Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

We offer kitchen sinks in a variety of materials to suit your fancy.

Built of vitreous china and fireclay, a few versions even include contrasting brass stands in many finishes. Both oval and rectangular bowls and white and bisque colors are among other choices to consider.

These sinks fall somewhere in between modern and antique and thus seem logical for any kind of bathroom. Purchasing one of the sinks is certain to generate complementary reactions from visitors.

Kitchen Sink Styles

Drop-In Sinks

Our line of drop-in sinks are available in a very popular fireclay or copper for a more vintage appeal.

In addition to single and double-bowl options, several sizes allow for usage in smaller and larger kitchens. Each of these sinks fits standard kitchen drains and disposals. Further, many of them can be installed as an undermount application as well.

These sinks, covered under a 10-year warranty, ship for free directly from our warehouse to U.S.-bound addresses.

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are prepared from fireclay, copper, stainless steel, granite and marble.

Available in both single and double bowls, those remarkable sinks convert your kitchen into an authentic, throwback farmhouse environment.

Designers have taken a liking to this style to give a kitchen character and differentiate it from others. These centerpieces delicately balance functionality and style.

Our sinks are available in numerous colors and when choosing a double-bowl version many times the size of the bowl varies based on your washing preferences.

Sometimes referred to as apron-front sinks, these delightful sinks will transform your kitchen into something truly special.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount kitchen sinks slide effortlessly into counter openings.

Select between copper, stainless steel and one or two-bowl configurations in several size options. Standard kitchen drains and disposal flanges fit into the basins of these sinks and warrantied free of defects for a 10-year period.

Many customers find these sinks desirable since there are not lips to collect dirt and other debris.

The sinks ship free to the contiguous United States.

Wall-Mount Sinks

Wall mount kitchen sinks made from cast iron. These wall hung sinks are offered with a single or dual drainboard and with or without legs. Complete your farmhouse kitchen with this classic cast iron style.

Free shipping to the contiguous United States.

Kitchen Sink Materials

Cast Iron

Perfect for a farmhouse kitchen, cast iron sinks are top of the line. With a substantial foundation, cast iron kitchen sinks withstand a lifetime of heavy use.

Our manufacturer has formed some of these sinks into the tried and true drainboard style popularized many years ago but every bit as well-suited for today’s kitchens. For smaller spaces select our smaller version with a single drainboard or pick a larger style with two drainboards. We even sell the dual drainboard version with ornate legs for extra flair.

We also offer multiple drop-in cast iron sinks along with both single and double-bowl farmhouse styles in common sizes.

The deep sink basins promote washing and allow you to rest dishware with plenty of space to spare. Cast iron also resists scratching and other damage and should become a reliable part of any home.


Prepared from cast concrete and available in numerous sizes, shapes and colors, these truly transformative sinks will become a reliable addition to your bathroom. This sink style has grown in popularity recently due to the earthy yet still refined colors and textures, along with the longevity. Very particular additives are applied to the sinks to ensure each lasts and each bowl is carefully sanded to produce a smooth surface. No two sinks are exactly alike, as each has its own particular color and markings. Add these vessel sinks to your bathroom today to enrich your home and wow house guests.


Our copper products are all 16-gauge, meaning they are very thick and durable. Each of these sinks has a slightly different tone and will patina with the passage of time. However, patina protector polishes can be added to slow down the process.


Constructed from clay and other minerals and then heated (as the name implies) at extreme temperatures, these sinks are extremely popular. These items are known for their longevity due to the sturdy materials.


Carved from a block of natural granite, each item will have a very distinct appearance. Some of these are smooth in one area and chiseled (rough) on another part. We strongly recommend adding StoneTech sealant before the item is used and applying extra coats as needed.

Granite Composite

Granite Composite Kitchen Sinks are constructed blending granite stone and acrylic resins. This results in the most durable sinks on the market. These high-quality sinks are perfect for busy kitchens.


Most of these are available in Carrara (generally white with grey veining) and Cream Egyptian (an overall beige color). Depending on the particular product the item will be smooth and/or rough. We strongly advise the purchaser to seal these sinks before first usage and whenever needed thereafter.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kitchen sinks intertwine the dual attributes of form and function.

The 16-gauge stainless steel is shaped into an undermount sink for a legitimately artful centerpiece for your kitchen. Both single and double-basin sinks in an array of sizes contribute to the affinity many in the design industry have for these sinks.

Because of the relatively straightforward design, the sinks often fit in both modern and antique settings. They also tend to pair well with stainless steel household fixtures and clean easily due to the sharp corners. Perhaps above all else, the durability of stainless steel ensures the sink will have a long stay in your kitchen.