a more natural and calming experience to your bath.  
  • Since it is compact, you can put a wooden slab across a Japanese tub and enjoy your favorite drink or even have a little snack.

What Is the Average Price of a Soaker Tub?

The average pricing of soaker tubs ranges from $2000 - $4000. The cost does not include the installation cost. Typically, for an average soaker tub, the installation cost comes to around $100. Still, the amount can vary depending on factors, such as the material of the tub, your bathroom layout, materials needed for installation (whether it is a freestanding tub or not), and the presence of a water heater (whether it is available readily in your bathroom or you need one, which adds cost to your installation). 

After the installation, you have maintenance costs; as mentioned above, a soaker tub differs from a standard bathtub. Due to its high-water capacity, the time taken to fill the tub is considerably longer than the traditional bathtub, which can increase the heater consumption and, ultimately, the electricity bill, as well as other future maintenance costs. 

Measures to Take When You Install a Soaker Tub:

First and foremost, the soaker tub is not child-friendly. As you know, the soaker tub has more depth than the standard bathtub, which makes it restricted only to adults and seniors. Also, check your bathroom floor before installing one. An uneven floor may not withstand the bathtub's heaviness and can damage your floor. Make sure that you completely clean the drain before and after the bath; since the quantity of water is high, there is also a possibility of blocking the drain, which may result in unnecessary repair costs. 


1.  What is the difference between a soaker tub and a regular tub?

The main difference between a standard bathtub and a soaker tub is that, in the soaker tub, your whole body can be submerged, giving you ultimate relaxation. A typical tub has a depth of about 15-19 inches, whereas a soaker tub has a depth of more than 20 inches, sometimes 25 inches, in order to submerge your body completely. 

2.  Can you shower in a soaker tub?

Yes, absolutely. You can shower in a soaker tub without any issues. It's all about placement. If your bathroom is small and you want a clean and friendly space for a relaxing bath, then you can place a freestanding soaker tub near the wall where the shower head is. You can save a lot of water and reduce heater usage. 

3.  What should I look for when buying a soaker tub?

The main factors that you should consider when choosing a soaker tub are:

  • Size and shape of the tub.
  • Material of the tub.
  • Cost of the tub.
  • The tub installation type.
  • The plumbing installation type.
  • Maintenance cost.
  • Heater capacity.
  • Bathroom layout.
  • Soaker tub accessories.


Yes, a soaker tub is more expensive than a regular bathtub. But, if you are willing to invest in one, the experience you get is way better than any other traditional bathtub. It would be almost therapeutic and gives you a relaxing and rejuvenating bathing experience. It also has medicinal benefits since it allows muscles to relax and improve blood circulation. Also, the bath helps to bring the toxins out of your system and gives you a good and peaceful sleep at night.  If this is what you are looking for, then a soaker tub is the right choice.