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Freestanding Deep Soaking Tubs

Deep Soaking Freestanding Bathtubs from Magnus

Experience a new level of relaxation and tranquility with the deep soaking Freestanding Bathtubs from Magnus. Designed for optimal comfort, these bathtubs are engineered to hold more water than typical tubs, letting you easily submerge in its warmth.

Crafted from durable, long-lasting materials to ensure years of enjoyment. Take your bathing experience to a new level of luxury and relaxation with a freestanding deep soaking tub.

Resin Freestanding Tubs

Immerse yourself in luxury and comfort with our Resin Freestanding Tubs. Providing superior quality and durability, these tubs promise endless hours of relaxation and rejuvenation after a long, tiring day. With their sleek and contemporary design, our resin tubs are not just functional, they're also a stylish addition to your bathroom.

Natural Wood Freestanding Tubs

Immerse yourself in the simple elegance of our Freestanding Natural Wood Tubs. Breathe new life into your bathroom with this unique combination of rustic charm and luxury spa aesthetic. Each tub is crafted with durable, high-quality wood, ensuring it stands the test of time while transforming any bathroom into a tranquil escape.

A Deep Soaking Experience

Dive into the ultimate relaxation session with our freestanding deep soaking tubs. Constructed with exceptionally durable materials, our tub ensures longevity and ease-of maintenance.

Freestanding Deep Soaking Tub FAQs

A good soaking depth for a freestanding tub is usually between 14 to 20 inches. This ensures that the water adequately covers most of a person's body for a comfortable soak. However, the perfect depth would ultimately depend on a person’s height and their preference for water levels.

A deep soaking tub refers to a bathtub that is designed to hold more water compared to standard bathtubs, providing enhanced coverage over the user's body. It offers a fuller immersion experience and increases the level of comfort while bathing.